Eminem Disses 6ix9ine On New Song With Cordae, Nodding To Meek Mill Encounter


| LAST UPDATE 01/25/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Leon Bennett via Getty Images

Whenever Eminem delivers a fresh verse, he's bound to cause some sort of ruckus. Appearing on Cordae's new album 'From A Bird's Eye View,' Em sent ruthless shots at 6ix9ine, claiming he'd like to spit on him…

Eminem and Cordae first connected on the remix of Em's song "Killer" in May 2021, also featuring Jack Harlow. In an interview with Variety, he shouted out Cordae as one of the artists he'd been keeping an eye on: "He's dope."

Well, it didn't take long for Cordae to secure an official Eminem diss. On the remix of Cordae's single "Parables," Em raps, "So I treat a beat like it's Tekashi, spit on that b***h like Meek Mill!"

The 49-year-old is referencing 6ix9ine and Meek's viral encounter outside of a club in Atlanta close to a year ago. "Had to spit on him so he retreated lol," Meek later wrote. "He really waited outside the club for me."

As someone who has great respect for the culture of hip-hop and its values, this isn't the first instance of Eminem tossing shade at 6ix9ine on wax. "She says I am trash, but she listens to Tekashi," is how he opened "Zeus" in Dec. 2020, making his stance clear not only on 6ix9ine but on his fans.

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6ix9ine indirectly responded to that "Zeus" bar with a clip where he rapped over the iconic "Lose Yourself" beat and trolled Em and his signature tongue-twisting flow. "Mars, Jupiter, Venus / Origins and oranges combine, solar eclipse," he said. Huh?

One person who might be enjoying Em's latest 6ix9ine jab is Lil Durk, as he and 6ix9ine do not get along.

Durkio co-signed Cordae's 'From A Bird's Eye View' in a major way, telling his 12 million IG followers, "Cordae just dropped talent always gone win this man different." Durk has a smooth verse on "Chronicles."

Leading up to his sophomore release, Cordae also stepped up his fitness and lost an impressive 35 pounds.

Why? Well, he wanted to look good for a GQ cover he was shooting, according to an interview he did with Big Boy. "I was like, man, if I don't get in shape to do a GQ cover, what in life is gonna motivate you to get in shape?"

While the 24-year-old admitted his mindset about health is "a little shallow," he explained, "When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. And when you do good, they pay good." (Probably doesn't hurt that his girlfriend Naomi Osaka is a global tennis star, too.)

Watch the clip just above.