Bad Bunny x Crocs Deliver Glow-in-the-Dark Collab for Halloween

Dylan Henson music /

Footwear can sometimes be overlooked with Halloween costumes but Bad Bunny and Crocs are doing their best to change that with this epic pair of glow-in-the-dark clogs.

The custom Jibbitz charms, comprised of a fire emoji, the planet Saturn, several stars, a person holding a caution flag and the singer’s signature bunny logo, are inspired by the themes of Bad Bunny's music and his fourth official album, YHLQMDLG

When the lights are on, the shoes are white. Above are how the clogs appear when things turn dark. There's also a little yellow circle with a bunny in the middle located on both sides of the lower ankle where the strap connects to the shoe.

Via Crocs

Heidie Cooley, Head of Global Marketing for Crocs, said in a statement that this design will "stand out during the day and excite at night with an eye-catching, glow-in-the-dark twist."

Unfortunately, the kicks swiftly sold out upon release on Tuesday morning on the Crocs site. They're reselling for almost 5x the retail price of $60 on StockX. Like the Migos say, "Prices goin' up!"