21 Savage Sang Beyoncé While Young Chop Nearly Got Shot

Mahlik Campbell

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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 07: 21 Savage attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show at Milk Studios on February 07, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

As 21 Savage was putting on an impromptu R&B concert, Young Chop nearly paid the ultimate price after searching for him in his hood. 😨

21 and Chop have been trading jabs online over the past couple of weeks ever since Chop claimed that 21, Meek Mill and several other rappers weren’t as tough as they claim to be in their songs. He referenced an alleged studio session where 21 and Meek got scared when they saw he had a gun.

In the latest bizarre twist, Chop's Uber got shot up around the same time that 21 Savage was singing along to Beyoncé and other R&B artists on Instagram Live on Sunday.

Chop appeared to be moving around 21 Savage’s Atlanta neighborhood trying to find him. In the clip below, he walks up to a stranger and starts asking him where he can find the rapper.

When Chop hopped in an Uber a little while later, he was almost the victim of a deadly drive-by shooting. In the clip below, it sounds like someone says "Wassup, Chop?" before the video cuts.

After shots were fired, he showed the backseat window totally blown out"They need to go hire some more shooters, bro," Chop said.

Apparently, the Uber driver persisted and still drove Chop to his destination. Talk about five-star service. 🥇

Meanwhile, 21 was kickin' it inside and belting out lyrics to his favorite R&B classics, like Beyoncé's "Me, Myself and I."

"It took me some time, but now I am skrong," he sang. 😂

Adding to this wild series of events, footage leaked of Chop violently confronting some intruders just hours before he was attacked in the Uber.

It's unclear whether this incident had anything to do with his ongoing beef with 21.

Before this most recent run-in, Savage previously said Chop "done lost his mind" in response to his initial diss. 

A few confrontational DMs were later exchanged and Chop posted a screenshot of the conversation, in which he called 21 a "p***y." Last week, 21 took to IG Live to address Chop's insult.

"Cause you from Chicago you just the toughest n***a in America? ... We don't give a f**k where you from, bruh. That s**t don't make you tough," he said.

As users in the comments started taking their criticism of Chop to extreme lengths, though, 21 quickly dismissed the potential for violence. "Y'all stop commenting 'R.I.P. Chop' and that s**t," he said. "Don't ever wish death on nobody."

Let's seriously hope this saga doesn't end tragically. 😕