29+ Genetic Conditions That Made These People Truly Remarkable


| LAST UPDATE 09/30/2021

By Felicia Brown

From extra fingers to multi-colored eyes, there are countless of genetic makeups that have resulted in beautiful physical features. Here's a look at some of the luckiest gene pool winners who's party tricks are better than yours.

Eye-Catching Colorings

As seen in the below zoomed-in shot, this person most likely has a rare genetic quality, known in medical terms, as heterochromia. This condition can alter the coloring of the eyes, skin, and even hair of the individual.

heterchromia markings eyes picturesheterchromia markings eyes pictures
Instagram via @judithadrienne

In this specific case, Judith Renée Adrienne's heterochromia has manifested in her iris, resulting in the bottom quarter of her eye being a stark brown in comparison to the remaining aqua coloring. The end product is a seriously eye-catching appearance that pretty much just made us self conscious of our eyes. Thanks Judith.

Missing Digits

High...4? People who are born missing fingers are typically described as possessing a rare congenital condition known as symbrachydactyly. This can involve being born with small nub-like digits, or missing some fingers all together! From pinkies to thumbs, people have been born missing one or more at times.

born missing fingers genesborn missing fingers genes
Instagram via @jessdana87

But as can be seen in this photograph, the condition doesn't get in the way of living a normal life and having a good time! Jessica Dana, pictured on the left, took the time to chat with this young girl's family after they met and bonded over their special trait.

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Nature's Piercing

No, this baby didn't go to a piercing salon fresh out of the womb, rather, Amelia was born with something that is typically described as preauricular pits. These little dents appear close to the ear lobe and are usually only prevalent on one of the two ears, but in some rare cases, they can be found on both.

unique markings new bornsunique markings new borns
Instagram via @dele.hyde

According to the Children's Hospital of Philidelphia, the pits are formed by a misplaced sinus tract lying under the skin's surface. While the condition is rarely associated with hearing impairments or other genetic conditions, some people choose to undergo surgery to reduce the appearance of the marking.

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Two-Toned Lashes

Not a mascara tube in sight here! Rather, this person most likely has a special genetic condition known as vitiligo. While in this case, it has affected this person's eyelashes and hair, it is most often prevalent as a skin condition where people develop patches of lighter skin tones.

natural white eye lashesnatural white eye lashes
Instagram via @danyelerin

In some unique cases, the melanin-lacking patches alter the color of body hair - like eyelashes! The result is a truly remarkable look with no makeup required. While white mascara has become a trend in recent years, people with this specific form of vitiligo shown in their lashes have been rocking it for ages!

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Twinning Birthmarks

This person said it best: "who needs couple tattoos when we have couple birthmarks?" She and her partner share the unique bond of having birthmarks in the exact same configuration and location on their respective right thighs. Talk about a coincidence!

matching birthmarks unique genesmatching birthmarks unique genes
Instagram via @earlgreylavender

According to MedlinePlus, birthmarks are common skin abnormalities that appear at the time of a baby's birth. They're the result of a cluster of pigmented skin cells that result in a darker patch of skin but can also include moles and patches lacking in melanin as well.

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Mismatched Pupils

Eyes are known by many as the window to the soul. And some people have different sized windows. As pictured below, this person has a pretty noticeable size difference between their pupils and is classified by doctors as a condition called anisocoria.

unique conditions human eyesunique conditions human eyes
Instagram via @pensamientoambiental

As stated by MedlinePlus, anisocoria can be prevalent at birth, in addition to a result of trauma to the brain or other conditions. In the late David Bowie's case, he developed anisocoria after getting hit in the eye at a fight at his friend George Underwood's 15th birthday party, according to Radio X UK.

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Synched Streaks

This unique Cruella Deville-like hair coloring is a genetic trait that appears from the moment the baby is born, known as poliosis. It can often show in people that already have vitiligo because it's caused by a lack of pigment in the hair. In this unique case, both momma and baby carry the gene!

special hair colorings geneticspecial hair colorings genetic
Instagram via @beautymark.community

Brianna Worthy and her daughter MilliAnna are carrying on the long family tradition of poliosis that goes back at least four generations and maybe more! When speaking with the Daily Mail, the mom shared that she'd hoped her baby would have the gene, but it can lead to a lot of unwanted attention in their day-to-day lives.

