Carl Crawford Fires Back at Megan Thee Stallion: 'You're so fake'

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LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 10: Carl Crawford #3 of the Los Angeles Dodgers looks on during batting practice before taking on the New York Mets in game two of the National League Division Series at Dodger Stadium on October 10, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Carl Crawford, founder of 1501 Certified Entertainment, has fired back at Megan Thee Stallion after she claimed earlier this week that the label is cheating her out of money and preventing her from releasing new music.

In a fiery interview with Billboard, Crawford denied all the allegations Meg brought up in the Instagram Live session that brought the legal feud into the public eye. "Nothing is true that she said. Me being greedy and taking money from her, that's crazy. I never tried to take nothing from her. The only thing we ever did was give, give, give," he said.

Crawford claims that once Meg and his business partner, a dude named T. Farris, started meeting with Roc Nation, that's when all the disagreements started. "[Roc Nation] wanna take advantage of me because I'm new to the business and don't know nothing. This is what Roc Nation do. They harp on the weak," he said. "Ask Jay-Z to pull one of his artists' first contracts, and let's compare it to what Megan got... I guarantee they won't ever show you that."


In response to her claim that she's only been paid $15,000, Crawford goes on to say that's not true and that she actually owes him guap. "As soon as we signed to [300 Entertainment], I wrote her a check for $50,000, and it's signed with her name on the check. We can show you the proof. That's another thing – I got all my receipts," he said. "You owe me damn near $2 million."

Crawford also touched on the contract specifics, saying the alleged 60-40 recording revenue split between the label and Meg is accurate. But he thinks it's a "great deal," of course. "She wants to talk about a bad deal – she's disrespecting her mother by saying that, because her mother and T. Farris are the ones who did it."

Megan's mom, who was also her manager, passed away in March 2019.

Per TMZ, Meg is suing Carl Crawford and 1501 Certified Entertainment for at least $1 million in damages. A district judge in Harris County, Texas, has granted Ms. Stallion a temporary restraining order against 1501, though, allowing her to release new music in the meantime.

Safe to say it doesn't look like this beef will be resolved anytime soon.