A DJ Drew Rihanna, Will Smith & D-Wade to His IG Live


| LAST UPDATE 08/24/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Via Jesse Grant/Getty Images
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 14: Rihanna attends AFI FEST 2019 Presented by Audi - Opening Night World Premiere Of "Queen & Slim" on November 14, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Audi)

If you didn't think it was possible to have FOMO during a nationwide quarantine, what happened on Saturday night on DJ D-Nice's Instagram will likely change your mind.

D-Nice, a veteran hip-hop figure who can rap, produce and DJ, has been turning the internet into the hottest club without a cover recently with his Homeschoolin’: Social Distancing Dance Party Instagram Live series. It features him spinning countless hours of hip-hop and R&B classics for thousands of viewers.


While the party started earlier this week just a few days after Donald Trump declared a national emergency over the coronavirus, things really came to a peak on Saturday night.

D-Nice drew over 100,000 visitors, emphasized by the presence of celebrities like Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Will Smith, Bernie Sanders, Ellen DeGeneres, Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, Janet Jackson, Mark Zuckerberg, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott and many others.

You can see the 49-year-old Bronx native's pure excitement and shock when he hit the 100k mark below. It's worth noting that 100k simultaneous viewers on IG Live may be a record.


Social distancing is a hygienic practice that encourages people to keep several feet of distance between themselves and others, helping prevent the spread of diseases like the coronavirus.

Parties and concerts have slowed to a halt across the U.S. and much of the world as they typically involve a lot of close contact. Some cities have even banned large gatherings altogether.

But D-Nice, whose real name is Derrick Jones, was determined to keep bringing people together through music. He played for an astonishing nine hours the other day. 🔊

In an interview with AllHipHop, D-Nice detailed the motivation behind his IG Live DJ sets. "Music is a vibration. It is a universal language. It is who I am. It is what I do as a DJ," he said. "It is a part of my life's purpose to help people relax and enjoy themselves. What was just a whim has become a movement in less than 4 Days. I am honored by love and support."

The virtual party was trending on Saturday night and we've included some of our favorite reactions below. It's unclear how long Homeschoolin' will continue, but be sure to head over to D-Nice's Instagram for the latest updates.

Congrats, D-Nice! Pump up the jams. 👏🎶