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Snowy Beauty

With her striking white hair and kind blue eyes, Stef Sanjati looks like she's walked right out of a Christmas children's book. Her unique features are associated with a condition called Waardenburg and can affect the eyes, hair coloring, and hearing of people who possess the gene.

waardenburg unique genetic conditionwaardenburg unique genetic condition
Instagram via @waardenburg_

In Stef's case, it has resulted in pronounced white streaks at the top of her head and piercing blue eyes. According to MedlinePlus, only 1 in 40,000 people are born with this condition, with only 2 to 5 percent of those gene carriers experiencing hearing loss associated with the trait. Talk about unique!

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Spotted Beauty

Beyoncé who? Meet Boitumelo Rametsi, a self-defined "body-positive philanthropist" from South Africa. Just like the famous supermodel Winnie Harlow, Boitumelo has a rare genetic condition known as vitiligo. And instead of trying to cover up her markings, this influencer is proud of her uniqueness.

beautiful vitiligo unique marks beautiful vitiligo unique marks
Instagram via @boitumelo_spotted

She's even created a large internet following across Instagram and YouTube promoting acceptance of all types of beauty. And while only 0.5 to 1% of the world has this condition, it's actually one of the most common genetic marking conditions, according to MedlinePlus.

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Thumb War Champion

Triphalangeal thumbs are a one-of-a-kind condition where the person's hands look as though there are five full length fingers rather than four digits and a thumb. In some cases, it can present dexterity-related issues, but many people live tactile lives with this genetic trait.

missing thumb genetic conditionmissing thumb genetic condition
Wikimedia Commons via Lauranne

Another unique quality that goes along with a triphalangeal thumb is a triangular-shaped palm, which can be seen in the above photograph. According to Indian Pediatrics, the condition can also appear with other genes such as Townes-Brocks syndrome and many others.

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Two Peas in a Pod

That's right, some of the world's most unique genetic conditions aren't just restricted to humans. And in some special cases, household pets and other animals can possess traits such as vitiligo. This boy and dog were definitely destined to be pals with their shared quality.

vitiligo genetic condition beautifulvitiligo genetic condition beautiful
Facebook via Dra. Emma Guzman - Cirujana - Dermatologa - Cosmiatra

Luckily, just like in the case of humans, vitiligo on its own typically won't cause much physical discomfort, according to PetMd. However, in the case of humans, it can require some extra care when it comes to sun exposure. Regular sunscreen application is recommended to protect the melanin-lacking areas from damage.

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A Special Thumbs Up

Our next condition certainly gets a thumbs up in our book: from the looks of it, this possibly double-jointed user represents similar symptoms to a condition formally known as distal hyperextensibility. Or what most of us simply refer to as Hitchhiker's Thumb. Sound familiar?

double jointed condition geneticdouble jointed condition genetic
Facebook via Aimee Hanson Rawlinson

People with Hitchhiker's Thumb have thumbs that are very flexible, ones with a special ability to bend far more than most of ours can. According to clevelandclinic, the unique condition affects roughly 20% of people. And while it might be alarming to look at, most hypermobility cases are typically harmless.

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Green Eyes for Days

Sure, we already know just how beautiful green eyes are. But how rare are they, truly? According to allaboutvision, perhaps more than we may have initially realized: only about 2% of the world's population are born with the remarkable feature. As for the science behind it?

special eye genes hereditaryspecial eye genes hereditary
Facebook via Gabby Rylee

As Medical News Today further elaborated, our eye color directly correlates with the amount of melanin we have. Those with more pigment have darker, more brown eyes, while those with less have lighter ones. And while this woman's eyes are certainly remarkable, each and every color is unique in its own way...

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Purrrrfect Eyes

Cat eye syndrome, often shortened to CES, is a special condition that comes about from partial tetrasomy in the 22nd chromosome, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders. It creates this unique condition where people appear to have cat-like slit pupils.

beautiful conditions eyes geneticbeautiful conditions eyes genetic
Instagram via @med.base

Cat eye syndrome can also show with some other medical complications, so babies who present this special gene often undergo additional testing to see the extent of the chromosomal traits. Want to see more rare and beautiful genetic wonders? Keep scrolling...

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Luscious Locks

Meet Chanco, the baby born with one seriously special head of hair. From the time she was delivered, Chanco had long luscious locks, which garnered quite a lot of attention as her mother documented her journey on Instagram. She's had hundreds of thousands of fans since before she could even crawl!

hairy baby genetic conditionhairy baby genetic condition
Instagram via @babychanco

And the internet buzz led her to get the attention of People and even score a Pantene commercial. "I’m so surprised with the reaction, but also very proud of the praise from many countries," Chanco's mother shared with the magazine in the wake of her daughter's viral fame.

