DaBaby Challenges Dude to Drink Spoiled Milk for 5 Bands

Mahlik Campbell

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DaBaby is doing his part to stabilize the economy by handing out his own stimulus checks in a fashion similar to the old series Fear Factor.

Recently, he challenged his "friend" to put down a gallon of weeks old spoiled milk – curdled chunks and all – in exchange for $5,000 and documented the experience on his IG. Bruh.

The man's first attempt was short-lived, as he spat the milk into a trash bag after only a few seconds of stressful chugging. His follow-up for half a gallon for $2,500 didn't go far either.

But that cash was calling his name, and DaBaby was willing to bargain, so the two negotiated a revised bet: $1,000 for every cup. "No side bets?" the guy confidently inquired before tossing back the first glass.

Fast-forward and dude walked away with a couple of racks after gulping not one but two full servings. When the North Carolina rapper asked him whether he wanted to do the second one, his response was swift. "Ain’t no b***h in me," he said.

Not totally sure what happened to DaBaby's homie following the disgusting stunt, though I'm sure it wasn't pretty. "This s*** gettin nasty for me dawg," DaBaby wrote on the second to last Story. Uhh, ya think?