These Are The Greatest Snapchat Filters Ever

Manny Ray Funny /

Social media and personal image go hand in hand nowadays. There is no way you aren't on social media and at least somewhat self-conscious of your image on these apps and websites. And no app does a better job of recognizing this than Snapchat. Snapchat has done a magnificent job of creating a bunch of apps that cater specifically to your own personality, making the app way more fun and a lot more friendly on your pictures. Take a look at some of the best Snapchat filters to ever be placed on the app.

The Butterfly Crown


There are a bunch of different crown filters that are available to your disposal on Snapchat, but one of the fan favorites is the butterfly crown. I couldn't quite tell you why it's so popular but it is and it looks good when everybody uses it so it earns a spot here.

Dog Filter

Live from the gutter dog, yeah yeah, she don't want pets but I'm a dog, yeah yeah. The dog filter is one of the staples of Snapchat, and for good reason. This filter is hilarious and is a go-to when you just want to throw a filter on your pics.

Face Distorter

I personally see no reason in using this filter but it is a pretty funny one. This is also an accurate representation of people who have allergic reactions or severe allergies. I am one of those people.


I feel like Snapchat is really trying to play me with this filter right here. This is how I looked normally back in high school, I don't need them trying to clown me when I moved past that stage. I need the cute filters that look like I have a face tune.

The Face

I'm not even sure what this filter can even be called besides "the face." These cheeks look like anybody who uses this filter is smuggling acorns, maybe this should be called the Sandy Cheeks filter.

Cat Filter

If I had a dollar for how many times I've seen this filter then I'm sure I'd have well over $1,000 to my name. That might not seem like a lot but it is because this is a filter that has hit my phone more times than I care to remember. And for that reason alone, it has to be included here.


This is by far one of the most ridiculous filters Snapchat has ever thought of. Who puts a loaf of bread around their face? Whose idea was this? I can't decide if they deserve to be called a genius or need to undergo some type of psychiatric examination.

The Flower Crown

This right here might be the GOAT Snapchat filter. Every girl on Snapchat has used this filter numerous times and not only on Snapchat. They have saved the image on there and posted it to Instagram and Twitter because this filter is so hot.

Gender Swap

Miley Cyrus/Snapchat

This gender swap filter is one of the newest filters that Snapchat has implemented and it has already taken the world by storm. My sister put the filter on me and I looked just like her. I don't know if that means she is a handsome girl or if I'm a pretty boy.

Baby Filter


But if you think that the gender swap filter has taken the world by storm, the baby filter has done that on an even larger scale. This baby filter is popping up all over Twitter timelines across the world with it being plastered on some of your favorite celebrities. It's hilarious.

The Other Cat Filter


This is the second cat filter. It's not quite as booming as the first one but it still holds some weight on the Snapchat streets. This is what you call "old reliable," it gets the job done when you need a quick filter but don't feel like being extra.

Beard Filter


Yeah, this beard definitely doesn't work for me because it's not the same texture as the hair on my head but I commend Snapchat for trying it. But this filter definitely makes Kendall Jenner look like Tommy Lee Jones, it's eerie.

Tears Filter


This is basically my eternal mood in the form of a Snapchat filter. I'm the biggest crybaby in the world so yes, this one fits my personality perfectly. This is near the top of the list for my personal favorite Snapchat filters.

Crown Filter


The filter that most signifies royalty. Look at how Kendall is looking at that crown, it just looks important, too good to be true. And it even has stars falling from it when you use it, sounds like the filter to use when you really feel on top of the world.

Easter Bunny Filter


Ok so this filter is only really useable for one day out of the year but the developers of Snapchat do a good job of making this filter look a bright and colorful as possible. When it's time to celebrate Easter, this is the bunny filter to pick.

Bad Makeup


The bad makeup filter, the Lady Gaga filter, whichever one you want to call it works. And calling it the Gaga filter isn't meant to be disprespectful, it just looks exactly like something Gaga would show up at an awards show in. It's on-brand for her.



Let your eyes do the talking. This is the ultimate example of your eyes and body language doing the speaking for you. This is one of the cooler filters on Snapchat.

St. Patrick's Day


Another one-day-only filter. These holiday exclusive filters are actually part of what makes Snapchat so cool and why they won't ever die out. You are always getting content that is fresh and new and this St. Patrick's Day filter is the perfect example of that.

Princess Filter


This is a surprisingly underused filter amongst the women that I'm friends with on Snapchat and I'm sure that is about to change now that I put a spotlight on this filter. Maybe if the filter were a Queen crown then it would be a little more popular.

Smoking Heart


This is all I want my valentines or significant others to send me on Snapchat from now on. This is the cutest filter on the entire app. As a matter of fact, let me look at Vanessa Hudgens here and just pretend that she is sending this snap to me.

Pink Flower Crown


The pink flower crown, another one of the most popular filters on Snapchat. If you haven't seen this filter used excessively on your Snapchat friend stories then you are friends with the wrong women on the app.

Pretty Filter


The timeless classic. This filter doesn't do much but provide you with the perfect lighting to hit the angles perfectly and look your best. Kim Kardashian and Larsa Pippen don't need any more help looking good here but they are using this filter for a reason. It's like Alex Rodriguez using performance enhancers, it makes the greats look even greater.

Heart Eyes


And of course, the heart eye filter. There was no way this list was going to be complete without mentioning this filter. I've sent pictures and videos using this exact filter to more women than I can count, and I'm not proud of that but it's the truth. And it gets the point across.