D.I.Why? Interior Design Mistakes That are a Big No-No


| LAST UPDATE 10/03/2022

By Mahlik Campbell

Designing a home can be an annoying process. There are so many things to think about. So, if you're starting the journey of redesigning your home, then luckily for you, we have made a list of 30 mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Making Your Home a Museum

It is important to note that your home is not a museum and it shouldn't be decorated as one. Many people make the mistake of buying weird furniture that is not at all practical or comfortable. This furniture isn't really meant to be used - instead, it is meant to be stared at.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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But furniture is not meant to be stared at - it’s meant to be used. It is possible to find attractive and eye-catching pieces that will make your home look good while still being completely functional. Try your best to balance style and comfort.

Walls Lined With Furniture

Many of us think that we should push all of our furniture against the walls in order to create more space. While this might be true for small homes, it is unnecessary in larger ones. Pushing furniture against the walls simply makes the home look weirdly spaced out and unhomely.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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If you have a larger room, you will end up with a lot of space between the furniture. This encourages distance between the people in the room, which should never be the goal. You should definitely look for alternative ways in which you can layout your furniture.

There's Matching And Then There's This

You should always aim to match a few of the items in a room. It brings cohesion into the space and makes it seem as though someone who really knew what they were doing decorated the room. However, keep in mind that there is such a thing as too much matching.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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If everything in a room is the exact same color or pattern, it won't look like a home anymore. It is important to break the room up a bit - choose similar colors or patterns for certain objects and walls, but decide on a complementary color to break it up. Remember that too much of one thing is never good.

Fake Plants

Having an indoor garden is becoming more and more popular over the years. It brightens up a room and brings an element of the outdoors inside. However, looking after plants is not as easy as many people think - especially indoor ones. This is why so many have turned to fake plants.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes

Even though many people get away with fake greenery, it does look rather tacky. It is always a better option to simply learn how to care for an indoor plant and scatter a few of them around your home. Trust us. Your guests will be much more impressed.

The Ill-fitted Rug

If you choose a proper-sized rug that suits the dimensions of your room, you can end up with a beautifully decorated home that will be sure to impress everyone. However, if you choose an improper-sized rug, it can throw off the entire space.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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It can take a lot of patience to find the perfect sized rug. You should always try to remember that size is arguably one of the most important features, even above design and color. As a general rule, you should purchase a rug that is at least two-thirds the size of the room.

Pick Out Furniture Before You Start Painting

Visiting the paint store can be overwhelming. There are so many shades and colors to choose from that many people end up getting confused over what they really want. It is important to note that paint shades can be created specifically for you - furniture can not.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Most interior designers will tell you to pick out your furniture before a paint color. You can then match the paint to the furniture, ending up with a perfectly balanced room that will impress everyone. However, remember not to go overboard with the matching.

Old Oak Cabinets

Oak cabinets were everywhere back in the nineties. However, we are no longer in that decade, which means that it might be time for an upgrade. If you are on a tight budget and simply do not have the funds to replace the cabinets, we have an inexpensive method that will work for you.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Use a liquid sander or a sanding strip to remove any varnish from the cabinets. Be sure to properly prime the cabinets, choose out a neutral paint color and get painting. It's honestly that simple. However, it is important that you decide on a color that will complement your countertops and backsplash.

The Themed Room

If you have a favorite television show, movie or game, you may be tempted to decorate an entire room according to that theme. However, we strongly advise against this. Theme-based rooms are old-fashioned and can even sometimes look childlike.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Instead, display your interests in small doses all around the house. Hang up one poster in each room - this is a much more discreet and tasteful way to showcase your love for a specific franchise. You should also avoid out-of-place themes at all costs.

Throw-pillow Enthusiasts

Throw pillows can be a great way to add color and pattern into your room. However, there is a limit as to how many throw pillows you should use in a room. Remember that even though these cushions can be beautiful, they are very impractical.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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If you cover your sofa in too many throw pillows, you will have to remove them every time you want to simply sit down. There is such a thing as too many cushions. As a general rule, you should not have more than four pillows on one sofa.

The Frame Collector

As we have already mentioned, your home is not a museum. If you decorate your walls with hundreds of frames and pictures, the room will come across as some sort of art hall. This is definitely not ideal - for this reason, you should minimize the number of frames used.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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If you have pictures that you insist on hanging, you need to think about the arrangement. You could make the ugliest frames look great in a room if they are hung up in an appropriate manner. It is important that you find inspiration before hammering any nails into your walls.

