A$AP Rocky Premieres Untitled Banger In New 'Cyberpunk 2077' Video Game

Mahlik Campbell music /
Theo Wargo via Getty Images

It's been a minute since A$AP Rocky made headlines with new music. Most of the talk surrounding him as of late involves his rumored relationship with Rihanna. But this fire leak may put Pretty Flacko back on your playlist.

Upon the launch of the highly-anticipated 'Cyberpunk 2077' on Thursday, players discovered the familiar voice of A$AP Rocky when they tuned in to the game's "Dirge" radio station. 

The song coming through the speakers wasn't recognizable though. That's because it was an untitled release premiering exclusively in the game.

Over booming, rave-ready bass similar to what's heard on his most recent single "Babushka Boi," Rocky's in his bag, stringing rhymes together with only a few breaks to catch his breath and heavily rebounding words, adding an infusion of his classic chopped and screwed style.

Beyond a shout out to Go-Go Gadget, on-brand with the main character V's acquired skills in hacking and machinery, Flacko also touches on more serious topics like his personal struggle with colorism.

Honest: "Man when I was younger, I wished that I was light-skinned / Now I wouldn’t trade the world for my skin / I surpassed what you could do inside your lifespan / So just give me a little credit like a white man," he raps.

Unfortunately, the roughly two-minute song isn't on streaming platforms and it's unclear whether that will happen any time soon. Other notable acts who contributed to the 'Cyberpunk' soundtrack include Grimes and Run The Jewels.