A Visual History of Young Thug's Love for His Late Dog, Ms. Tootie

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Rest easy, Ms. Tootie. πŸ™

Young Thug loves his dogs. And if he's not looking out for YSL Records artists like Gunna and Lil Keed, there's a good chance he's taking care of his other dogs. The pet ones.

Unfortunately, one of his most beloved pets, Ms. Tootie, recently passed away. Thug's girlfriend Jerrika Karlae shared the sad news on her Instagram page.

"I love u mama," Thug captioned this iconic picture of him and his fluffy friend in the studio together. Originally taken in Nov. 2018, it was the first time fans met Ms. Tootie, a Chow Chow breed that's native to northern China.

There, these adorable beasts are called Songshi-Quan, which translates to "puffy-lion dog." Very accurate.

Thug and Tootie had a special bond, and he would often spoil her with trips to the groomer and various treats.
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TOOTIE loves @thefarmersdog πŸ’•

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One of their funniest memories by far was when Thug found out on IG Live that she was on her period or in heat, a cycle in dogs he had no clue about. One word to describe his reaction: dumbfounded.

Taking after her dad, Tootie wasn't shy about flexing on these other canines when she had the chance. From posing in a freshly washed Lambo truck to labeling herself a GOAT, Tootie had true swagger.

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The gray way.... @thuggerthugger1

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She wasn't afraid to be the boss of the house either.

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She’s getting bad.... @thuggerthugger1

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Along with being an incredibly cute companion, Ms. Tootie was an active promoter of Thug's latest music and videos. Get you a good girl who can do both!

It's unclear how Ms. Tootie passed. But to keep her name and fluffiness alive for years to come, Thug showed off a huge new tattoo of her lion-like face on his calf.

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