From J. Cole to Juice WRLD: 29+ Expensive Verses in Hip-Hop, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 11/22/2021

By Manny Ray

They've got lots of M's in their bank account - and their guest features certainly help. From 21 Savage to Nicki Minaj, here's how much hip-hop's finest are cashing in from their guest verses...

40. Eminem: Verse for Verse

Slim Shady is no rookie. He's been making our palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, one savage track at a time. So it's no surprise it'll cost ya a pretty penny to nab a feature from this guy. But what about when it doesn't?

eminem studio music verseeminem studio music verse
Instagram via @grip

"[Eminem] did the verse for nothing but a swap," Tech N9ne revealed of his collab with the Lose Yourself legend. "I was flabbergasted... For him to say, 'I just want a song from you for this.'" While we can't promise he'll always be hopping on the beat for free, it's refreshing to know he isn't only about the money moves...

39. Lil Yachty: $3,500

He might have his eyes on Oprah's bank account, but trust us when we say Lil Yachty is doing just fine on his own. The Oprah's Bank Account hitmaker has been pocketing a nice chunk of change for his time in the studio. How much are we talking, exactly?

lil yachty verse pricelil yachty verse price
Facebook via Orbit Audio

Back in 2016, the 24-year-old rapper let it slip that he was charging $3,500/guest verse. "It's a lot," as Yachty himself revealed. But given the success he's continued to pile on since then, we've got a feeling that number is looking much heftier these days...

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38. Soulja Boy: $10,000

SouljaWatches, video gaming consoles - Soulja Boy has done it all. But the hustler's money moves aren't just limited to selling gadgets and games. Back in 2019, the Crank That rapper took to the 'gram to put his latest business on display: music making.

soulja boy music newssoulja boy music news
Instagram via @souljaboy

"In the studio recording... get a feature for $10,000 from me," the artist announced on his Story. But that's not all he'd been cooking up. "$2,500 for a Soulja Boy beat," he advertised. While we have yet to hear one of those mysterious tracks, if it's anything like his recent antics, we're sure it's unforgettable.

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37. Boosie BadAzz: $15,000

Getting DaBaby on a track will, no doubt, cost ya. But what about when he's the one coughing up the money for some studio time? Back in 2016, that's exactly what happened after the ROCKSTAR rapper linked up with Boosie BadAzz for Baby Jesus. Remember that?

rapper verses boosie badazzrapper verses boosie badazz
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

"I get $15,000 a verse and $10,000 a video," BadAzz reflected. Fast forward to today, though, and a whole lot has changed. Not only have the 2 since linked up again, but with DaBaby now at the top of the top? We can't help but wonder how much money Kirk pocketed from their 2021 single, Period...

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36. Asian Doll: $15,000

There's no family & friends discount when it comes to this barbie. And can we really blame her? Business is business. Sure enough, when it comes to Asian Doll's business, expect to shell out at least 5-figures. Yep, she may be relatively new to the game, but that's already how much her bars are worth...

expensive rappers verse musicexpensive rappers verse music
Instagram via @asiandabrat

"Friend or not I'm charging you... $15k for a verse & $25k for the song & video," the Fight Night rapper revealed on Twitter. Safe to say, the Dallas native will always be keeping it 100, no matter who she's with. "I'm fast with it. I know what I gotta say. I'm an authentic person. Everything is authentic." We respect it.

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35. Yo Gotti: $20,000

$20,000 Sounds hefty enough. But $6.6 mil? That's a whole lot more than our paygrade. Unfortunately for Gotti, that's exactly how much he had to shell out after a would-be collab went sour back in 2019. What went wrong exactly? Perhaps it depends who we ask...

yo gotti verse moneyyo gotti verse money
Instagram via @yogotti

According to Young Fletcher, an aspiring North Carolina rapper, his collab with Gotti was never released, despite paying up $20k to do exactly that. After taking the Rake It Up rapper to court, Yo Gotti was then slapped with a $6+ million fine, a hefty price to pay for breaching contract.

