Future Launches "Mask On" Campaign to Donate Face Masks

Mahlik Campbell

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"F*ck it, mask on."

Inspired by his 2017 smash "Mask Off," Future is helping out in the fight against coronavirus by providing hospital workers and patients with face masks as part of a campaign fittingly titled "Mask On."

The Atlanta artist's FreeWishes Foundation, founded by Future, his sister and his mother, has partnered with a local Atlanta sewing company to address the "alarming and critical" need for medical equipment amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to an announcement, they've put together "a team of over 500 sewers to create, cut, sew and deliver the much-needed masks."

"As most people adapt to the new normal of staying quarantined to protect themselves from the coronavirus, healthcare professionals do not have this privilege," the foundation said. "In addition, they do not even have enough supplies to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus."

You can donate to the important cause by visiting the FreeWishes' website. 🙏

It's kind of ironic that Future decided to get involved with coronavirus relief as he was the symbol for a viral meme related to the pandemic.

He's often seen as the poster boy for "toxic masculinity," highlighted by the frequent sexual and financial boasts aimed at his ex, Ciara. He even made a whole album, The WIZRD, centered around getting back at her for breaking his heart.

That pettiness sparked a meme trend where people would use a picture of Future on his phone and pair it with some witty statement about trying to get back together with an ex. With the hilarious meme below, Future's image was used to liken the contagiousness of coronavirus and love, resulting in over 53,000 retweets. 😂

On the flip side, someone else bleakly claimed that the last time life was worth living was when Drake and Future released What A Time To Be Alive in 2015.