Cole Bennett & Lyrical Lemonade Unveil Rare Pop-Tarts Collaboration


| LAST UPDATE 08/16/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Cole Bennett
Michele Eve Sandberg via Shutterstock

Lyrical Lemonade, the Chicago-based video production and media collective founded by Cole Bennett, is making snack history, partnering with Pop-Tarts for a limited packaging twist on the Lemon Crème Pie flavor.

Pop-Tarts launched 3 new flavors – Lemon Crème Pie, Peach Cobbler and Banana Crème Pie – last month.

The two brands celebrated the collaboration with a star-studded pop-up in Los Angeles over the weekend, as rappers Denzel Curry, $not and Cochise stopped by to show love.

As part of the experience, visitors could customize back-to-school gear, including backpacks, skateboards, sneakers and more.

Another celeb in attendance was fitness influencer Sommer Ray, who's dating Cole. (Cole was previously in a relationship with Dallas rapper Tay Money, while Sommer was seeing Machine Gun Kelly.) Faze Banks shared a clip of the new couple hugging and smooching in front of a crowd.

Ironically, Cole released his first rock music video with MGK and Travis Barker earlier that same day. "Papercuts" is the lead single from the duo's upcoming second joint album, 'Born With Horns.'

MGK revealed that both he and Cole were hit with separate traffic tickets during the shoot: "on the very first shot the cops pulled us over and shut it down cuz i was riding a motorcycle without a helmet, he was filming in a trunk with no seatbelt, and we got tickets."

In addition to being an essential pantry item for years, Pop-Tarts already occupy a small place in hip-hop culture thanks to Lil Uzi.

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When asked what was next for him at the 2018 Grammys, he turned a red carpet interview into a viral moment, simply responding, "Waking up. Eat some Pop-Tarts."

What's your favorite Pop-Tarts flavor?