J. Cole Makes Fun of Bas After Seeing ATV Malfunction

Mahlik Campbell

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Some people aren't meant to drive anything more extreme than a car. Dreamville artist Bas might very well be one of those people.

He recently posted hilarious security cam footage of himself ramming a three-wheeler ATV into a pole in a driveway while simultaneously showing off quick reflexes, as he jumps off the bike to avoid further disaster. 

"Can we talk about my agility on that landing tho?" Bas suggested in the caption before thanking his label boss J. Cole. "It must be the Dreamers. Thanks @realcoleworld."

He added, "Admit it you never seen a fat n**** with level 99 agility." Facts!

It didn't take long for Cole to respond, claiming the two most notorious ATV riders in rap, Philly's own Lil Uzi Vert and Meek Mill, "gone be disgusted when they see this." He agreed the landing was "graceful," though.

Bas replied, "I know bro all the bikers on road were showing me mad love too had me gassed, I thought I was gang."

Joey Bada** joined the fun as well, laughing and writing, "It’s the hands on the hips fa me."

Via bas/IG

Besides escaping near-tragic experiences, Bas recognized the two-year anniversary of his most recent album, Milky Way: "You took me to 80+ cities worldwide. My first headlining tours in Africa, and Australia+NZ."