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Green Wonders

Genetic physical traits can be described as snowflakes because each condition tends to appear in its own unique way from person to person. Here we have the case of yet another person with heterochromia, but her's is unlike any other we've seen on our roundup. Why is that?

birthmark in your eyebirthmark in your eye
Facebook via Trending

Well, for starters, her underlying eye color is special in its own right. Her dark green eyes have a special pattern that can be likened to snake scales. In addition, she has something called sectoral heterochromia, which means that only a portion of her iris has a different color in comparison to some larger markings.

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No Trace Left Behind

This genetic condition could be described as the ultimate dream from some of Hollywood's famous fictional spies and thieves. But in reality, adermatoglyphia is an actual trait in which people don't have fingerprints in the pads of their digits. It can also affect feet in addition to hands.

special genetic human conditionsspecial genetic human conditions
Facebook via Rathu Ascote

According to MedlinePlus, adermatoglyphia can sometimes show as a lack of fingerprints, but in some other instances, it can be coupled with other skin conditions such as milia, which is the appearance of white bumps on the face. It can also increase skin sensitivity to irritation.

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Special Wingspan

Meet Rhayssa Lima, a 27-year-old Brazilian woman with not one, but two unique conditions to her name. Lima has scoliosis and Marfan syndrome, and the latter has resulted in her long arms which can be seen in the photograph below. This condition can affect any human limb, including arms, legs, and fingers.

unique genetic conditions humansunique genetic conditions humans
Instagram via @rhayssalmorais

The condition is described as inherited, which means it is passed down between generations, according to the Mayo Clinic. While on the outside, it shows in the limbs, the syndrome is also associated with other conditions which can sometimes impact the heart and other vital organs.

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Hypnotizing Outty

Inny, outty, and now swirly? That's right, this is a fairly unique belly button appearance that can occur after a baby's birth. According to Healthline, there are six general visual classifications of navels, but on some special occurrences, belly buttons can take on a less ordinary shape, such as the swirl.

 kinds of bellybuttons kinds of bellybuttons
Wikimedia Commons via SwirlyDude

As special as the swirl is, it's not necessarily something that can be passed down from generation to generation. In fact, Healthline went on to explain that the shape of navels has more to do about the umbilical placement and its clamping and less to do about biological genes. Keep scrolling for more unique conditions...

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"Skin Writing"

No, this isn't a new and fancy type of tattoo ink, rather a naturally occurring reaction to any sort of scratching of the skin. For people with dermatographia, this is what happens when their epidermis is abraded in any type of way. Some people refer to it by its nickname, skin writing.

dermatographia genetic condition uniquedermatographia genetic condition unique
Instagram via @sierra_rightsell

According to the Mayo Clinic, the reaction to the scratching only lasts 30 minutes in most cases, similar to mild hives. And while it can cause some discomfort, it can also be used as a personal sketchbook for anyone possessing the gene, just like in the picture above. This condition is most prevalent amongst teens and kids.

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It Runs in the Family

Meet the Da Silvas, a loving family with a common trait that binds them all together. Amazingly enough, 14 members of this family carry the polydactyly gene and have six toes on each foot and six fingers on each hand. But the extra digits haven't gotten in their way of doing what they love.

genetic conditions six fingersgenetic conditions six fingers
Eraldo Peres/AP/Shutterstock

In an interview with Reuters, the family used their extra fingers and toes to follow their passions, which include guitar, playing soccer, and cheering on Brazil's national soccer team. The unique trait dates back as far as a great-grandmother, and maybe even further!

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Strawberry Skin

While many birthmarks appear brown in color, they can appear in nearly any color of the rainbow. These red markings are typically classified as port-wine stains due to their deep and rich coloring. They're officially known as nevus flammeus and appear at birth, often growing proportionally with age, according to KidsHealth.

different kinds birth marksdifferent kinds birth marks
Instagram via @red.tonya

While port-wine stains on their own don't cause any noticeable discomfort to kids, doctors often pay close attention because it can be linked to some worrisome conditions. And for those wanting to get rid of their unique marks, there is laser treatment available to reduce their appearance.

