Big Sean's Mom Can't Believe She's Meeting the Man Behind Goku From 'Dragon Ball Z'

Mahlik Campbell

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Andrew H. Walker via Shutterstock

Beyond blazing mics, one of Big Sean's lifelong obsessions is with the anime series 'Dragon Ball Z.' So when he was able to introduce his mom to the voice actor behind Goku, it was a full-circle moment for everyone involved.

Seán Schemmel visited his fellow Sean's crib where his mom, Myra Anderson, recounted how much her son loved the show as a kid and still loves to this very day.

"My Momma meeting Goku in real life, he came to the crib (His name Sean too) s**t wild bro, love!" Sean captioned the clip. "Bruh my Mom spent so much money we didn’t have on my Dragon Ball Z obsession, this s**t is beautiful to see this happen."

Iconic: Then, Schemmel changed his voice to Goku's and started imitating the yell he would make when charging his energy for a major attack. (Fun fact: The actor once passed out while recording a Super Saiyan transformation.)

Last fall, Sean detailed in a Montreality interview why Goku and his underdog mentality made him his favorite cartoon character: "I always liked how he pushed his limits and went further and really relied on the strength from within, you know? And defied the odds."

'Bout this life: Of course, Dragon Ball Z has influenced Sean's lyrics – "I hit the booth and I just went Super Saiyan" – as well as bars from countless other rappers like Lil UziJoey Bada$$, Chance The Rapper and Jaden Smith, to name just a few.