Is Kodak Black Getting Too Touchy With His Mom In This Viral Video?


| LAST UPDATE 10/12/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Kodak Black
Michele Eve Sandberg via Shutterstock

Though Kodak Black deleted his social media, he's still managing to go viral. A clip is going around that shows Kodak grabbing and squeezing his mother's butt not once but twice, then laughing the incident off.

Kodak went to his brother and fellow rapper John Wicks' birthday party recently where the two wore matching Versace sweaters and even performed a few tracks together.

Things took a bizarre turn when Kodak started dancing with their mother, Marcelene Octave.

Kodak can be seen reaching around his mother's back and palming her butt as other people watch. They laugh and continue grooving to a kompa song called "M Pa La Ankò." (Kompa is a popular style of Haitian merengue dance music. Kodak and his mother are both Haitian.)

Seconds later, as Kodak's mom walks away, the 24-year-old again reaches and squeezes her butt. This time, she laughs but also lightly smacks him.

One fan labeled the move "disgusting." A prominent hip-hop figure shared his concern as well, calling Kodak "sick" in a tweet.

Punch, president of Kendrick Lamar's record label Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) wrote, "Man, I don't know the context of that video nor do I need to… that young man Kodak is sick for touching his mother that way, and he needs help. Seriously."

Kodak has yet to respond to the criticism, though he did reactivate his IG.

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Punch eventually apologized to Kodak and admitted he overlooked "differences in lifestyle, culture, upbringing" in his response. Kodak doesn't seem like someone whose bad side you'd want to be on, as he just released an aggressive loosie titled "Killing The Rats."

Still, there could be some beef growing between Kodak and Megan Thee Stallion after Yak claimed Meg hasn't given him proper credit for coining the phrase "drive the boat."

One of Kodak's producers, Dyryk, then alleged that Meg uses ghostwriters, a bold rumor she's had to deny once in the past. "@TheeStallion Been In Your Writing Camps With All Your 'Go-To Writers,'” he suggested. "You Are Definitely Not The Talent Behind Any Of Your Records.

"Go Cling On That Bottle And Re-Cut That Verse One More Time, You Didn't Match The Reference They Wrote For You."