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When Auto-Correct Becomes Your Worst Enemy: 30+ Accidental Texts That Gave Us All Second-Hand Embarrassment


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2022

By Manny Ray

Auto-correct is excellent when it comes to catching careless spelling mistakes, but what about the times when it changes a word to something so far off what you intended to write that it even ruins a relationship? Take a look at some of the funniest auto-correct fails in texting history.

Dogs Aren't the Only Ones Who Bark

With the way that 2020's been going so far, it's become clear that the world's full of surprises, and we can never really be prepared for everything; Including a barking man during a thunderstorm. Call us crazy, but according to this individual, his dad's got a mean bark!

Dogs Aren't the Only Ones Who Bark Texting MistakesDogs Aren't the Only Ones Who Bark Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via caseystoy / Getty Images via Alberto Pizzoli

At least this texter was able to find some common ground with Connor, since it sounds like they both have barkers in the family. And chances are, they're both very nurturing since they both have to comfort the barkers during a storm. Except something tells us dad started off as dog, and auto-correct decided to stir up the conversation.

Calling Your Boss a Walrus Can Get Weird

Before we get into this next awkward auto-correct, let's just make it known that calling people names is not nice, and usually comes off as offensive. With that being said, you can probably imagine why this person was stunned and angry when their employee called them a walrus.

Calling Your Boss a Walrus Can Get Weird Texting MistakesCalling Your Boss a Walrus Can Get Weird Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via charityaparks / Getty Images via Picture Alliance

And it only gets worse from there. Perhaps, the woman knew it was a mistake and made a joke about the situation. Unless she was genuinely offended by this accidental insult, which would make the office's vibe significantly uncomfortable. It could be a good idea to turn auto-correct off after that.

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Apparently It's Over

Way to start a conversation off with a bang, am I right? There's no way to get your significant other's attention than warning them your relationship will soon be over. But, wouldn't that just make things a little weird? No need to put it off and beat around the bush.

Apparently It's Over Texting MistakesApparently It's Over Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via antientsje / Getty Images via Kevin Winter

But wait, there's a plot twist, auto-correct jumped in and essentially ruined this relationship. Jenna's boyfriend never wanted to dump her, but she was apparently ready to break up with him. Poor guy, if only he had his auto-correct turned off, this breakup may never have happened.

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A Troubled Pair of Pants

Don't you love when your mom still offers to sew your pants, even when you're a grown adult, and can probably manage to do it yourself? That's exactly what happened here, but clearly, a few things got lost in translation. One thing's for sure, this guy does not want his mother's help with his pants.

Troubles Pants Texting MistakesTroubles Pants Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via stoneCookies / Getty Images via Gabe Ginsberg

And the reason why? Well, that part seems to be a bit unclear, so feel free to help us understand what's going on here. This mother definitely hasn't lost her maternal touch as she instantly became concerned about her son when she thought he "had an accident." but, to her surprise, he actually was able to fix his pants all by himself.

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Just Don't Come Over

Clearly, Jane was quite eager to hang out with this anonymous person, but the conversation didn't quite go as planned. Moral of the story, whoever she was texting - something tells us she has a thing for him - didn't want her coming over, for whatever reason. But, when she heard his parents are homeless, she was caught off guard.

Imgur via Samwise937 / Getty Images via Gabe Ginsberg

Except he later said they're not actually home, as a matter of fact, they were in their home at that very moment. Unfortunately, though, this compilation of wrong texts gave Jane the impression that he's not interested in her. Stupid auto crustacean!

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What's for Breakfast?

We have absolutely no idea who this person was texting, but regardless, do you have any idea what they were eating for breakfast? Are there different species' of cereal that we've never heard about? We'd love to know what "serserael" tastes like, and what makes it "careless."

What's for Breakfast Texting MistakesWhat's for Breakfast Texting Mistakes
Reddit via MoScottVlogs / Getty Images via John Phillips

Do you think "Milk with crunchy boos" is referring to ghost-shaped cereal? Or perhaps, they literally meant booze. "White liquid with oats" definitely sounds like the most realistic breakfast option, but then again, who knows these days. Which of these peculiar foods would you eat for breakfast?