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Twice the Beauty

Meet Mara and Lara Bawar, identical twins from São Paulo, Brazil. And as if being genetically identical wasn't unique enough, these sisters also possess a special genetic condition known as albinism. The condition comes about from a complete lack of pigmentation and can be found in many species on the planet.

albino genetic traits hereditaryalbino genetic traits hereditary
Instagram via @lara_mara_sheila

Fish, butterflies, plants, you name it. But unlike other beautiful albino creatures, these sisters found fame from their condition. So much so, they were noticed by Rihanna and her Fenty brand, and even had dolls made in honor of them by Malaville Dolls. Keep scrolling for more unique examples of beauty from around the world.

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Starry Night, Freckled Face

Yaminah Mayo is a content creator based in New York City with a special look to her. Her face is covered in unique markings, caused by the concentration of melanocytes. Or, more commonly known, as freckles. She also has vitiligo, but its appearance isn't as prominent as in other cases.

unique freckle markings geneticunique freckle markings genetic
Instagram via @spicy.mayo

For the majority of people with vitiligo, the discoloration can be found in areas such as the armpits, behind the knees, and the groin region. Yamina's melanin-less patches can be found in her underarms and her chest. Her unique look has scored her modeling gigs and brand deals with some of the biggest companies in the country!

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Spilled Pupils

Similar to the cat eye syndrome shown above, these pupils are the result of a coloboma - uveal coloboma to be exact. People with this genetic trait have tissue missing from in or around the eye, which means that their appearance often differs from the typical eye.

unique eye colorings geneticunique eye colorings genetic
Instagram via @reptilianaelle

Coloboma can appear in many parts of the eye including the eyelid, lens, optic nerve, or uvea. According to the National Eye Institute, it's still unclear how the trait carries from generation to generation. Some testing is available, but only if coloboma is part of a greater hereditary condition in the family.

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Fuzzy Cuddles

This newborn came into the world with a fuzzy coat of protection, but it is a vital part of most babies' development in the womb. On the odd occasion, a baby is born with the hair still present. The phenomenon is called lanugo and it's completely harmless, according to Healthline.

unique genetic conditions babiesunique genetic conditions babies
Instagram via @gebebe16

The hair usually develops during the second trimester and is shed naturally in the lead-up to birth. Except in cases like the one pictured above, of course. As stated by Healthline, lanugo that is present at birth is common with babies born prematurely and the hair tends to fall off on its own in the weeks after birth.

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Matching Polka Dots

As we've seen on our list, freckles on their own accord are actually fairly common. Depending on the case, they can even have a unique tie to each person's family genetic make-up. However, just because they're not rare doesn't mean they can't appear in a special configuration!

unique freckle markings naturalunique freckle markings natural
Instagram via @chelsealevine

And that's certainly the case with Chelsea Levine's freckles. She has two perfectly symmetrical freckles just below each of her collarbones. Talk about coincidence! According to WebMD, Chelsea's freckles could either be genetic (ephelides) or sunspots (solar lentigines).

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Nature's Flippers

Webbed toes are tied to a condition known as syndactyly and can present in both the hands and the feet. According to Medical News Today, it's one of the most common traits present at birth, but there's still a great deal of mystery around the phenomenon.

unique gene differences humansunique gene differences humans
Instagram via @i_am_webbed_toes

Medical News Today went on to explain that experts in genetics are still perplexed as to why webbed digits occur at birth. While sometimes there's a genetic link, that's not always the case. While they won't always cause issues, doctors often opt to disconnect the webbed digits in most cases.

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Not So White Whites

From heterochromia to cat eye syndrome, we've seen some incredibly unique genetic conditions in people's eyes. Typically, these traits affect the appearance of the iris or cornea, but in some special cases, the whites of the eyes are altered. This is typically classified as a nevus.

different types eye markingsdifferent types eye markings
Facebook via theoccult.net

A nevus, or nevi for plural, refers to any birthmarks that can be found on the iris itself or the surrounding eye. They usually appear as a brownish color, but in some instances, they can take on a purple-ish color as photographed above. Just like regular freckles on the body, nevi are caused by melanocytes grouping together.

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Cute as a Button

This precious baby was born with a herniated belly button, resulting in the swollen navel pictured below. While swelling can occur at any time in a human's life, it usually shows in the first months after birth, according to the Mayo Clinic. Other than a unique shape, this condition tends to be completely harmless.

herniated belly button babyherniated belly button baby
Instagram via @audra.kuh

And as the Mayo Clinic went on to explain, most of the cases of herniated navels in infancy go away on their own accord. But in some instances that doesn't occur, so there are minor medical procedures that can reduce its appearance. According to this baby's mom, her button has already shrunk on its own!

