Future Finessed Megan Thee Stallion For $250k For His "Pressurelicious" Feature


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Megan Thee Stallion
Araya Doheny via Getty Images

There are a few high-profile guests across Megan Thee Stallion's surprise new album 'Traumazine,' like Pooh Shiesty, Key Glock and Latto. The biggest one is Future, though Meg had to drop a major bag to get him.

Future appears on "Pressurelicious," driven by one of the hardest beats on the whole album. Chopping it up with the LA Leakers, Meg admitted that being a woman in hip-hop can complicate the process of personally reaching out to a male rapper to try and secure a verse.

Meg isn't lying. Recall that Latto made headlines just a few months ago after she claimed one of the male artists on her '777' album gave her a hard time about clearing their song since she wouldn't respond to his DM. (Fans thought she was referring to Kodak Black, but he denied the rumor.)

Rather than reach out to Future herself, Meg had someone from her team track him down and get his feature price, which is $250k! While some artists (and labels) might be hesitant to hand over this kind of bread, Meg had a vision for "Pressurelicious" and needed Future's help.

Meg's manager then delivered $250k cash to Future in a backpack while they were both in Miami, and he gave her the entire "Future experience" as a result, allowing Meg to pick the parts she liked the most. One person did the math and determined he was paid $1,344 per word!

"If it's worth it, I'm booking a jet / If it's worth it, I'm spending a check / I done broke out a sweat tryna put the whole thing in your chest," he raps.

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If $250k for a feature sounds insane, Lil Durk has an even steeper number for what he's charged: $350k. With Meg's sophomore album expected to sell only 50k equivalent units during its opening week, let's hope she's able to recoup her bold investment.