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Buy You a Casket

Let's take a moment to carefully analyze this conversation. It started out lovey-dovey, but once a casket was brought up, things became rather unclear. Could casket be a code word for something else? Or this guy plotting to end his girlfriend's life, and accidentally revealing the truth?

Buy You a Casket Texting MistakesBuy You a Casket Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via beckymol / Getty Images via Michael Tullberg

Is buying your significant other a casket while they're still alive a symbol of love? If so, we certainly missed that memo. Unfortunately, it appears that when Emily saw this text from her boyfriend, she got extremely freaked out, and possibly even blocked his number, But the truth is, he just wanted to buy her a castle.

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Mind If I Join You?

Low and behold, we give you the definition of word vomit. With every message that this individual sent, the worse the conversation seemed. Who do you think these texts were sent to, anyway? Hopefully, not a co-worker or manager, because that would make this ten times more awkward.

Mind If I Join You Texting MistakesMind If I Join You Texting Mistakes via DamnYouAutoCorrect / Getty Images via Dave Hogan

From one wrong word to the next, things just got more cringe-worthy by the second, and the person on the receiving end found it all to be highly inappropriate. Thankfully, he eventually got his message across, and it became clear that all he wanted was to join the other, probably for lunch or an after-work beverage.

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Stuck on the Toilet

You know what they say, honesty is the best policy. However, is there such a thing as being too honest? Sometimes, leaving out some minor details might save you from some major embarrassment. And when this employee told her boss that she's going to be late because she's being held up on the toilet, let's just say things got weird.

Stuck on the Toilet Texting MistakesStuck on the Toilet Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via jessifoote / Getty Images via Michael S. Schwartz

Clearly, Donna's boss is not interested in hearing about her personal problems and would rather her stay far away from the office and take care of her business. Luckily, Donna realized the mistake but became a victim to auto-correct yet again. Finally, after an uncomfortable situation, she got her message across.

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Cannibal Caught Red-Handed

We're all for trying new things, especially with food. And it's no secret that different cultures are known for their very own delicacies, sometimes even animals that would never be consumed in America. However, the appetite that Toby's girlfriend has is certainly making us run for the hills.

Cannibal Caught Red-Handed Texting MistakesCannibal Caught Red-Handed Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via Lourdes Rasco / Getty Images via Monica Schipper

I mean, who in their right mind wants to eat human beef? Kesha, cue the lyrics because we've got a Cannibal on our hands. Where does one even buy human beef? Unless she was planning to hunt it with her own two hands. Except we've been tricked, all they want is some hunan beef from a local restaurant. Phewf.

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Too Many Questions

Hmm, give us a minute, we're still trying to get to the bottom of the meaning behind these messages. This person's mother seems to be very curious about a lot of things, all at once. Apparently, she's deeply fascinated by ducks, maggots, gaggles, and whether or not her kid is sore.

Too Many Questions Texting MistakesToo Many Questions Texting Mistakes
Reddit via BSaucy / Getty Images via Gabe Ginsberg

First off, why would her child be sore? Did he run a marathon, or perhaps throw out his back doing some heavy lifting? Enough about the kid, though, we just want to know about the ducks; They're far cuter than humans, anyway! Oh, and if you have any idea what a gaggle is, please let us know.

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You Did What in the Woods?

At first glance, it seems like this guy is very respectful and did his best to plan a lovely, innocent evening with his date. After dinner, walking the girl to her door is a green light in our book, so job well done to him! But, what happened after the walk certainly caught us off guard.

You Did What in the Woods Texting MistakesYou Did What in the Woods Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via jasmin_song / Getty Images via Gabe Ginsberg

Walking through the woods is spooky enough already, and now that we know he was plotting to kill her… we have no words. Luckily, this guy's friend gave him a quick reality check, and the poor girl we thought was brought in the woods to suffer actually had a happy ending to the night. Aw, how romantic, right?

