Future Turns Next-Level Toxic With This Viral Text To His 8-Year-Old Son


| LAST UPDATE 08/13/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Rmv via Shutterstock

Few rappers are as shamelessly toxic with their ex-lovers as Future, who has 8 kids with 8 different women. One, Brittni Mealy, recently went viral after sharing an inside look at a savage text Future sent to their 8-year-old son.

Brittni, 31, and Future share a son together named Prince Wilburn. At 8 years old, he's Future's third-oldest child behind Londyn (12) and Jakobi (17). Brittni is originally from Detroit and she runs her own fashion brand, which she often promotes to her nearly 500k IG followers.

While the 37-year-old Future seemingly tries to be there for Prince, he doesn't have great things to say about Brittni. She posted a text conversation between him and Prince where Future, aka "Dad1" in Prince's contacts, told him, "Your mother is a hoe!" She then labeled him a "real coward."

Future shot back with an indirect yet clear response via Twitter: "Pray for Her." Many fans virtually rolled their eyes at his latest display of trolling his baby mama, as it's clear Future is as heartless as ever. In fact, just last year, he rapped on "Plastic" alongside Lil Uzi, "Swap h**s, swap clothes."


In a separate IG Story, Brittni alleged she has more "recordings" and that "they should cancel [Future]" for "cruelty to children!" She added that she hasn't seen Future in 3 months despite living in the same state and that he refuses to co-parent with her since she doesn't want to be "sexually active" with him.

Earlier this year, Future and another one of his baby mamas, Eliza Reign, were locked in a legal skirmish over child support payments. Though Eliza was seeking $53k per month or $636k per year, Future finessed the system and only has to pay $3,200 per month.

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At one point, he again took to Twitter to subliminally address the situation and shame Reign, calling her "ugly" and saying she got "really really lucky." Future initially denied being the father of their now 1-year-old daughter, but a paternity test proved otherwise.

The consequences of not effectively balancing all these relationships can be rough. Future's eldest son, Jakobi, was arrested in Georgia in Feb. 2020 on suspicion of criminal gang activity, trespassing and altering the ID of a firearm.

Future paid for his legal fees and the charges were later dismissed.