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34. Roddy Ricch: $25,000

Roddy Ricch wasn't lying when he said he been ballin' out every season. The Every Season rapper's rise to the top has gone unmatched - and perhaps with good reason. "It ain't about the money to me. It's about just really making good music," Ricch explained.

roddy ricch music featuresroddy ricch music features
Twitter via @roddyricch

Sure enough, the artist's features won't come cheap. Back in 2019, YouTube star Patrick Cc revealed that Ricch was pocketing at least $25k per feature. That is, if ya can even convince him at all. Not only has Roddy publicly turned down $100k deals before, but he'll continue to do so. And honestly? We're not mad about it.

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33. Wizkid: $25,000

Wizkid has always kept us on our toes - but he wouldn't want it any other way. The Nigerian hitmaker has continued to climb his way to the top, one viral single at a time. But he's not done just yet. In fact, he's got lots more tricks up his sleeves.

wizkid rapper verses pricewizkid rapper verses price
Instagram via @wizkidayo

While we know he charges a cool $10 million Naira (around $25,000 dollars) for a feature, there's lots that remains a mystery when it comes to this guy. "I really hate when people can predict me," the Essence artist confessed. "Why should people know I am dropping an album tomorrow? I just love… when people are less expectant."

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32. Coi Leray: $50,000

She might be new to the scene, but Coi Leray is coming in hot. The No More Parties artist has gone from Hackensack to Hollywood in the blink of an eye. But the New Jersey native is just getting started. That's right - with an album on the way and army of fans, we'd learn her name.

coi leray music versecoi leray music verse
Jason Koerner via Getty Images

"Don't be the person at home debating with their dusty… cousin if I'm a hot or not, telling each other I won't make it," the rapper shaded on Twitter. With an album on the way and her fame only continuing to soar, Leray's taken a page out of Minaj's book. "What Nicki say? 50k for a verse no album out?"

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31. Blueface: $50,000

Who says Blueface isn't considerate? Sure, the unapologetic rapper is no stranger to controversy. But when it came time to quarantine last year, the Thotiana rapper took our circumstances into consideration by blessing us with quite the budget cut...

blueface rapper music priceblueface rapper music price
Joseph Okpako/WireImage via Getty Images

"The feature gonna run ya about $50,000, but I'm giving a one-time quarantine deal for $49,995," the rapper joked on the 'gram. Quite the charmer, isn't he? All jokes aside, make sure to have those wads of cash ready if ya want Blueface on the track. He doesn't seem to be messing around.

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30. Davido: $70,000

Davido's path to Hollywood is still well underway. But forget the fame and fortune for a sec. When it comes to this rising Nigerian rapper, there's only one thing on his mind at the end of the day: "It’s like, "Let’s make music. That’s why we’re here," he proudly explained.

davido rapper verse pricedavido rapper verse price
Instagram via @davido

But that doesn't mean the artist isn't already reaping the benefits of Hollywood. "Yo, right now, I'm charging American artists for songs… Two American artists done pay me $70,000 for a verse," Davido proudly revealed. We'd keep an eye out for this guy...

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29. Tory Lanez: $75,000

Back in 2019, Fargo got the Twitter world talking after signing on for a quick Q&A. From shedding advice for fellow rappers to struggles he's faced in the industry, everything was fair game when it came to his online sesh - including his finances...

tory lanez music newstory lanez music news
Lorne Thomson/Redferns via Getty Images

"Bro... How much for a feature?" one fan requested. The answer? "On everything I love I charge 75k," Lanez revealed. Granted, $75,000 for 16 bars is quite a chunk of change. But he'll be sure to make it worth every penny. "I can take it to the top because this kid never let the millions of people on the internet tell him anything."

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28. Meek Mill: $75,000

They might both be repping Philly, but it appears Meek and Quilly won't be hugging it out anytime soon. The East Coast natives were in talks back in the day for a potential collab. And, well, let's just say things their time together was far from harmonious...

meek music expensive verses meek music expensive verses
Instagram via @meekmill

"He told my business partner he needed $75,000 for the feature," Quilly revealed of the Going Bad rapper. While the two never followed through with the feature, Quilly has since made it known where they stand today. "All the money u got couldn't buy u my talent," he shaded on the 'gram. Yikes.

