DaBaby Gets Grilled Online for Expressing Love for Chick-fil-A

Mahlik Campbell

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ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 5: DaBaby performs onstage at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2019 at Cobb Energy Center on October 5, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

If you're thinking about telling your followers about your next Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, take a look at what happened to DaBaby first. 😳

Just a few days removed from being lectured by a store owner who thought he was committing fraud, DaBaby scooped a little Chick-fil-A and posted a brief clip of him sniffing and cuddling his drive-thru bag.

With the current tension gripping our country in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, for which four Minneapolis police have recently been arrested, fans weren't pleased with DaBaby's apparent relaxation as hundreds of thousands of protesters are hitting the streets.

"Read the room..." replied one commenter.

Another reason Twitter users were upset with DaBaby is that Chick-fil-A has come under scrutiny for reportedly donating to Donald Trump's campaign for reelection, as have other fast-food restaurants like Wendy's, KFC, McDonald's, Taco Bell and others.

For clarity, the person behind this viral tweet, whose real name is Zuriel Sanders, told Newsweek that "a lot of the companies are funding PACS which are directly helping Trump's re-election or have helped in the past."

It wasn't long before DaBaby defended himself: "Damn I ain't know n*ggas couldn't eat chic fila during the protests 😂."

He added in another tweet, "Y'all be bored as hell on this bitch huh ?" before logging off for the day.

In response to his question of whether those dragging him were bored, someone clowned him for his repetitive, packed to the brim flow.

"no but we bored listening to the one ass flow you use in every song. if you not opening your purse, get off twitter and go record suge part 94," they wrote. Got damn!

Though DaBaby didn't respond, he's previously addressed this kind of criticism surrounding his flow. "At the end of the day, I understand what’s going on," he said. "You gotta milk the game. You gotta take advantage of it. I switch it too quick, you ain’t gon’ like it."

It's also unclear whether DaBaby has donated to any organizations supporting Black Lives Matter.

As for where Chick-fil-A stands on the killing of George Floyd, the company's CEO Dan Cathy recently released a statement denouncing racism and claiming that they will "act to build bridges – to spread care and hope into our world – today and always."