J Balvin Revealed as McDonald's Next Superstar Partner for Special Meal

Dylan Henson

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Making good on its promise to unveil a series of celebrity collaborations following its Travis Scott partnership, McDonald's has announced that J Balvin is the newest artist to curate their own special meal. 

Similar to the Travis Scott Meal, the Colombian singer's snack uses only pre-existing ingredients: a regular Big Mac burger (Balvin prefers no pickles), a medium-size order of fries with ketchup and an Oreo McFlurry.

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In an interview with HYPEBEAST, Balvin claimed that he "immediately said, 'Yes,'" when approached with the opportunity to collab with The Golden Arches. "It was a huge part of my childhood and my day-to-day," he suggested. "McDonald’s is just part of the culture, you know? I grew up with it and I’m proud to be the first Latino to have [an exclusive menu].

"It’s really cool to represent a lot of 'firsts' for my people, like my Jordan collab, the Super Bowl show. I mean, it’s even Hispanic Heritage Month so the timing is [right]." A 30-second commercial was served as well, celebrating the artist-brand launch.

While it'll be tough to match the hype of the over 60-piece merch collection – not to mention the fan-favorite Chicken McNugget Body Pillow – that accompanied the Travis partnership, a handful of Balvin-approved apparel is reportedly in the works. 

The tasty pairing dropped at participating locations across the U.S. this Monday – the same time that Cactus Jack's limited-time combo expired – and will run until Nov. 1. Just so you know, if you choose to order through the McDonald's app, you'll get the McFlurry for free.