Bfb Da Packman Talks Wiz Khalifa Collab and Blowing Up While Moving Mail

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Bfb Da Packman's latest collab with Wiz Khalifa, "Fun Time," is a dream come true. He tells Daquan that he used to regularly watch Wiz's beloved DayToday vlogs while "fantasizing 'bout that man's life" in his Grandma's basement. 

As his "favorite artist," Bfb would often "spam" Wiz on social media asking him to hop on a track, but to no avail. With the wildly entertaining "Free Joe Exotic" featuring Sada Baby earning over 20 million views, though, Wiz finally took notice and came through. 

He even welcomed Bfb into his own home and provided ample amounts of weed, gin and water. "That’s a different type of love," Bfb tweeted.

Hailing from the blue-collar town of Flint, MI, the rapper's own day-to-day is bustling and filled with hard work. After "Fun Time" dropped, Bfb was back managing his full-time job as a mailman in Houston, where he's lived for the past four years. "I’m not quitting unless I get 50 million in my account," he wrote on Instagram alongside a pile of parcels waiting to be delivered.

He's literally the Packman.

Having been a USPS employee since 2018, one of the elements of the job that Bfb, real name Tyree Thomas, enjoys the most is being his "own boss."

Other carriers around the post office are all about their business as well, only occasionally telling Thomas, "We're proud of you," before keeping things pushing. The one person to inquire about a photo op and an Instagram plug is a veteran carrier who Bfb calls his "big unc."

There aren't any plans to leave either, as the twentysomething has two kids and the coronavirus has canceled many of the usual revenue options that would benefit a trending figure in hip-hop, including touring and club appearances.

Yet when asked whether the lack of live opportunities has made it difficult to capitalize on his newfound clout, Bfb brushes off any resentment. "Nah, because I wasn't in the music industry when it was normal," he replies. "I take s**t how it comes."

It's an experience he compares to eating good with nothing more than the essentials: "Somebody give me some meat, some bread, an egg and some water. Like, I'mma go find a stick; I'm gon' make a fire; I'mma cook the meat; I'mma crack the egg, cook it; rip the mold off the bread and eat around the mold; and drink the water, bro. ... It's all about the grind."

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How is Bfb planning to take his career to the next level following a release alongside one of the biggest artists in the game? At the moment, Flint's favorite guest Lil Yachty, who's recently traded amusing, matter-of-fact bars with local names like YN Jay and KrispyLife Kidd, isn't involved. The two have yet to connect.

Instead, he's getting ready to drop a song and video with Boosie that may or may not involve him eating a donut off a woman's butt. He's also been talking to DaBaby about finalizing "something nice." 

If we've learned anything this year, it's that the future is everything but predictable. No matter what tomorrow holds, Bfb's main focus is "putting a stop to all that fake ass s**t" by being himself, with or without the mainstream success.

"The rap s**t don't really worry me or nothing like that," he calmly admits. "At the end of the day, I can just work at the post office and drop music whenever I want."