Doja Cat Upsets Fans After Calling Her Albums 'Cash-Grabs'


| LAST UPDATE 05/12/2023

By Amelie Durham
Doja Cat Cash Grabs
Dominique Charriau / Contributor via Getty Images

Doja Cat has been in hot water with some of her fans after she called her latest two albums "cash-grabs". The rapper and singer took to Twitter to tell her fans that her albums Planet Her and Hot Pink were only created to make money. Needless to say, it didn't sit well with some of her listeners who felt disappointed that she would speak negatively about music that they loved.

One Twitter user even expressed their confusion, writing "this is kinda odd to say to people who have genuinely supported her but what do I know?" Many fans also felt that her comments were a slight on the albums that helped build her career and fan base. One listener tweeted, "as an artist you should at least be half proud of albums that have shaped your entire career but that's just me."

Doja Cat Album Controversy
Dominique Charriau / Contributor via Getty Images
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However, some fans came to Doja Cat's defense, saying it was her work and if she didn't like it anymore then she had the right to say so. Another fan urged others to take the rapper's comments with a grain of salt, given her lighthearted and joke-filled personality. One fan, who seemed to be in the minority, agreed with Doja Cat's comments. They wrote, "they were good albums actually." Regardless, it's safe to say that the Grammy-winning artist's comments have sparked a conversation about the music industry's profit-driven nature and its effects on artists.

Doja Cat has even been joking about her upcoming album and its titular name, First of All, after previously leading fans to believe it would be called Hellmouth. She's also misled listeners about the album's supposed genre, which she claimed would be "rap," "rock/spoken word," "french conceptual experimental country/bohemian fusion with the essence of blue-grass," country, "pop" or "classical". So, who knows what's in store for her next release! For now, Doja Cat fans may be wondering what the future holds for the talented artist, but it's clear that she isn't afraid to speak her mind no matter the consequences.

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