Ignoring the Importance of Lighting

Many people completely forget about lighting when decorating their homes. Beautiful designs and decorations can be ruined if the lighting of a room is off. This is why deciding on an appropriate lighting color and fixture should be a priority.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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You could prefer soft lighting or you could favor harsh lighting that brightens the entire room. It is important to find balance in a room - you don't want the room to be so bright that you are blinded every time you enter it. You can experiment with different fixtures until you are happy.

When Memory Lane Takes Over

Many people enjoy decorating their homes with mementos from their lives. However, letting these items take over an entire room is a rookie mistake. We understand that you enjoy a trip down memory lane, but not all of your guests will.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Not all of your mementos need to be displayed. Instead, you should find them a safe place in your home and look over them when you are feeling nostalgic. Decorating a room with random objects can make it appear messy, tacky and overwhelming.

The Cheapest Option Is Not Always The Best Option

We all love a good bargain, especially when we are renovating our homes. It is important to note that you should only redesign once you are financially able to do so - if you aren't, you could end up purchasing very cheap and poor quality pieces.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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The low-cost items may seem like the best option when you are shopping. However, they will wear down much more quickly and need to be replaced. This will end up costing you even more money, which you may not have available after redecorating.

Statement Pieces Are A Big No

We would all like to have a home that shocks people when they visit. However, there is a difference between being shocked in a good way and a bad way. If you decorate your room with a life-sized stormtrooper, most people won't be too impressed with your design skills.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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More so, statement pieces can be extremely expensive. You will be far better off if you spend this money elsewhere - you could even increase the value of your home if you invest it in painting, changing up kitchen cabinets or replacing a countertop.

The Overly-formal Formal Rooms

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too formal. Some people choose to decorate their dining rooms with a fancy table and chairs, a chandelier, a Persian rug and a glass cabinet. However, this can leave guests feeling uncomfortable as the room feels too formal.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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While overly pristine rooms might have been the trend in the eighteen-hundreds, it is certainly not the trend anymore. Get rid of uncomfortable wooden chairs, change up the old-fashioned Persian rug and throw in some softer lighting.

The Importance Of Cohesion

Many people make the mistake of designing different rooms separately. While it makes sense that your child's bedroom is decorated in a different manner to your office, there should at least be some level of cohesion. This can be done in various ways.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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It should never feel as though one room doesn't fit in with the rest of the house. You can match the different spaces by using the same flooring throughout the entire home or by bringing one specific color into each room. The cohesion can be slight, but it should always be there.

Ordering Items from Overseas

You should not settle for anything if it does not fit in with your planned design. If you order something online and are unhappy with how it turns out, you may be tempted to simply make it work. However, this could potentially throw off your entire design.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Take the extra time to search for the perfect piece before committing to anything. Purchasing something that you can actually see is always the better option. Once you buy something, it will be stuck with you for the rest of your life, so make sure that you like it.

Don't Go Too Neutral

Many people decide to go with a safe and neutral option when decorating their homes. However, this is not always the best choice as it can often seem way too boring. You should never only decorate your home with shades of white, brown or beige.

Interior Design MistakesInterior Design Mistakes
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These shades appear worn out and dreary - you do not want your house to be described in this way. Your best bet will be to combine these neutral shades with more vibrant colors that will breathe life into your home. Trust us, you'll thank us later!

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Toilets Don’t Need Covers

Plush toilet seat covers are never a good choice. However, having a matching toilet seat cover, mat and towel is even worse. We would even go as far as saying that it is unacceptable. This type of decor is completely impractical and distasteful.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Many interior designers will be offended if you bring up this trend. There is simply no use for a toilet seat cover or a rug that is cut out to fit the base of the toilet. This may have been a trend a couple of years ago, but it is certainly not anymore.

Avoid Hanging Artwork Too High Or Too Low On The Wall

As with frames, the positioning of artwork is very important. If you hang your paintings too high up the wall, it can completely mess up the proportions of the room. Even the finest art can look tacky if it is placed in the wrong position.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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On the other hand, you should avoid hanging your artwork too low on the wall. As a general rule, you should place your pieces about sixty inches up the wall - in other words, they should be at eye-level. It is important that you don't overlook this rule if you have plenty of art to hang.

