G-Eazy Teases Over 500 Unreleased Tracks


| LAST UPDATE 10/07/2022

By Stormy Lindon
g-eazy unreleased music
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From behind the wheel to behind the mic in the studio, there's a lot about G-Eazy we don't know. For a man of many tats, he has a lot of layers and secrets. After a recent segment on E! News, he was given 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible at lightning speed. The truth comes out when under pressure, especially when it comes to secret projects...

On a segment called 'DrivE,' which appears on E! News on Mondays, G-Eazy accompanied close friend Austin Mills. The two started chatting casually outside G's home, where he himself confirmed Mills is "an actual friend." G also stated they have "a lot of history," from teaching him basketball to "everything he knows." Mills clapped back, jokingly making fun of G for nearly passing out the first time they played hoops. As the two were catching up, they were ready to hop into G-Eazy's "baby," his 1965 Mustang Fastback in jet-black with red striped rims. Being the first car he ever owned, the two were bound to take a trip down memory lane. Mills and Eazy sped off on the coast and started with a game called '0-60,' eager to get some "honest answers" from the No Limit singer. 

G-Eazy Unreleased Music
Jerritt Clark via Getty Images for Bud Light
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G-Eazy starts off smoothly and swiftly, quickly answering by choosing sneakers over giving up tattoos, picking his mother as the greatest artist of all time, and flattering the beautiful Halle Berry as his celebrity crush. What could have come across as a surprise to Eazy fans is that he has a phobia of pigeons, revealing he is "very terrified of them." Toward the end, Mills announces that his close friend has unreleased songs "he might never put out." Considering G-Eazy's track record, dating all the way back to 2012, his songs have done pretty well considering his wins, including a People's Choice Award for Favorite Hip Hop Artist in 2017. With 6 studio albums, 1 compilation album, 6 mixtapes, 9 extended plays, and 73 singles, it turns out Eazy has 500 songs hidden in the bank. G-Eazy revealed he checked his studio hard drive one night and discovered he has over 550 unreleased songs. Mills was immediately taken back, to which Eazy replied, "if 530 never come out, but the best 20 do, then that's all anybody needs to know." 

We can only wonder what G has hidden from all his fans - maybe even some surprise features? But, considering those 550 songs symbolize a process of where he wants his songs to end up, all we can imagine is the ultimate mash-up. So, while we wait for those 20 hits, we can only wonder what other unreleased music is stowed away... 

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