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Matching Eyes

No, they're not contacts. One quick glance at that picture below, and its clear what landed these 2 beauties a spot on our list. With piercing blue eyes dotted with black specs, Elizabeth Tyler and her son look like something out of our favorite sci-fi movie.

Elizabeth tyler Heterochromia eyesElizabeth tyler Heterochromia eyes
Instagram via @_elizabethevan_

As for what caused their remarkable coloring? The 35-year-old mother and her son, Liam, were born with Heterochromia Iridum. The rare condition is caused by an uneven distribution of melanin, something Elizabeth has come to embrace. "I love my eyes," she proudly explained. Same.

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Missing Ligments

"Our differences are beautiful," Shannon proudly explained. And we couldn't agree more. The inspiring influencer was born with Ectrodactyly, a rare genetic condition resulting in missing digits. But she hasn't let her rare condition get in her way. In fact, quite the opposite.

ectrodactyly genetic condition rareectrodactyly genetic condition rare
Instagram via @crosslandshannon

The blonde beauty is the proud ambassador for the "I Am Possible Foundation," an organization dedicated to raising awareness for those with limb differences. And from her contagious smile to her courageous self, we can see why she's become an inspiring figure in the online community.

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A Remarkable Birthmark

Granted, most of us either have or know someone who has a birthmark. But when it comes to this Reddit user? Hers is so unique we had to do a double-take. Etched on the side of her nose, she's grown to love her special trait. And honestly, we can see why.

birthmark peculiar gene conditionbirthmark peculiar gene condition
Reddit via u/seemasamosa

As for the cause behind the remarkable feature? According to MedlinePlus, birthmarks are common skin irregularities that are typically harmless. They can form anywhere from parts of one's body to one's face (as seen above). But there's more where that came from. Keep scrolling.

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Like Father, Like Son

Unlike birthmarks, it's not every day that we see webbed feet, is it? But what if we were to say that it's actually a lot more common than one might think? Well, it is. According to Medical News Today, Syndactyly is actually one of the most common birth abnormalities.

genetic joint toes conditiongenetic joint toes condition
Reddit via u/Microwavehead

Not only does Ashton Kutcher have it (yes, really), but so does this adorable duo. "My son inherited my joined together toes," this father proudly revealed of his little guy. While webbed feet are caused by skin's failure to separate during fetal development, it certainly makes one stand out (see what we did there)?

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An Angel

"When I see other people, when I see the world, it looks super beautiful for me," Nastya "Kimi" Kumarova revealed. The white-haired beauty was born with Albinism, resulting in both a lack of pigmentation and poor eyesight. But things are actually 20/20 from her perspective.

Albinism model peculiar conditionAlbinism model peculiar condition
Instagram via @kiker_chan

"Everything is perfect," she proudly assured. Despite facing hardships for her unique look, Kumarova is officially on top of the world. From modeling for Vogue to Diesel campaigns, the Russian model is one to look out for. We'd learn her name if we were you.

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Ilka's Contagious Smile

This German beauty has faced endless hardships over the years, but that smile of hers isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Meet Ilka Brühl, the 29-year-old model breaking beauty standards online. The influencer was born with Ectodermal Dysplasia, a rare genetic condition resulting in a facial cleft.

Ilka Bruhl rare modelIlka Bruhl rare model
Instagram via @ilkabruehl

But she's actually used her struggles to serve as a source of inspiration for others. "Remind the world that everyone is beautiful," Brühl proudly explained. The blogger hopes to make waves online through scenic photoshoots and uplifting words. And we'd say she's done exactly that.

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Small Features, Big Future

Looking for a good thrill? Our next star might be up for the challenge. The Hollywood beauty has been blessing us with lots of quick scares ever since we met her as "Pepper" in American Horror Story. But off-screen? Naomi Grossman is actually a source of light.

ahs naomi rare conditionahs naomi rare condition
Frazer Harrison via Getty Images

The actress suffers from Microcephaly, a rare genetic condition resulting in developmental issues - such as an unusually small head. But despite the potential health risks that come with it, she hopes to serve as a source of hope for other sufferers. "Having Microcephaly represented on TV…[means] the world," she revealed.