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27. Nav: $80,000

From Beibs in the Trap to Drizzy diss-tracks, this hotshot has done it all. But forget his time co-producing some of hip hop's biggest drops. Today, the Canadian artist is sitting on his very own rap career. And his studio prices, no doubt, reflect that...

nav new music featuresnav new music features
Instagram via @nav

According to several sources, expect to pay at least $80 racks to get this guy in the studio. Whether ya agree with his prices or not, there's no denying Nav's paved out quite the path for himself. And given his recent birthday gift to himself (a pimped out Maybach) ? We'd say he's doing just fine.

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26. Lil Uzi Vert: $90,000

From the flashy car collection to that $24 million diamond implanted in his forehead, let's face it - Uzi enjoys the finer things in life. And given the $16 million he's got lying around in the bank - as Wealthy Gorilla estimated - can we really blame him? But how much of that is the rapper pocketing from guest features?

lil uzi diamond moneylil uzi diamond money
Tabatha Fireman via Getty Images

Almost 6-figures. But ya didn't hear it from us. "Ninety thousand dollars, that's just for one of my hooks," Vert revealed on 2017 track, Never Bend. And given the rapid success he's continued to achieve since then? Something tells us that number's looking much larger these days...

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25. 21 Savage: $100,000

21 Savage is a big dog now, and his studio rates reflect exactly that. "Y'all gotta stop with the, 'Check ya DM bra u playin,' lol naw cause when u get hit with the ticket u ain't built for it," the rapper's manager warned of his client's pricey features.

21 savage verse price21 savage verse price
Noam Galai via Getty Images

Well, just how much is "the ticket?" In the words of the Slaughter King himself: A lot. According to Savage's manager, Meezy, "a 21 Savage feature is 6 FIGURES." Pricey, we know. But given the star's platinum-selling music and Grammy wins, we can see why.

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24. KSI: $100,000

This British baller certainly knows how to turn heads. Whether he's going head to head with one of the Paul brothers or belting out another hit single, KSI's time in and out of the rings has been for the books. Which is why a feature from him doesn't come cheap.

KSI music rapper newsKSI music rapper news
John Phillips via Getty Images for Bauer Media

As the YouTube legend revealed, nabbing a verse from him will cost 6-figures. And we can see why. "With the release of his #1 second album, preparation for his sold-out European tour, and a headline show at The SSE Arena... amongst many other significant moments, this year is the biggest in JJ's career," Amazon Prime perfectly put it.

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23. Lil Baby: $100,000

Lil Baby is done taking baby steps. And honestly, can we really blame him? From charting Billboard's Hot 100 to becoming a household name in the process, the Atlanta rapper is officially in the big leagues. And he'll actually be the first to remind ya just that...

lil baby money musiclil baby money music
Denise Truscello via Getty Images for iHeartMedia

"Aint doing no more features unless it's worth it, I got tooo many," he flexed a while back. But if by some chance the music wiz does agree to link up in the studio? "Imma feel offended if you want a verse from me, but don't got 100 [thousand]," Baby warned. "Respect my hustle." Noted.

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22. YK Osiris: $100,000

Don't try negotiating with this hustler - that's one battle ya won't win. Back in October 2020, the Worth It rapper took to the 'gram to set things straight about his music, well, or lack thereof. To put it simply, don't expect any features if ya can't pay the price.

rapper features price expensiverapper features price expensive
Instagram via @ykosiris

"I charge a hundred thousand. If you don't got a hundred thousand, I'm not doing it. Periodt," the artist shaded. While that might seem like a big ask, let's not forget he is the king of R&B of this generation (his words, not ours.) "Know your worth. I know mine." Oh, we know.

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21. Kevin Gates: $100,000

From his time behind bars to his time spitting bars, Kevin Gates has had one heck of a ride. But we're not the only ones who've been keeping tabs. In fact, ask his former collaborator, Fredo Bang? And the fellow Louisiana rapper will tell ya what makes Gates so great...

kevin gates rapper featureskevin gates rapper features
Scott Legato via Getty Images

"As far as musically... he's a whole other monster," the No Security artist reflected. And he isn't wrong. From dropping char-toppers to catching Young Money's attention in the process, Gates is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps that's why it'll cost ya roughly $100k to nab some studio time with him, as several reports estimated.