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Happy Birthday Dead Husband

Well, this is just awkward, and there's really no other way to put it. The first few lines of this woman's birthday message to her husband are joyful and celebratory, but take a look at line number three, and let us know what you think. Could she be foreshadowing something?

Happy Birthday Dead Husband Texting MistakesHappy Birthday Dead Husband Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via WhatCulture / Getty Images via Frederic J. Brown

We're really hoping that's not the case, but do you think that perhaps she has something naught up her sleeve? Maybe her husband should watch out and celebrate his birthday far far away from the house. Could she be another Carole Baskin (killed her husband, whacked him) in the making?

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Ham and Doug for Christmas Dinner

Like many loving mothers, this one, in particular, texted her child, who's now a grown adult, to make sure she's coming home for Christmas. And the response from her daughter certainly wasn't what she'd expected. Instantly, this mother got into discipline-mode after learning Melissa's intentions.

Ham and Doug for Christmas Dinner Texting MistakesHam and Doug for Christmas Dinner Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via saniamndamudi / Getty Images via Gabriel Bouys

Don't panic yet, everyone, mama's innocent little girl hasn't gone rogue just yet; It's just another case of auto-correct gone wrong. she has no plan to bring illegal substances to Christmas dinner, unless you consider Doug, who's likely her boyfriend, to be toxic. Chill, mom, Doug's harmless!

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Surprise! We're Having a Baby

So many emotions are packed into this one conversation that we don't know whether to be excited or irritated by mom's nosiness. Something tells us this mother has a psychology degree because she used one of the oldest tricks in the book to get some top-secret information out of her daughter.

Surprise We're Having a Baby Texting MistakesSurprise We're Having a Baby Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via rinavanzylroux / Getty Images via Ethan Miller

Oh wait, we take it back; She was just complimenting her perfect daughter and discovered the surprise of a lifetime. This may not have been intentional, but hey, at least this conversation was filled with nothing but good news. Well, at least that's what we're telling ourselves. Congrats on becoming a grandma, mom!

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Where Do You Keep Your Pencils?

Remember the days of standardized testing in high school? So many teachers warned us that if we didn't score high enough, we'd never get into college or have a bright future. Well, hopefully, you know that's all bologna, and standardized tests aren't everything.

Where Do You Keep Your Pencils Texting MistakesWhere Do You Keep Your Pencils Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via aszajkowska / Getty Images via Andreas Rentz

However, there was one crucial factor in these major tests. Without a number two pencil, you're basically doomed! So, when this student asked his friend for his pencil back, and it seemed the pencil was no longer usable, he might've panicked. Luckily, the pencil was safe and sound in his locker.

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The Nutcracker - Behind the Scenes

Ahh, the holiday season's favorite ballet; The Nutcracker. There's something about the music, glitter, and whimsical twirls during this particular production. But apparently, there's a lot more that goes down behind the scenes than we might have realized. Starting with how the kids in the show are cast.

The Nutcracker - Behind the Scenes Texting MistakesThe Nutcracker - Behind the Scenes Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via austinhlong / Getty Images via Andreas Rentz

Did you have any idea that kids get auctioned off to be in the performance? And then suctioned in with a giant suctions cup; This is getting spooky. Have no fear, there's been a misunderstanding here. Kids audition voluntarily, just like any other show. No children are harmed in the making of this production.

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Hey Baby Gorilla

Could this be a new pet name that we haven't heard yet? Baby gorilla seems like a strange name to call someone you love, but perhaps, baby gorillas are cute and lovable, just like puppies or kittens. What do you think? Well, on the bright side, at least this guy wanted to see how his girlfriend's day's going, right?

Hey Baby Gorilla Texting MistakesHey Baby Gorilla Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via laurennnpierik / Getty Images via Jackson Lee

Actually, we take that all back; Baby gorilla is not, after all, some cute new pet name. Clearly, mistakes happen over text, and it's all about the recovery. Luckily, the texter here caught his mistake before his girlfriend had a chance to interpret "baby gorilla" as something unpleasant.

