French Montana Says 'Lol' to Drake and JAY-Z Hits Battle Comparisons

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<p>French Montana</p>

French Montana's self-confidence remains unshaken after hearing backlash from artists like Young Thug for his "more hits than Kendrick Lamar" claim. 👀

In his latest interview with DJ E Rock on 92.3's The Bassment, French reaffirmed his belief that he could go against any – really, any – rapper in a hit-for-hit battle. There are a few talents who he admits would "probably" outshine him, though.

"I feel like I could go against anybody," French said near the 12-minute mark of the chat. "I know Drake probably got me. JAY-Z got me. But besides that, it's whatever. It's open game. Of course, there's people like Snoop when his thing bang, it's like Dr. Dre and all that respect to him."

Though French seems to have some awareness of his limitations, he claims the ongoing discussion surrounding his catalog isn't really about him being right. 

"You can put me against anybody. If I take the L, I take the L," he prefaced his statement about Drake and JAY-Z. "I'm not scared to lose. This is about me believing in myself."

French's reluctance to admit another artist could beat him elicited hilarious reactions from fans who sarcastically compared their talents to those of elite athletes and other figures. "Idk man, LeBron and KD might beat me in a 1 on 1 ima be honest," commented one Twitter user.

Daquan shared this response on Instagram along with his own honest opinion in the photo caption: "Usain Bolt might dust me in a 100m tbh."

Not long after, French Montana came across the post and seemed only slightly amused by how people were interpreting his thoughts. "Worddddd lol," he commented.

It's all love, French! Matter of fact, here's a reminder to stream his latest single with Tory Lanez, "Cold."