Don’t Forget To Measure

Before you buy any new furniture, you should measure the items. There is nothing worse than buying an expensive piece of artwork for a specific wall, only to find out that it is way too big. Even though this step seems pretty obvious, many people neglect it.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Apart from measuring the pieces, you should always consider how they will fit into the space. If the object is too bulky, it can leave your room looking over-crowded and busy. If they are too small, your room could appear disproportionate.

Big Results Are Often Caused By Small Changes

You could repaint all of your walls, insert new flooring and change up your furniture and still not be satisfied with your home's new look. This is because even the smallest of details, such as a doorknob or cabinet handle, can make a room appear off.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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You should never avoid small changes as they usually end up making a huge difference in the overall appearance of a home. These small upgrades don't take much time or money, meaning that they will definitely be worth your while. They will also give your home a fresh and unique look.

The Dreadful Old-fashioned Blinds

Vertical blinds are another trend that lost their appeal back in the nineties. A few decades ago, they were everywhere. However, as fashion moves forward, these blinds have gone completely out of style and can make a room look incredibly cheap and tacky.

Design MistakesDesign Mistakes
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Interior designers will tell you that vertical blinds will prevent a room from looking modern and stylish. If you still have a set in your home, you should replace them for a pair of chic drapes or horizontal blinds. Remember that they should fit your windows well - don't buy a set that is too big or small.

Don't Ignore The Entrance Hall

First impressions are extremely important, which is why decorating your front entrance is vital. However, many people forget about this section of their home. Remember that if you don't like what you initially see, you immediately have bad thoughts about the entire house.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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The foyer should create what we like to call a 'wow-moment'. It should leave guests envious and asking about who you got to design your home. You should aim to make the entrance hall as inviting and as welcoming as possible. Remember that it is an introduction to your home tour.

Remember To Test The Paint

Redecorating your home is a long process that requires plenty of patience. Most people are super excited to begin and jump into painting their walls. However, this can sometimes lead to failure before you have even really begun the hard work.

Design Mistake Design Mistake
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Deciding on a good paint color is one of the most important steps of redesigning a house. If you rush into purchasing a shade, it could potentially ruin your entire room. You should rather pick up sample containers and test the shades by painting small blocks on your wall.

Going Overboard With Floral Patterns

If done correctly, floral patterns can look incredible in fashion. However, they certainly do not fit into interior design and modern homes. Many people tend to go overboard when it comes to this print. Too much floral makes a room look old-fashioned.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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If you want your home to look like it belongs to your 100-year-old grandmother, go wild with the print. If not, avoid the print at all costs. It is extremely old-fashioned and does not work in the twenty-first century. We hate to be the ones to tell you, but if we don't who will?

The Cluttered Room

We all have items that we keep for sentimental value or for fun. Whether it is a toy collection or some board games, many people leave these items lying around their house. While a few objects won't make much difference, be sure not to go overboard.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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If your toys are left everywhere, your home will appear crowded, unorganized and way too busy. However, rooms that are plain and that don’t have furniture are extremely boring. You should find a way to balance the two looks - decorate, but don’t make the room cluttered.

Old Electronics

We don't know who needs to hear this, but even though having the 1980's box television made you popular back in the day, that is no longer the case nowadays. There are new models of electronics that come out each year, making it important for you to stick with the times.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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You don't need to go and buy the most expensive television set out there if you don’t mind having a vintage look. However, extremely old-fashioned equipment can definitely negatively affect the overall appearance of your house if you are going for a more modern look.

Ditch The Table Doilies

Another trend that lost its appeal a couple of years ago is the old-fashioned table doily. While they might have been a very stylish table cover back in the day, they can appear very tacky nowadays. Table doilies can make your home look like it belongs to a 100-year-old granny.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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These decorations are also extremely impractical. They can be ruined by simply spilling one drop of liquid on them or by folding the corners. If you still have them in your home, it is definitely time for a change. We know it's hard to say goodbye, but it needs to happen.

The Pristine Shower Curtains

Glass doors are the most popular choice when it comes to enclosing your shower. However, shower curtains are still very common and, if done incorrectly, they can appear very tacky. The best choice would be to go for clean, simple and basic shower curtains. Remember to avoid patterns at all costs.

Design Mistakes Design Mistakes
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Certain individuals choose the shower curtain as the showstopper in the bathroom. They buy fancy, gaudy curtains that look completely out of place for the room in which they are used. Remember that you are decorating a bathroom - the decorations don't need to be pristine.