'Watch Out!' 35 Images Taken Just Before Calamity Strikes

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Disasters can strike at any moment, they can range from death-defying to the age-old hilariousness of getting whacked in the nuts. The trick is being handy with the camera, so you can catch the moment when someone's day goes from good to bad, and from bad to 'it's time to start over'...

Watch Out For The Edge

This photo doesn't sum up every group of bros ever. As one of the guys is just realizing that his phone and wallet are still in his pocket, the rest of the gang band together to enjoy the moment of hysterical laughter that's about to come.


You could just imagine the few seconds before when, the guys said: "let's take a picture of you with the lake in the background... go back just a bit further so we can catch the entire view... watch out for the edg... haha, worth it." Just remember dude, that everything dries off, except the shame maybe.

Good Boy

Finally, summer arrives, school is out, she grabs her tanning gear and heads for the park. Sounds perfect right? But this young lady is about to have her day totally ruined. She was just looking to catch some of those golden rays, only to wake up to a golden shower instead.

Bored Panda

The dog was apparently infatuated with the tanning beauty, so he decided to mark her as his. There are positives here though, number 1, she got to play with a dog, and number 2, thank god it was only number 1.

Piece Of Cake

Her expression here is just priceless. After 3 months of intense dieting, cheat day finally arrived, and all she dreamt about was just one piece of strawberry cheesecake. Well, destiny, had different plans for this sweet-toothed lady.


The despair, on her face, is probably only equaled by her boyfriend's ear-to-ear smile, when realizing he just captured the mother of all 'oh crap' moments. Not only is dessert ruined, but it doesn't seem as if her new Nordstrom dress is gonna make it either.

Russian Thor


Russia is a country filled with rich culture and history, but once booze is involved, the culture gets pushed aside and the crazy comes out. Here, the receiver doesn't quite comprehend his soon to be painful predicament. I really can't even imagine what they were thinking that they thought this would be a good idea. I can only assume, they were reenacting their favorite Thor scenes while getting hammered... nailed it.


The era of Instagram has really taken people to the prettiest beaches around the globe, just to catch that perfect moment. This meditating girl just wanted a new profile pic doing her favorite yoga pose, instead, she's about to get a face full of salt-water.

This chick couldn't look more at peace, oblivious to the impending turbulence she's about to experience. This really sums up life in one photo... when you finally get that moment to relax and reflect... then out of nowhere, boom you're underwater drinking saltwater.

Moments Before Disaster

Cats are just the biggest A-holes. Like, how did he even get up there in the first place? You know Whiskers here, won't think twice, before trashing this family's impressive collection of glass bongs, only so he could climb down and lick himself.


You can just imagine this person's face, just hoping for a few moments to clear the shelf before kitty unleashes the biggest cleanup job this family has ever experienced. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it's if you get a cat you can't have nice things.

Lunch Time

This poor guy is about to have a very bad day. As I said before, cats are just A-holes, no matter their size. This guy should know, after years of living in the jungle that you don't turn your back on the jungle's deadliest hunter.

Salil Bera

What was he thinking? I mean, you look at the other guy in the photo; he keeps his distance, wears protective gear and is holding a weapon. Unless getting mauled by a big cat was on his wish list, I just don't see how this works out.

Cake To The Face


Go out and party, they said... it'll be fun, they said. This raver is experiencing that orgasmic moment when the beat finally drops. What she doesn't yet realize, is that enormous cake heading straight for her face. Notice, as well, that her good friend is easing her head towards the projectile... #friendshipgoals.

I Got It... Oh No, Wait


Catching a home run is one of the main reasons fans go to baseball games, but this unlucky guy seems as if he missed out on the home run and is about to catch a black eye instead. Hey, at least, he'll get a lasting memory from the game and these guys pulled off one hell of a group high-five.

Save The Beer

Enjoying a cold one after hitting the slopes is great, is usually a priceless moment of pleasure. This old-timer is about to have some frosty nips once those beers tip.  This is one of those accidents, where all that's left is to crawl back into bed and forget all about your mountain vacation ever happening.

Bike Problems

This guy is just about to realize just how much he messed up. Not only did he skip the motorcycle training course, but this bandanna-wearing biker forgot to put on a helmet, which I guess goes against his 'bandannas are still cool' style.


