Did A Fake Lil Uzi Vert Post Destroy Philly Rapper Popp Hunna's Career?


| LAST UPDATE 02/01/2022

By Mahlik Campbell
Lil Uzi
Astrida Valigorsky via Getty Images

Just one year ago, Popp Hunna seized hip-hop fans' attention with his catchy single "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)." But a couple of questionable messages from Lil Uzi changed everything and hurt Popp's hype…

Popp's "Corvette Corvette" hit the #84 spot on the Hot 100 back in Dec. 2020 thanks to an enthusiastic co-sign from fellow Philly rapper Lil Uzi and a viral dance challenge on TikTok. He seemed poised to become hip-hop's next big star until a "snitching" incident from his past came back to haunt him.

When he was 14 years old, Popp witnessed his friend DJ get shot and killed in the streets of Philly over a minor disagreement.

Roughly five years later, paperwork leaked that allegedly showed Popp had cooperated with police during their investigation, giving them the nickname of the person who shot his friend.

In an interview with Akademiks, Popp – now 21 years old – recalled the traumatizing moment, saying, "Ain't no kid supposed to go through no s**t like that, bro." He even claimed that when he tries to sleep at night, the shooting replays in his head. "I barely even wanna have fun, bro."

As the paperwork got picked up by blogs, a tweet from Uzi appeared: "Need My Verse Back F**k That Song Real Street N****s Stick To The Code." Plus, Popp seemingly revealed a DM conversation with Uzi where he says, "Lil bro you got to take me off ya EP I can't accept what you did.

Fans have long suspected that both of these posts are fake, however, largely due to inconsistencies with the way Uzi actually writes online. Popp confirmed the alleged exchanges with Uzi were falsified.

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Still, Uzi stopped working with Popp and the latter's rep is a bit tarnished. In that same Akademiks interview, Popp claimed he and Uzi have five unreleased songs together, though Uzi "switched" on him after the paperwork came out.

But he made sure to clarify, "Ain't no hard feelings with [Lil Uzi]. He's still my favorite rapper to this day." Popp continues to drop exciting music, too, most recently with the lit "Back It Up."