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20. Moneybagg Yo: $100,000

Contrary to his name, Moneybagg Yo wasn't raking in the dough until pretty recently. Thanks to A Gangsta's Pain, all of that has changed. Ever since dropping one of the hottest albums of the year, it's only been uphill for the Memphis artist. And he's got the bank account to match.

new rappers net worthnew rappers net worth
Paras Griffin via Getty Images

"I swear I used to get $750 for a feature now look, that's a whole 'nother conversation," the rapper reflected of his rise to the top. Fast forward to today, and a feature from this legend will cost ya at least $100,000. Quite the turnover, if ya ask us.

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19. 2 Chainz: $100,000

If he's good enough for 'Ye, he's good enough for us: "100k for a verse now cause he's G.O.O.D.," Kanye West tweeted back in 2012 of this rapping legend. And from the sounds of it? He might have been on to something: for those willing to cough up 6-figures for 2 Chainz, he'll make sure it's worth your while, that's for sure...

2chainz music feature price2chainz music feature price
Instagram via @2chainz

For starters, he'll always be keeping it fresh: "I'm gonna give you bars. I'm gonna wear fancy glasses and a bunch of chains you've never seen," the Bugatti hitmaker assured. That's right, we're looking at the whole package here. "You get me. You get charisma. You get girls that's gonna come to your video... this [is] your chance!"

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18. NBA YoungBoy: $100,000

When NBA YoungBoy was placed behind bars earlier this year, the entire hip-hop world rallied behind him. Look no further than Herm Tha Great, who reminded the rest of us not to sleep on the Bandit artist while he served his time. But that's not all he had to say for himself.

nba youngboy music newsnba youngboy music news
Erika Goldring via Getty Images

"One thing fasho, Yb the only artist that never paid for a feature and turns down 100,000s for them," Herm revealed on the 'gram of his associate. "The industry don't have street [artists] no more FREE TOP." While YB was finally released this past October, we have yet to catch him working his magic in the studio again.

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17. André 3000: $100,000

We already know Drizzy and 'Ye won't be hugging it out anytime soon. What we didn't know? Was that André 3000 would be involving himself in the famous feud. Sure enough, after nabbing a verse on West's latest album, Donda, that's exactly what happened.

andre 3000 music kanyeandre 3000 music kanye
Instagram via @goldlink

Whether or not the rapper had a say, well, that's another story... "I didn't know that was the plan before I wrote and recorded my verse," the Outkast legend shaded after their joint track saw Kanye taking shots at Drake. On the bright side, at least the diss track made him $100,000 richer - as Billboard estimated.

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16. Trippie Redd: $100,000

Remember when Trippie Redd dropped $100k on that iced-out skeleton chain (which called for 6,000 diamonds and 50-carats, just, by the way)? Well, that's exactly how much we'll have to cough up to land a guest-verse from this guy. Though he might be open for negotiations…

trippie redd music pricetrippie redd music price
Scott Dudelson via Getty Images

While a typical Trippie feature runs 6 figures, the Life's a Trip artist revealed he's actually willing to cut a deal. "I used to charge 100, but... I'll charge you 80 bands," he revealed on Twitter back in 2020, taking into account the global pandemic. While it has been a year since then, we wonder if those words still hold up...

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15. Lil Mosey: $100,000

Lil Mosey will be gettin' rich or die tryin'. At just 19-years-old, the Blueberry Faygo artist has already pocketed a cool payout from his time dominating the charts. But he's just getting started. "Let me go to work with that, Get Rich or Die Tryin'd," he vowed of his plans for the future.

lil mosey rap musiclil mosey rap music
Jim Bennett via Getty Images for Interscope Records

Safe to say, he wasn't lying. In a recent interview with hiphopdx, the rapper put a new price tag on his features - a page taken right out of Lil Baby's book. "I’d put a $100,000 [fee] too. I already did a feature for $100,000 anyway, and I got paid for sure too."

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14. Rich the Kid: $120,000

One's gonna need more than a plug to get some studio time with this champ. The Plug Walk rapper has been climbing his way up the charts since the release of his breakout hit, New Freezer. But his fame isn't the only thing that's $$$ince grown. Catching our drift?

rich the kid musicrich the kid music
Instagram via @richthekid

"Artist tell your labels ya want me for the features, 120k bring the cash," the rapper announced on the 'gram back in 2020. Safe to say, the New York native has come a long way since charging Mozzy $4,000 for a potential collab. Just like our next star. Keep scrolling...

