6ix9ine Really Wants to Do a Remix to 50 Cent's 'Many Men'

Mahlik Campbell

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6ix9ine is eyeing a remake of one of 50 Cent's signature songs. 👀

While chopping it up with Akademiks on Instagram Live recently, 6ix9ine shared his wish to remake 50 Cent's 2003 single "Many Men (Wish Death)."

Near the 2-minute point of the clip below, 6ix9ine says that he wants to work with the New York rapper and "make a 'Many men, wish death upon me,'" reciting the song's chorus. But Ak reminds him that the late Pop Smoke already recorded an unreleased update on the track.

"That sh*t is hard," 6ix9ine admits, before finding the snippet online and lip-syncing the lyrics.

Given their ever-evolving history together, which includes 50 claiming that he'd "take [Tekashi] before I take my actual biological son," referring to Marquise Jackson, you never know what could happen.

However, during an April interview with Big Boy, 50 Cent stated that he wouldn't collaborate with the 24-year-old, as "it’s just against the way I grew up." 50 also said that he "understood why he did what he did."

In a recent video announcing that Pop Smoke's posthumous album would be delayed until Friday, July 3, his "Many Men" remake plays throughout, suggesting that the song will be featured on the forthcoming collection.

A couple of weeks after Pop Smoke was killed in a home invasion that has still yet to be solved, 50 Cent detailed his intention to executive produce Pop's album, and he recruited Roddy Ricch to get involved, among others.

Well, a clip of 50 and Roddy Ricch shooting a music video together recently surfaced courtesy of Pop's manager, Steven Victor, and some are thinking that it could be for "Many Men."

As 6ix9ine waits for 50 to respond to his request, TMZ reported on Thursday that he dodged what could've been a huge blow to his career.

Stemming from a 2015 guilty plea to the charge of use of a child in a sexual performance, some social media investigators called on Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, to shut down 6ix9ine's IG given the firm's policy that convicted sex offenders aren't allowed on the site.

Though Tekashi was 18 when he was convicted, he was eventually labeled a “youthful offender,” which doesn't carry the same repercussions as an adult predator. So, he'll be able to hold on to his more than 23 million followers.