Detroit Rapper Gmac Cash Creates Viral Song Inspired by Michigan Governor

Mahlik Campbell music /

Gmac Cash wants his fellow Michigan residents to know there's no reason to stress with "Big Gretch."

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has faced intense backlash from some state residents for her response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the issuing of a state of emergency order that has been in place since March 24.

Last week, national headlines were made when armed protesters spilled into the Michigan State Capitol building to demonstrate against an extension of the stay-at-home order, which was set to expire on May 15. Whitmer has since signed Executive Orders extending the order to May 28.

No matter your feelings about her public health strategy, you have to admit that Detroit rapper Gmac Cash's viral track "Big Gretch," inspired by a new nickname that Detroiters have given to Whitmer, is kind of fire.

Over a Detroit-style beat layered with rapid piano keys and hi-hats, Gmac Cash discusses giving Whitmer a pair of Cartier Buffs, shows love to her sense of style, reminds listeners to stay home, and takes a brief shot at protesters and Donald Trump.

"All that protesting was irrelevant / Big Gretch ain't trying to hear y'all or the president / How we gon' take orders from a non-resident? / Talking about 'It's safe,' but he ain’t coming with the evidence," he raps.

Gmac Cash also used his platform to invite her to "the cookout" whenever large crowds are permitted again: "Big Gretch got 'em shook now / When it's all over, you invited to the cookout."

One Twitter user compiled various clips of Whitmer with "Big Gretch" playing in the background, helping the song rack up over 1 million views in about a day and a half. Whitmer quickly noticed and offered her seal of approval with a tweet. "See ya at the cookout, @GmacCash," she wrote.

A GoFundMe was even started to buy a pair of Buffs for Whitmer. The campaign has raised over $800 so far. 😂

Previously, the self-proclaimed "King of Parody Rap" also saw online attention after dropping a song based on the hot topic of "Coronavirus." Gmac Cash is making the most of quarantine, that's for sure.