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13. Polo G: $150,000

Polo G's come up is truly like no other. From penning music while locked up at Chicago's Cook County Jail to proving his spot in the hip-hop scene, the Rapstar rapper's life has done a total 180. But the same can actually be said about his finances...

polo g music newspolo g music news
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for Live Nation

In the span of just 6 months, Polo's feature fee nearly doubled, going from $85 to $150,000. But it's not done growing: "I'm going to keep going up on the price for sure because I take everything that I do seriously," the artist assured. "I know you gonna get a good verse out of me."

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12. 24kGoldn: $175,000

If there's one guy who managed to hone in on TikTok's hype this past year? Of course, it's 24kGoldn. The Mood hitmaker has continued to cement his name in music, one lip-syncing clip at a time. But as catchy as his tracks may be, his massive feature fees are pretty unexpected. And he'll happily back us up on that one.

24kgoldn music verse price24kgoldn music verse price
Instagram via @24kgoldn

"I think if people knew I got $175,000... they'd be like mind blown," the rapper recently confessed in a Trapital Podcast interview. And he certainly wasn't wrong. I mean, $175k is big money for any feature. How does he explain it? "People kind of underestimate the global impact I have."

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11. Saweetie: $200,000

This icy girl can't stop, won't stop get guap. And we now know why. Not only has Saweetie successfully climbed her way to the top, but she's been pocketing a hefty chunk of change from her time doing just that. How much $$$ we talking? Let her music do all the talking here...

saweetie music verse pricesaweetie music verse price
Instagram via @saweetie

"Two hundred for a verse... I'm way too pricey," the rapper revealed in Tap In. Yep, this baller is making almost a quarter of a million for every guest verse headed her way. But from her McDonald's collab to inking her very own Netflix deal, Saweetie's success clearly knows no bounds.

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10. Lil Durk: $200,000

Remember when Lil Baby announced he wanted at least 6-figures for his features? There was another rapper with lots to say about it: Lil Durk. But it's actually not what ya think. In fact, the Backdoor artist thought he deserved even more moolah. "200k," Durk commented.

lil durk price featurelil durk price feature
Instagram via @lildurk

But $200,000 features aren't the only thing Durk will agree on. As the artist recently announced on the 'gram, he'll be pocketing that same amount when it comes to hitting the stage. "Finna show y'all why I want 200k a show," the self-title G.O.A.T. promised.

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9. Juice WRLD: $200,000

It's not random that Juice WRLD came to be the legend everyone knew and loved. With a heart of gold and bars as rare as his, the late rapper was the gift that hip-hop needed. And according to former pal, Kid LAROI, Juice's gift-giving ways were literally unmatched.

juice wrld music biojuice wrld music bio
Avalon/PYMCA/Gonzales Photo/Thomas Rasmussen/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

"He was like, 'Oh, I'm sorry I missed the dinner, bro, but... I'll give you a verse!'" LAROI recalled of the Lucid Dreams artist's generous birthday treat, back in 2019 - "a $200,000 gift," as Juice WRLD later joked of the collab. While their time in the studio came at a price, the rapper's legacy will always remain priceless.

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8. Gucci Mane: $250,000

No need to cop THE GUCCIMANE GUIDE TO GREATNESS to figure out where Gucci's making all those millions. In fact, one look at that price tag above should do all the talking here: not only has this legend become one of the kings of features, but it's called for quite the payday.

rappers verse price guccirappers verse price gucci
Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

How much, exactly? "I charge 50 a verse, but after #Droptopwop come out I want a quarter million," the rapper revealed on Twitter back in 2017. That's right. Mane is pocketing at least $250k per feature. And given his recent drop, So Icy Boyz? We're sure he's got even more M's in his bank account right now...

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7. Offset: $250,000

He'll do anything for clout, as he himself told us - but just how far will he go? Back in 2017, the online world had lots to say about the Clout rapper, after his collab with Cardi B landed him in some pretty hot water. Why? Depends who we ask, actually...

offset migos music priceoffset migos music price
Instagram via @offsetyrn

According to several reports, the Migos star had demanded 250k for his verse on their 2017 collab, Lick. And while the couple quickly shot down the breakup rumors that followed, they didn't deny the price tag it called for. Is there more to the rumors here? We'll let ya be the judge of that one. In the meantime, keep scrolling...

