B. Simone Grilled After Saying She Wouldn't Date a Man With a 9-5 Job

Mahlik Campbell music /

B. Simone had to take cover from the Internet quick. 😂

In an interview with Nick Cannon on his Power 106 radio show, influencer B. Simone discussed her love life and revealed that she's been single for over seven years, though she's finally ready to settle down.

After giving Cannon the idea to set her up on a blind date with an eligible bachelor, the 39-year-old host had to figure out what kind of man the self-proclaimed "Manifest Queen" wanted in her life.

Simone then said she was looking for someone who's slightly more senior than her, but he "can't have a 9-5."

Cannon responded with shock. "What?!?" he said. "Why not? You don't want him to have an honest job?"

Simone tried to add some detail. "I mean, he could be a hustling entrepreneur," she said.

"So you want CEO status?" Cannon asked.

"Yes," Simone replied, adding that if they're not an "entrepreneur" they wouldn't "understand [her] lifestyle" and why she wakes up at 3 a.m.

Tory Lanez was one of the many people who let Simone know that a 9-5 job can get you a nice check and that it might be bigger than the one some famous rappers receive. He also invited "all y'all ladies with 9-5s" to his line, 'cause he's got time and rhymes.

After seeing how talking heads were interpreting her comments, Simone clarified her thoughts in an enthusiastic follow-up video. "Ain't nothin' wrong with a n***a with a 9-5," she said. "I get it – they work hard. I used to have a 9-5."

Yet, her mind is set and she just wants to "manifest an entrepreneur-ass husband."

(It's well-known that her dream man is really just DaBaby, though.)

By the time she got around to explaining herself, it was simply too late – Twitter had already ran off with her initial rant.