French Montana Addresses Clash With Young Thug: "I Ain’t Got No Beef"

Mahlik Campbell

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French Montana

French Montana is now claiming to have zero ill will toward Young Thug after the two got into a heated exchange over French's comment that he has "more hits" than Kendrick Lamar.

Last week, Thug viciously came to the defense of Kendrick, calling French a "bitch ass n****a” and saying that he doesn't have anywhere near "more hits than Kendrick Lamar whatsoever.” French jokingly thanked Thug for wearing a skirt in the video for “No Stylist” and said that he belongs in the “Hall of Cap,” and the two continued to trade shots.

While this beef looked like it wasn't going to end any time soon, French suggested that wasn't the case over the weekend, saying he and Thug “ain’t got no beef” during an Instagram Live session for Fat Joe's The Joprah Show.

"You not gonna come and call me a fool knowing it was about something else that had nothing to do with me and Kendrick," he said.

"It was wack and I hated that it happened like that since it’s Ramadan, it’s my second day fasting. I want to do the positive thing here and stay out the way of trouble ‘cause at the end of the day, me, Thug, and Kendrick is three different artists. I just feel like I want everybody to do their thing. I ain’t got no beef with him. It wasn’t no real beef. It was a miscommunication.”

As a sign that Thug may be in agreement with French, he deleted the two diss videos on his Instagram directed toward the New York rapper.


This latest move is on-brand for French, who's been in a peaceful mood. He recently squashed his longtime beef with fellow New Yorker Jim Jones as they appeared friendly for the first time publicly in an Instagram Live conversation.