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The World's Smallest Woman

Much like Naomi Grossman, our next face might just ring a bell. But while her time on-screen (*spoiler alert*) might have ended badly, the American Horror Story star is actually all smiles. Meet Jyoti Amge, otherwise known as the world's smallest woman - standing only 8 inches taller than an Emmy award.

shortest woman rare conditionshortest woman rare condition
Richard Grange/ Barcroft India/Barcoft Media via Getty Images

The 27-year-old actress was born with primordial dwarfism, a genetic condition so rare, there's only about 100 known cases in America and Canada. But despite having big shoes to fill (literally), Amge has done just that. "I hope when people see me, they take the perspective that it's worth taking a risk in life," she gushed.

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The Missing Key

Talk about finding that perfect lighting. This little one's beautiful eye was captured at just the right time. And we can't. stop. staring. But while it may look like black ink spilled in her iris, there's actually a medical condition to thank for it.

rare eye condition colombarare eye condition colomba
Instagram via @_mummyandthe_3bears

As her mother revealed, the green-eyed beauty was born with Colomba, a rare genetic condition causing a keyhole-shaped defect in one's eye. According to Medline Plus, the abnormality occurs when normal tissue that surrounds the eye doesn't develop properly. Consider us amazed.

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Age Has No Number

Challi Muguira likes being different. Born with a rare genetic condition, the 30-something year old always stood out from the crowd. But in doing so, she's become an inspiration to others around the world. As for what makes the Baton Rouge native so unique?

Challi Muguira genetic conditionChalli Muguira genetic condition
Biliana Grozdanova/ Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Muguira was born with a condition called Progeria. The rare condition causes children to age at alarmingly rapid rates. But despite the symptoms it's called for - including hair loss and health risks - it's changed her life for the better. "It's affected my life in more of a positive way… I want to help people [like me]," she revealed.

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Keep on Smiling

"Love yourself, trust yourself." Those are the words that Shorouk Elokda live by. Even with being born with a massive birthmark on half of her face, she couldn't be happier about where she's at in life. And she hopes other can be inspired to feel the same.

birthmark genetic condition rarebirthmark genetic condition rare
Instagram via @shorouk_elokda

"Self-confidence, coping with bullying, and self-love, as you are, is the most beautiful thing," she explained to her Instagram followers. Whether it's the latest TikTok or selfie, the 29-year-old has never let her unique feature break her spirit. And we love to see it.

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Double the Beauty

Why so serious? We wonder if this little one knows just how remarkable her eyes truly are. As her proud mother put it, baby Ruby's eyes have been noticeably different since she was about four weeks old. And we can't help but feel a little bit jealous.

heterochromia rare condition geneticheterochromia rare condition genetic
Instagram via @aleetzia_

While we can't say for certain, it appears the lucky toddler was born with Heterochromia. The typically hereditary condition occurs when one's irises are two different colors. Luckily, it's usually classified as harmless. Which means the only thing Ruby will have to worry about when she grows up is stares from amazed onlookers.

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Got It From His Momma

For some of us, it might call for big blue eyes or a strong set of teeth. But when it comes to Samuel Silva? One quick glance at that picture, and it's clear what the seven-year-old boy model inherited. As for the cause behind his family's remarkable features?

Piebaldism rare genetic disorderPiebaldism rare genetic disorder
Instagram via @shamuelmodel

Both Samuel, his mom, and his grandma were born with Piebaldism, a rare skin condition resulting in lack of pigmentation. Sure enough, 3 generations later, and Sam's taken their unique condition to the runway. "He has become the face of acceptance and inclusion in the children's fashion industry," his uncle proudly revealed.

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A True Pageant Queen

"It's not just going on stage and looking pretty - you have a platform," Brianna Worden explained. The 23-year-old pageant queen certainly knows a thing or two about turning heads. But not only thanks to her reign on stage. "I decided, 'Why not use NF?"

Neurofibromatosis rare genetic disorderNeurofibromatosis rare genetic disorder
Marcus Cooper/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Worden was born with Neurofibromatosis (NF), a rare genetic condition that left her entire left side (neck down) covered in tumors. But after endless surgeries and stares in the street, she's decided to use her voice for the greater good. "I hope to inspire others with and without NF... to really accept who you are," she proudly put it.

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The Miracle Baby

Meet Louis: the "miracle baby who has a lot to teach us about faith, hope, and love," as his parents proudly put it. Baby Louis was born with Ectrodactyly, a rare genetic condition affecting only about 1 in 90,000, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

ectrodactyly rare genetic conditionectrodactyly rare genetic condition
Instagram via @love4louie

As seen in the picture above, the rare condition involves the absence of one or more fingers or toes. But from the looks of our smiley infant, things are looking sunny despite the challenges it may bring. And we hope baby Louis knows just how cool he is.

