G-Eazy Returns With New Music After Taking a Step Back From the Music Scene


| LAST UPDATE 05/03/2023

By Elizabeth Russo
G-Eazy New Music
Johnny Nunez via Getty Images for Lawlor Media Group inc.

The Bay Area artist sat down with Billboard to explain his time away from the music scene, his next album, and his beginning as an artist. Gerald Earl Gillum, better known by his stage name G-Eazy, released his first major album in 2014, These Things Happen, and has been doing big things ever since. Let's take a closer look.

The I Mean It singer released a compilation album, Everything's Strange Here, described as a "side project" in 2020, but since then, has kept things pretty lowkey. Before that, the rapper released his fifth studio album, The Beautiful & Damned, which featured some of his most iconic songs, such as No Limit and Crash & Burn. The singer explained to Billboard that from a young age, he was playing Mac Dre and E-40 in his bedroom, "making beats" but calling them "trash." Owch. "I started to like writing little raps in my notebooks; I didn't know how to like structure a song or even how to count bars," he recalls. "I'm just 14 in Oakland, in size 36 jeans and baggy white tees."

G-Eazy New Music
Instagram via @g_eazy
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But everything changed one day when he was listening to Jay Z's The Black Album. That album will do it for some people! "I was like, if we're gonna do this, I want to chase him. I want to aspire to that," he remembers thinking. "If I could go back in time and tell that 14-year-old version of me that we'd be sitting here doing this or that I've done these arenas, that's unfathomable." 

With all the success he's reached in the past few years, the rapper decided to take a little hiatus from the music scene. "I went through some personal things with losing my mom, and there was just a bit of an overall burnout," he told Billboard. "We started aggressively trying to tour and release music independently. That level of grind catches up to you." After some time away, the rapper is ready to come back bigger than ever. "I just needed that step back. Once that spark hit, it was like, 'Yeah, it's over. We found it. Now y'all are in trouble." We ready! To announce his come get, G-Eazy recently released his latest single, Tulips & Roses, a song that emphasizes "human vulnerability." So make sure to take a listen; we mean it!

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