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6. Chris Brown: $250,000

Like him or not, Breezy knows exactly what he's doing. The dancing wizz has got the vocals and moves to match, something that's placed him at the top of the charts for years now - as he'll happily remind ya himself. "Not to toot my own horn… I've gotten on records from a new artist, and they've went No. 1," the rapper explained.

chris brown music versechris brown music verse
Instagram via @chrisbrownofficial

…Which is exactly why his features don't come easy. "Some people I give a homie price to… the most I charge is like $250,000… If the song's already a hit, then I'll get on it. But I'm still gonna take some publishing… and if they say they can only give you $30,000, I need 50 percent of the publishing."

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5. DaBaby: $300,000

Remember when DaBaby was worried 5k for a verse was "too high for you?" Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since then. The Leave Me Alone hitmaker has gone from being catapulted into the spotlight to climbing the charts - and his bank account reflects exactly that.

dababy music verse pricedababy music verse price
Noel Vasquez via Getty Images for Hennessey

Where he used to charge $5,000 back in 2019, the BOP rapper has officially reached the 6-digits. But we're not talking $100,000. "From 5k a verse to 300k," Baby flexed on the 'gram a few months back. That's right, his fees are now 60 times more than they once were. Talk about living like a ROCKSTAR...

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4. Kendrick Lamar: $400,000

When an aspiring rapper from Compton dropped his debut album back in 2012, the name of the game changed forever. Sure enough, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City was pure gold. "Kendrick shook up the rap game," fellow rapper Nas reflected. Fast forward about a decade, and the rhyming legend has become one of the faces of hip-hop...

kendrick lamar music pricekendrick lamar music price
Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images

He doesn't care what brand he's repping, what bling he's got on his wrists, or who he's beefing with. For Kendrick - it's about the music. Always has been. Which is why a feature from the genius won't come cheap. According to a 2014 Complex interview, Lamar was pocketing up to $400k. That is, if ya can convince him at all.

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3. Nicki Minaj: $500,000

When up-and-coming Nigerian rapper Davido shot a late-night DM Nicki's way, he had no idea what'd follow. "I woke up the next morning, and I forgot that I had messaged her the night before. I was like, 'Oh [shoot]... I was drunk," he recalled of asking for a feature. Safe to say, fate was on his side that night.

nicki minaj music pricenicki minaj music price
Instagram via @nickiminaj

Not only did the hip-hop barbie reply, but she had a verse ready for him with 24 hours... Yep. "Nicki be charging people $500,000 for verses. And she did it for me for free." While most of us probably won't be as lucky, we can't help but respect the hustle.

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2. J. Cole: $700,000

It's Cole's World, we're just living in it. The rapping legend has been slaying the game for longer than we can even remember at this point. And his rhymes don't come cheap. Just ask Young Thug, who nabbed Cole on his 2019 hit, The London. Ever wonder how much that one cost him? The answer was actually hidden in plain sight.

j.cole studio musicj.cole studio music
Instagram via @elitethatsme

"A verse from me is like eleven birds... that's like two thousand dollars every word," the Work Out artist rapped during his verse. $2,000/word? Safe to say, he's officially reached G.O.A.T status. In fact, if ya factor in his typical 200-350 word verses, we're looking at up to $700,000 here. Better start saving...

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1. Jay-Z: $1.5 Million

Last but certainly not least - the King of New York has been showing us how it's done for decades now. With endless Grammys under his belt and a recent spot in Rock & Roll's Hall of Fame, HOVA makes "the impossible" look easy. And while he might have 99 problems, money certainly ain't one.

jay-z news musicjay-z news music
Craig Barritt via Getty Images for Something in the Water

With $1.4 billion in the bank - as Forbes estimated - the Roc Nation royal is, no doubt, living large. Not to mention, he's pocketing over $1 million of that, from his time spitting bars. According to a deleted tweet, Jay charges up to $1.5 million/feature. In other words? "You can't afford to pay me," as Mr. Carter once put it.

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