J. Cole & Comedian Mark Phillips Finally Meet on Set for "The Jackie" Video


| LAST UPDATE 07/12/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
J. Cole
Scott Garfitt via Shutterstock

It's always a memorable moment to witness a fan meet their favorite rapper. It's even more memorable when that fan is a budding celeb, which is the case with comedian Mark Phillips.

He finally met J. Cole and the two mimicked one of Phillips' favorite and most popular lines, "Jermaine…Cole!" (Not without a couple of lighthearted slip-ups from Cole.)

"I STILL CANT BELIEVE THIS !" Phillips tweeted. "COLE treated us like true friends man, first time ever meeting him! Truly one of the best moments of life man ! MAMA WE IN A MUSIC VIDEO THANK YOU BAS!"

Phillips has racked up millions of views over the years parodying Cole's fanbase and their bottomless appetite for new music. The bit typically involves someone behind the camera saying something or asking a question about Cole, prompting Phillips' disbelief.

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Dreamville even tapped him to recreate the "Jermaine…Cole" meme to help promote Cole's Puma Dreamer 2 basketball shoe this past January.

Phillips also makes a cameo at the end of the video for Dreamville rapper Bas' new single featuring Cole and Lil Tjay, titled "The Jackie." Cole plays the role of a well-prepared Uber driver who scoops Bas and his girl in New York, though he almost hits Phillips with his car.

As for the song itself, Cole brags about his drop-top in melodic fashion over airy and cartoonish production from T-Minus. "The Jackie" not only references New York's Jackie Robinson Highway but nods to the deep connection all 3 artists share with the Big Apple.

Cole moved there to attend St. John's University and pursue a music career; Bas is from Queens; Lil Tjay is from the Bronx.