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There's no such thing as a bad hair day when it comes to this stud. The blonde toddler was born with something called Uncombable Hair Syndrome, a rare genetic condition resulting in, well, uncombable hair. But it's even more special than we may have realized.

Instagram via @karitasharpa

According to Science Alert, only an estimated 100 or so people have the unique syndrome. As they explained, the condition occurs when one's hair shaft doesn't develop properly. As a result, it calls for silvery, straw-like hair that simply cannot be combed flat.

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Making a Splash

Coral Johnson-McDaniel certainly knows how to turn heads. The New York native was born with Vitiligo, a rare autoimmune condition with a strong genetic component. And while her unique beauty has since turned her into a thriving model, her self-love journey was a long time in the making.

vitiligo rare genetic conditionvitiligo rare genetic condition
Instagram via @sadistitt

"It took years for me to fall in love," the model confessed of her lack of pigmentation - present in her eyelashes and upper face. But as she put it perfectly, "Either you hate yourself for what your body cannot control, or you love yourself for being made so [unique]."

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New Perspectives

We don't know how she does it! This red-haired beauty lost her eyesight at 17-years-old after experiencing a rare genetic condition. But she continues to keep her spirits high - one glammed up shot at a time. As for the cause behind her unique condition?

incontinentia pigmenti genetic mutationincontinentia pigmenti genetic mutation
Instagram via @lucyedwardsofficial

Lucy has something called Incontinentia Pigmenti. The genetic condition is characterized by abnormalities of the skin, teeth, eyes, and central nervous system. Today, she's an inspiring activist speaking up for others in similar circumstances. As she put it, "Time heals, I promise you."

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Celebrating Herself

This bombshell went from teasing and name-calling to traveling across the globe as an international superstar. Meet Deborah, the Netherlands model defying societal beauty standards for years now. The Dutch influencer was born with Vitiligo, the same condition as several of our other faces.

vitiligo rare genetic conditionvitiligo rare genetic condition
Stijn Brinkmann/Barcroft Media via Getty Images

The rare genetic condition, resulting in lack of pigmentation, first appeared when Moreno was just 5-years-old. By age 11, her Vitiligo had already spread all over her body. Since then? She's made a name for herself, both on and off the runway. And we're expecting nothing but great things.

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The Revolutionary Redhead

Lauren Ruotolo's time in stilettos goes much deeper than staying up to date with the latest trends. The boss lady grew up with McCune-Albright Syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting the skin, bone, and endocrine system. But if anything? It's come to put some pep into her step...

McCune rare genetic conditionMcCune rare genetic condition
Instagram via @laurenruotolo

The 4'2" redhead has since founded her very own fashion line - an all-inclusive shoe brand designed for women of smaller size. "I believe your voice is the most powerful and useful tool we have," she proudly explained. "Own what you want out of life and scream it from the rooftop."

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Sleeping Beauty

When it comes to Elizabeth and Nate, baby Caroline is their little bundle of joy. As seen below, their baby daughter was born with Poliosis, resulting in a lack of pigment in her hair shaft. But one look at that picture? And well, does it get any cuter?

poliosis rare genetic conditionpoliosis rare genetic condition
Instagram via @elizakprice

Thankfully, their little one can rest easy knowing her remarkable condition is typically harmless. As Healthline explained, Poliosis alone doesn't seriously affect one's health. That being said, we can't wait to see what Caroline grows up to look like. Until then, there's more where that came from. Keep scrolling...

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Different Colored Eyes

Like many of the other people on our round-up, Denitsa was born with a rare condition called Heterochromia Iridis. Any guess what the genetic anomaly calls for? Of course, a difference in one's eye color - or iris - as documented in the selfie below.

Heterochromia rare genetic conditionHeterochromia rare genetic condition
Instagram via @deni_pikus

As Medicine Net explained, the unique condition occurs when the iris in one eye has a different color than the iris in one's other eye. When it comes to this beauty, her left eye is a rich brown, while her left features stunning shades of green. Consider us mesmerized.

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Similar to Denitsa, this online blogger has eyes we can't stop staring at. But we're not dealing with Heterochromia here. Instead, Erika was born with something called Coloboma; a rare condition that can affect both eyes. But as we see below, that wasn't the case for Erika.