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Quite the Anniversary Surprise

Anniversaries can meet a lot to some people, and the six-month mark is often the first major milestone in a relationship. So, when this girl received a 'Happy 6 month anniversary" text from her boyfriend, her first reaction was to be overjoyed and excited about how far they've come together.

Anniversary Surprise Texting MistakesAnniversary Surprise Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via ivytrimble42 / Getty Images via Leon Bennett

That is until the truth came out, and this relationship suddenly took a turn for the worst. However, this poor girl didn't catch on right away that her boyfriend was hiding something. Maybe she thought his message was to a co-worker retarding business? Well, once she realized the truth, this relationship probably came to an end.

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You're Beautiful

Everyone has their own way of giving compliments, and in this particular conversation, it appears that telling someone they look fatter than normal came out of love. Well, that was all thanks to auto-correct; Apparently, no one intended to point that out, whether it was true or not.

You're Beautiful Texting MistakesYou're Beautiful Texting Mistakes
Twitter via @mark_septic / Getty Images via Monica Schipper

At least the message sender noticed her mistake immediately and did everything possible to make things right. So, to the receiver of this interesting text message, just know that you're beautiful, and your friend loves you; No matter what kind of "compliment" she tries to give you.

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When Mom Says Don't Do Something

There's something so satisfying about disobeying your mom's orders and shoving the results right in her face, just to get her riled up. Well maybe not for the perfect angels out there, but I'm sure some of you can relate. Remember when Amelia Bedelia was told to draw the curtains, and literally drew a picture of them?

When Mom Says Don't Do Something Texting MistakesWhen Mom Says Don't Do Something Texting Mistakes
Reddit via buckets41 / Getty Images via Omar Havana

It looks like Jack took after Amelia and showed off his artistic abilities with a drawing of the family care. His mom caught her texting mistake in time, but evidently, Jack was in too deep with his illustration and had to show off his finished product, while rebelling against his mother, of course.

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He Drove Off With His Mother's Corpse

Couples fight all the time, but usually, they either resolve it or call it quits, and that's it. However, things took a turn for Mike and his girlfriend, and he truly did the unimaginable, according to these text messages. What could possibly cause a person to take his mother's corpse with him after a heated fight with his girlfriend?

He Drove Off With His Mother's Corpse Texting MistakesHe Drove Off With His Mother's Corpse Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via jturnerb2f / Getty Images via Kevork Djansezian

Had she already passed away, or did things just get really ugly? Oh wait, it looks like there's been a miscommunication, and don't worry, Mike's mom is just fine. He drove off in her Camaro; Ahh, that makes more sense, what a relief! We were starting to get a little worried about Mike and his mother.

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Animal Print Is the New Trend

Asking for your mother's opinion can usually go one of two ways. Either she's 100 percent supportive, and if it's regarding fashion, she loved your new look! Or, she might be brutally honest and reveal the fact that she thinks her daughter looks like a wild animal.

Animal Print Is the New Trend Texting MistakesAnimal Print Is the New Trend Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via a7lamama / Getty Images via Tibrina Hobson

Now we're really dying to see this dress because apparently, it looks like a brown cow. Could that be the new trend? Bow chicka wow wow, this girl must be lookin' gooood! Well, don't worry, her mom's not actually this critical, but it looks like she's not up to date on the texting lingo. Come on, mom, get with it.

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Happiest Place on Earth

Disney World's known to be the happiest place on Earth, so usually, when it's discussed, only positive things are brought up. However, the kid that received this text from his parents might be a little traumatized, and chances are, he'll never want to hear about Disney World again.

Happiest Place on Earth Texting MistakesHappiest Place on Earth Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via DragonSlayinLlama / Getty Images via Picture Alliance

Sometimes, auto-correct just really knows how to ruin a person's day. This poor kid was shocked to receive the news that his parents were getting divorced via text message. You'd think they'd at least tell him in person, right? Thankfully, auto-correct just stirred the pot, and these parents are happily married, taking a trip to Disney.

