21 Savage Helps High School Student Earn An A+ On His English Homework

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21 Savage
Prince Williams via Wireimage

Love isn't typically the first subject that comes to mind when thinking about 21 Savage's raps. Yet this high school student was able to recognize the gems he was dropping and used one of them to impress his teacher.

A Twitter user nicknamed "Xan" is going viral after documenting how a few bars exploring the drawbacks of love from 21 Savage's 2018 song, "ball w/o you," helped him score an A+ on an English assignment.

For a poem titled "Bury My Heart," Xan interpolated the lyrics, "I'd rather have loyalty than love / 'Cause love don't really mean jack / See love is just a feeling / You can love somebody and still stab them in they back / It don't take much to love."

They continued, "It don't take much to love / You can love somebody just by being attached / See loyalty is a action / You can love or hate me and still have my back."

Fire: The teacher rewarded the student with an A+, telling them, "Excellent work. Your choice of words flows well with the topic of 'love.'" Savage himself even offered his stamp of approval: "yessirskiiii."

You may be thinking, "Hold up. Ain't this just plagiarism?" In another tweet, Xan (kind of) cleared up any confusion, noting that they cited Savage as the original creator and took the screenshot before finishing the full project, which asked them to build on top of an interesting quote.

Going back to his roots: A slice of Savage's insight on romanticism can be attributed to his affinity for R&B music. The 28-year-old Atlantan recently pleaded with his over 4 million Twitter followers to push Usher's classic album 'Confessions' to double-diamond status.  

"This is my favorite r&b album of all time on god," he wrote. You think we'll ever get a collab from these two?