50 Cent Responds to Ja Rule Following Hit-for-Hit Challenge

Mahlik Campbell

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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 30: 50 Cent attends the 50 Cent Walk Of Fame Ceremony on January 30, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for STARZ)

50 Cent trolled Ja Rule after catching wind of his call for an Instagram Live battle. 😂

50 Cent took to social media to hilariously address Ja Rule's challenge to go hit-for-hit as part of the Verzuz Instagram Live series founded by Swizz Beats and Timbaland.

Rather than make a case for why he would come out as the winner, 50 trolled Ja for thinking he would even give him the spotlight in the first place.

Under the well-known GIF of his 2009 cameo in Entourage, showing 50 laughing and speeding away in a convertible, he teased his enemy without mentioning him by name. "who want to battle, 😆," he wrote in the caption. "and here’s a moment of silence for the still sick and suffering. LOL."

But, 50 didn't stop there. He followed up with a photoshopped picture featuring Ja's head on a homeless man's body. Alongside a plastic cup with a dollar bill dangling out of the top, the man is holding a cardboard sign that reads: "I will battle 50 cent for attention."

"👀 Stupid #fryfestival," he added, referencing Ja Rule's role in the infamous Fyre Fest debacle.

Ja later responded with a genuine tweet about why he would want to compete and his love for hip-hop, but only after reposting a meme from a fan that shows a man sitting at a table behind a statement: "Ja Rule could beat 50 in an IG battle. Change my mind."

Talk around 50 Cent and Ja Rule coming together for a virtual battle kicked off earlier this week following a brief appearance from Ja during an Instagram Live between Fat Joe and Swizz Beats.

The New York rapper got on the phone with Joey and said he was interested in going hit-for-hit with 50 Cent. “I want all the smoke, but I’ll behave,” Ja said with a laugh.

Swizz responded by saying Ja's promise sounded like a “devilish behave,” adding one prerequisite for the potential competition. “We just wanna make sure the intentions is the way they need to be,” he said.