Freddie Gibbs Says Jeezy is a 'Legend' But 'Musically Irrelevant'

Mahlik Campbell music /

Freddie Gibbs doesn't think people are checking for Jeezy anymore. 😅

During the very first episode of The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Gibbs shared his belief that trap music legend Jeezy, though he has mad "love" for him, is "musically irrelevant" and "can't fight" or "out-rap" him.

"Young Jeezy is musically irrelevant," Gibbs said before preparing a shot of Don Julio tequila. "Let’s be real, dog, did you listen to his last album? No, you f*ckin didn’t. I love fam, I love bro, he’s a legend but right now, you’re irrelevant. And what you want to do? You want to fight?

"You don't want that. I love you fam, but you can't fight me, you can't out rap me, and any n***a that can't beat me up or out-rap me, I don't really give a f*ck about."

Earlier, around the 53-minute mark, Gibbs admitted, "I look up to Young Jeezy," as he was once signed to the Atlanta rapper's CTE World label. He went on to say that after leaving CTE World in late 2012, he approaches music with the mentality that "every time I go in the booth, I'm trying to prove somebody wrong."

Building on his belief that Jeezy isn't as hot these days, he also said that he wasn't feeling his "last three albums."

Gibbs, who recently signed a deal with Warner Records after the independent release of his Alchemist-produced album Alfredo, also claimed that Tory Lanez isn't a "street n***a" when speaking on artists like Akon collaborating with 6ix9ine.

"6ix9ine and Tory [Lanez], like young n***as like that, I don't even hold them n***as to street n***a standards, because them n***a's ain't street n***as," he said. "I love Akon, shout out to Abou, but no I don't respect that move, of course not."