Fake Lil Durk Seemingly Betrays Lil Durk With SteveWillDoIt In Nelk Boys Vlog


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Durk
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

Lil Durk's young doppelgänger known as "Perkio" is turning heads after seemingly linking up with SteveWillDoIt of Nelk Boys fame and 6ix9ine, one of Durkio's real-life foes. He's being accused of switching sides for $7,000.

Fake Lil Durk went viral earlier this month when he worked with a YouTuber named King Cid to organize a stunt where he pretended to be "The Voice," sparking absolute chaos at a Miami mall.

Smurk co-signed him and even made him the main character of his official video for "Blocklist."

Perkio was establishing himself as Lil Durk's "lil bro" until a bizarre clip emerged of him hanging out with 6ix9ine, who often tries to disrespect Durk online. As part of his trolling efforts, 6ix9ine unveils a jacket depicting Durk's late OTF protégé King Von and gets Perkio to wear it.

As the video with 6ix9ine began to spread, Perkio hopped on IG Live and claimed he was the victim of a setup, as he didn't know 6ix9ine was going to be there. He argued his only intention was to collab with Steve on a video.

"6ix9ine, you need to man up and go directly to Durk," he said.

But Steve called "cap," saying he gave Perkio a fair warning that 6ix9ine was in the building and that he never talked to him about filming a video.

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6ix9ine also posted messages between himself and someone close to Perkio where they appear to agree on a deal for $7k for a cameo.

While the real Durk usually doesn't comment on internet drama, he shared the below tweet where he doesn't seem too upset about the ordeal. "Brooooooo I just not seen this s**t today on the internet this s**t crazy everybody calling and texting me we went #1 again thank y'all lol," he wrote.

He thinks it could propel his latest album '7220' back to the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart for the third time!