DaBaby Memes Start Trending for No Reason & Fans Can't Get Enough of the Action

Mahlik Campbell Music /
Jordan Strauss/AP via Shutterstock

DaBaby is an expert at making people laugh. His rap career was jumpstarted when he popped up at SXSW wearing a whole adult diaper in 2017. These days, DaBaby doesn't even have to lift a finger to keep the viral stunts going.

Tens of thousands of people were tweeting about DaBaby earlier this week. The conversation wasn't about a new music video or a single or an upcoming album – people were just having fun turning the rapper into various memes.

One of the most popular memes is inspired by the 29-year-old's signature move seen in videos like "BOP on Broadway" where he motions like he's throwing a car into gear. Someone decided to take his head and turn it into the car itself.

So random: Another person reimagined DaBaby as the hull of a boat. Someone else morphed his face with Vision and asked, "Y'all rockin' with DaVision!?" 

Then there was a DaBaby mention edited into a SpongeBob episode, capped off with his favorite ad-lib, "Let's gooo;" DaBaby Taco Tuesday edition; DaBaby wearing a Mario hat. People really let their creativity go.

Typically, DaBaby is quick to acknowledge what's being said about him on the internet. But he's yet to respond to this trend. He's probably busy recovering from his Billion Dollar Baby pop-up event that he hosted in Houston on Monday.

Turnt up: All 5 artists signed to his label imprint of the same name made an appearance, including Stunna 4 Vegas. DaBaby has said that he wants to retire from rapping in 5 years to focus on "creating other superstars," and this kind of move is a step in the direction of brand-builder.