DaBaby Flexes 'Top 5' Flow and Teases Collabs With Kanye West & Justin Bieber

Dylan Henson music /

DaBaby's in-your-face, rapid-fire flow is unmistakable. Not many rappers can say they've coined their own style of lyrical delivery, which is probably why he believes his flow is the "top 5 hottest in the game right now," according to a tweet.

Prompted by a bold fan who told DaBaby, "Better switch your flow," in response to a tweet about being in the studio until dawn, the 28-year-old fired off a series of messages boasting his influence and success.

At one point he wrote, "Y’all know this flow got Baby more dollars than instagram followers right?" (That's more than $14.7 million, but who's counting?) He also addressed "false internet narratives" that have turned into "trendy topics," claiming, "I gotta start caring a lil more."

"Past year I done sat back and let the internet think what they wanna think," he continued. "m** think I’m single, married, taken, a liar, cheater, fighter, killer, dealer, real n***a, lame, trap rapper, pop star, rockstar. I’ll let a M* think whatever."

Baby even spilled some unreleased bars to get his point across: "Came & created a lane and took over the game in a year & they salted me out, I just got 300k for a show during Covid-19 im still Hot in the drought."

Right on cue, Kanye West then revealed he and DaBaby have a song on the way, screenshotting a convo between the pair. "We fine go crazeeee bro," Ye texts. DaBaby agrees and assures him, "Have that back to ya TONIGHT," likely referring to a verse.

As if that's not enough, the North Carolinian confirmed a story only 2020 could bring: He's got 5 songs in the vault with Justin Bieber. Damn!