Colomba rare condition geneticColomba rare condition genetic
Instagram via @erikazanow

According to Medline Plus, the remarkable condition occurs before birth, when the normal tissue of one's iris is missing. As a result, those diagnosed appear to have a spot - typically giving off a keyhole appearance - in their eye(s). As if Erika's blue eyes weren't unique enough...

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Missing Digits

This adorable little tot has a condition affecting about 1 in 2,000 babies, according to Medscape. Baby Nolan was born with something called Syndactyly, a hereditary condition resulting in webbed or conjoined fingers or toes. As for the science behind it?

syndactyly genetic hereditary raresyndactyly genetic hereditary rare
Instagram via @annniebird

For starters, the remarkable condition is one of the most common hereditary malformations of the limbs. According to Medscape, it occurs when the fingers fail to separate into different digits. But while it might make mealtime a bit more challenging, we're happy to see baby Nolan's spirits remain high.

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Toe to Toe

Much like Syndactyly, this guy's genetic condition is actually more common than we may have thought. In fact, there's a good chance you actually know someone with Morton's Toe. Ring a bell? The hereditary condition occurs when one's second toe is bigger than their first.

mortons toe rare hereditarymortons toe rare hereditary
Instagram via @realmortonstoe

But what does that truly mean for your feet? While the genetic trait is typically harmless, it might cause a few obstacles down the line for those diagnosed. According to Healthline, those with Morton's Toe might be subject to foot pain considering our toes are directly connected to our foot's structure.

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A Star in the Making

Meet Alexa Love. The little ball of sass is an aspiring model who's gained quite the following on Instagram for both her bold personality and appearance. But there's also another reason she's making waves in the online world. Any guess what that might be?

albinism genetic condition rarealbinism genetic condition rare
Instagram via @___alexalov3

The adorable toddler was born with Albinism, like many others on our list. According to Healthline, the rare genetic condition is classified by a lack of pigmentation in one's hair, skin, or eyes. But despite her declining eyesight - another effect of the condition - Alexa has used her platform to spread awareness and inspiration.

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Freckle Face

From her fiery red hair to her face full of freckles, Autumn has always stood out from the crowd. But she wouldn't want it any other way. In fact, the online influencer has used her voice to spread "love, acceptance, and body positivity," as her bio reads.

Freckles rare genetic uniqueFreckles rare genetic unique
Instagram via @autumnflame

Whether it's another barefaced selfie or words of encouragement, it's no surprise she's raked in over 150 thousand followers. But ever wonder the science behind her beautiful features? According to WebMD, freckles are classified as extra patches of pigmentation under one's skin.

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Mommy & Me

Like mother, like son - right? One quick glance at that picture below, and it's pretty clear what this adorable little boy inherited from his mother. As for the cause behind their remarkable appearances? Piebaldism, a rare inherited condition calling for lack of pigmentation.

Piebaldism mother son rarePiebaldism mother son rare
Facebook via Simone McFarland

As Medline Plus further explained, the genetic condition occurs when melanin-forming cells fail to develop in either the skin or hair (or both). As a result, this adorable duo gets to rock patches of silver in both their hair and on their foreheads.

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Layla's Birthmark

This doe-eyed beauty was born with a trait millions of people around the world have. Only hers looks slightly different. Nestled on top of baby Layla's forehead is a Strawberry nevus - otherwise known as the fancy name for a red-tinted birthmark. The cause?

birthmark genetic rare conditionbirthmark genetic rare condition
Instagram via @mum_life_and_layla

According to Health Line, the raised red lump is the result of a collection of blood vessels that didn't develop as they should have. Instead of dispersing, the cells clustered together, leaving behind a protruding mark. But don't worry, they're actually rarely harmful.

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Strike a Pose

Strike a pose. Much like Jamaican-Canadian Supermodel Winnie Harlow, this Instagram user has the rare genetic condition, Vitiligo. Not only does it affect as little as 0.5% of the world's population, according to Pfizer, but it makes for the perfect selfie, as seen below.

vitiligo genetic condition rarevitiligo genetic condition rare
Instagram via @just4fun19eighty

Instead of trying to conceal his unique trait, this Instagram user is proud of his differences. And so are we. As for the science behind it? According to Mayo Clinic, the rare condition occurs when the immune system attacks one's body cells and tissue. As a result, pigmentation is lost.

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