Bobby Shmurda Is Writing An Autobiography After Beating Wallo In Push-Up Contest


| LAST UPDATE 12/14/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Bobby Shmurda
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

From dropping one of the hottest songs of the 2010s to being locked up for almost seven years, Bobby Shmurda has lived a crazy life.

Now, the 27-year-old is writing an autobiography, and he's not afraid to suggest, "My First Page More Lit Than Yo Daddy’s Daddy Whole Life."

Maybe this epic opening page is what sparked Bobby to reflect on the time he recorded "Hot N***a" in 2014 at a studio "in the hood" for only $20. "That 1 hour of Focus changed my life and everyone around me Forever," Bobby tweeted, encouraging his fans to chase their dreams.

Bobby also made headlines recently when he and Wallo – co-host of the podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game – went head-to-head in a heated push-up contest in NYC. "Y'all old heads better stop playing with me," Bobby boasted in a caption.

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Bobby became a master at push-ups during his six years in prison. "Y'all doing some yoga?" one person joked after Bobby slowed things down and started swaying side to side.

In the end, he easily defeated Wallo, who's 14 years older than him. All it took was about 32 push-ups, according to Wallo's co-host Gille Da King.

Challenging others to push-up contests is a new habit for Bobby ever since he left prison back in February. He and Meek Mill once completed 50 push-ups each during a studio session.

Another time, he bet Rowdy Rebel $1,000 he couldn't do 15 "jail push-ups," though he lost.

All this exercise could come in handy if Bobby decides to strong-arm his label, Epic Records. "I ain't been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old," he wrote in a note addressing fans eager for new music. "Idk when s**t dropping so don't ask me s**t go ask them mf's since they wanna control everything!!!!!!!"

His latest single, "Splash," arrived early last month. His debut comeback release was a 6-minute freestyle titled "No Time For Sleep."