Looks like his bike is leaking a bit, but if I were him, that would be the least of my worries. His dreams of joining a super rad biking gang from the early 70's will have to be put on hold until he can recover from a few missing teeth and a massive concussion.

Pool Boy


I bet you this kid's smile is about to change in a couple of seconds. Good thing his fall won't be too bad unless he can't swim, and then we better hope that his friends know CPR. You can already see that one of his friends, understands the golden moment he's about to witness.

Roasted Robin

I can't even pretend to know what was going through his mind, before trying this daredevil trick, but I can assume at least 4 shots and 3 beers were consumed just before coming up with this 'ingenious' idea.


Everything in this image screams regret, from the fairy Robin costume to the argument with his buddy that he could definitely jump the fire with his bike. I love the facial expressions of the people in the background, ranging from "oh no, that's gonna leave a mark" to "waaahhh hahahaha."

That's A Foul

Front row seats are an awesome way, to enjoy the game up close until it kicks you in the face. This former Michigan governor is about to receive a size 16 straight to the kisser, and there's nothing he can do to stop it. His wife looks like she may be enjoying the moment a little too much.


Basketball can get pretty real... yeah, real painful. Especially, when you're not prepared for a flying 7-footer to assault your moneymaker. Hey governor, next time I recommend some protective gear.

Control Yourself Timmy

Unfortunately, for the young boy whose about to have his team photo memory forever tarnished, young Timmy just had to have 3-day old fish sticks for lunch. Now, we all know that hockey players are usually some of the toughest cats around, but Timmy here ate too much ice cream.


I guess this eight-year-old just couldn't handle his apple-juice bourbon from the night before, and once the photographer said Timmy's trigger word, "cheese," he just couldn't hold it in anymore.

Downhill Disaster

It's simply just not this downhill daredevil's day. He totally taco'd his front wheel and is now staring down eternity's shining lights, as he freefalls into the abyss. You know he's thinking, "oh crap, I fudged up."

Kevin Scott

Maybe next time just stick to the bike at the gym, a little less Adrenalin, but you get to keep all your teeth and you won't need to poop in a bag for the next 5 to 7 months. Every cloud, there's a silver lining.

Come Here Boy

Don't be confused, this is not 'Dog Jesus'. This good boy is mere seconds away from taking an unwanted dip in the pool. But, what are you supposed to do when your human finally wants to play catch. Clearly, this pup doesn't bother himself with the state of matter beneath his feet.

Maybe this doggo is some sort of scientific anomaly? His ears seem to give him some extra lift while above water, however, I'm not too sure how they'll flap once submerged. No worries... you know he got a big fat treat after drying off all over his family.

'If You Can Dodge A Wrench...'

Apparently, this proves Patches O'Houlihan wrong... check the movie Dodgeball for reference. Through high school, they forced her to play this ridiculous and sometimes painful game for reasons still yet to be understood.


She never thought that she would have to face the devilish bouncy red ball, once again. Her face says it all, she never wanted to be involved in this game and yet somehow, face met ball, and now she needs a new pair of glasses.


Moments before they were smiling and celebrating their union. But it seems like at least one of them went home smelling like an English pub on Boxing day. I must say, it doesn't seem fair that his glass was the one that broke but she was the one who took the beer shower.


Next time I'm sure they'll settle for just a wink and maybe a sturdy handshake, because I don't think they want to dress in full rain-gear just to clink glasses each time. Hey, on the bright side, it may have added some flavor to the food.

Help Me, Grandma

This is the reason we have driving laws, cause no matter what they say, kids shouldn't drive. You know the kid in the black is gonna need way more than grandma's kiss to make his soon to be boo-boo all better.


You can truly see the 'this wasn't supposed to happen'... 'oh sh*t' expression on all their faces. Furthermore, I don't know what granny was thinking... who's she fooling? She ain't gonna catch the falling boy in those flip-flops.

There She Goes


I don't know if this dude planned it, but he caught the perfect moment before the lady in white takes a dive. There are so many unanswered questions here. Why was she standing there in the first place? Why didn't her friends help her?... Good thing she's wearing all white, cause that's 'not' see-through at all.