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Looking Forward to Speaking With You

There's no doubt about it, job interviews cause anxiety that many of us never even knew we had. It's always reassuring to get a confirmation message, either to let you know that the company didn't forget about you, or maybe, you'd forgotten about the meeting, so this message basically saved you.

Looking Forward to Speaking With You Texting MistakesLooking Forward to Speaking With You Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via fulbari0173 / Getty Images via Vaughn Ridley

It seemed like everything was going according to plan for this eager applicant until auto-correct took over and potentially tanked his interview. Don't you wish there was an option to un-send messages? If there was ever a time to use that feature, it would be now. Let's hope the company was able to overlook this unintentional message.

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To Propose, or Not To Propose

It's always a good feeling to have your friends' support, especially when it comes to your significant other. In this case, this guy's friend is pushing him to pull the trigger and ask his girlfriend to marry him, but for some reason, he's not so sure it's the right move.

To Propose, or Not To Propose Texting MistakesTo Propose, or Not To Propose Texting Mistakes
ScrollDroll via / Getty Images via Kevin Winter

Based on the messages, it looks like his first instinct was to set her on fire; We simply have nothing to say back to that. This guy seems to be rather indecisive, but it looks like he's changed his mind. Now he's contemplating just ignoring her. How sweet, right?! Come on, sir, put a ring on it!

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Arthur REALLY Needs a Haircut

This mother made a good attempt at sweet-talking her beautiful daughter into giving Arthur a haircut. However, if you keep reading the conversation, you'll see that her daughter had absolutely no interest in helping Arthur. By the way, who do you think Arthur is, anyway?

Arthur REALLY Needs a Haircut Texting MistakesArthur REALLY Needs a Haircut Texting Mistakes
Reddit via Panth3rGaming11 / Getty Images George Pimentel

Just look at the response to her mother; Sheesh, that's harsh! How could she possibly keep track of her adult daughter's schedule? But don't worry, she wasn't actually shutting her mom down this rudely; It was just another technological error. Regardless, she's still booked solid.

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Babysitting Etiquette

Anyone who spent their Saturday nights in middle school babysitting can surely relate to this. Wearing comfy clothes while babysitting is a must, but making a good first impression is also crucial. Now that's what we call a real dilemma. There must be some middle ground between comfy and put together, right?

Babysitting Etiquette Texting MistakesBabysitting Etiquette Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via / Getty Images via Lester Cohen

Low and behold, the truth behind all babysitters. We're all just lazy slobs, getting paid to sit on your couch, eat your snacks, and ignite your children. But wait, something doesn't sound right. Correction: ignore, not ignite. So yeah, we're still paying zero attention to your children, but we won't ignite them, don't worry.

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What I Like About You

If someone's willing to offer up a compliment voluntarily, then heck yes, we'll take it! The suspense is honestly killing us. In this case, one individual, who evidently has a major crush on Alex, was completely upfront about her feelings towards him. Props to her for putting herself out there, right?

What I Like About You Texting MistakesWhat I Like About You Texting Mistakes
Reddit via kysadilla / Getty Images Scott Barbour

However, there's no way Alex could've guessed his girlfriend's favorite thing about him. How do you think he felt after reading that message? Luckily, he seems like an understanding guy because he immediately recognized it was probably an error. Apparently, though, his freckles are adorable.

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Paid the Babysitter

Don't worry, ma'am, your husband didn't forget to pay the hard-working babysitter! Even though, as you've now found out, babysitters basically just sit around in sweatpants, raid the snack drawer, and do everything possible to ignore the kids, anyway.

Paid the Babysitter Texting MistakesPaid the Babysitter Texting Mistakes
Pinterest via peacein / Getty Images via Ronald Martinez

At the end of the day, the babysitter did give these exhausted parents a night off from dealing with their irritating children. So, whatever she charges, just give it to her! Well, within reason, of course. At least these parents still have a sense of humor, even after raising three crazy kids.

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