Save The Baby


I know they say babies always land on their feet, but I have a feeling this isn't going to end well for the baby, whose rolling through the air like a football. It looks as if the middle baby just punted the baby in blue. Dad looks proud, compared to mom's face of worry, that she may be going home down one baby.

Oh Sh*t


You know this one didn't end well. All baby bro wanted was to show off his new baseball skills... mom took out her phone to film, and the rest she can't quite remember anymore. Waking up in the emergency room is never nice, but that's the price of getting a great picture.

Surfs Up


These girls are about to be really pissed off in 3...2...1. Not that this Dodge owner cares but, he's about to mud shower (no euphemisms here) these surfer babes. The driver can expect to look in his rear view mirror, see two very angry girls flipping him off as he drives off.

A Falling Spectacle

Climbing is a sport for those with no fear, as it demands intense concentration when dangling a couple of hundred feet above the ground. This becomes even more difficult when you can't actually see where to grip next. This climber is about to realize that climbing blind is not an easy task.


They say, when your sense of sight is gone your other senses become enhanced but, I'm not sure he'll be able to smell his way out of this one. Of all the straps this gutsy climber used to get up, he forgot, probably the most important one - the one that connects his glasses to his head.

Bridal Shower

The one rule of weddings, is you don't mess with the bride, especially when it comes to her pearly white dress. Because of one drunk dude, this bride's special day is about to get a little wet. I have no idea what he was thinking, tossing his beer up in the air like that.


This happened exactly as the priest asked the crowd, "if anyone would like to object this union?" At the same time, jealous ex-boyfriend tosses beer in the air. I guess he thought words weren't enough.

The Smile Before The Frown

She seems really oblivious to the fact that what goes up must come down. Sledding is fun but someone always ends up getting badly hurt. I'm just glad she's enjoying the ride cause when she comes down, I expect fewer smiles and more... "call the god damn ambulance!!"

Perfect Pose Before Crash


Even though she ended up with a couple broken bones and a missing tooth, she still got perfect 10's from the judges for her mid-air pose. From cruising to flying to smashing all in one image. I can't believe her bike wheel fit perfectly into the manhole cover, meaning the city should expect a hefty lawsuit coming.

Race Against Time

This poor family is about to be drenched in floodwater. Trying their best to outrun the incoming wall of water, it seems that all that's left is to pray. Each person here has a totally different facial expression showing a different emotion.


From the mother and kid on the back of the bike, who look a bit excited to be caught in this death-defying situation, to the father who's so focused on getting everyone out safely, that he hasn't noticed that he hadn't turned on his lights... but I guess he's got bigger problems to deal with.

The Moment Before Divorce


Her face is as if someone just yelled her name followed by "watch out." Her sunbathing time is about to end, and the relax feeling she had turned quickly into pure 'heads shall roll' anger. Even though the guy was taken for half his property, I'm sure the moment was worth it.

Trophy Disaster


These damn trophy makers need to go back to the simple one-piece, to avoid disasters like this. The perfect expression of the guy on his right, clapping his hands for the victor, but acknowledges that the moment of celebration is not going quite as planned.

Nard Dog


Younger brothers can be so annoying, they just find new and creative ways to piss off their older siblings. Laser pointer... check, dog's curious...check, now let's play a little game. This poor guy is so focused on Miley Cyrus's new music video, that he doesn't even see that his family jewels are about to become Lucky's new chew toy.

Happy Burn-Day


I love how the woman who's not about to suffer a very bad hair day is smiling at her coworker's impending doom. I can only guess that this one thought that the best way to compliment a second-degree cake was with third-degree burns.

Disaster With Style

This is how-to embrace impending disaster with style. Even though this guy is about to take a face-first dive, he still remembers to show love to the camera. Good luck eating out of tube for next few months. Good thing there is a photographic memory, as I don' think we can bank on his anymore.

Now They'll Never Grow

Poor kid, he was just practicing his swing when he received an unexpected surprise. In the game of baseball, this is bound to happen once in a while, that's the reason we wear a cup, young one. Now, you've had practice, so remember, once you grow, expect twice the pain and triple the humiliation.