Just Try And Not Laugh At These Mugshots

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Going to jail has to be one of the most scarring indignities out there. Not only are you forced to think about your actions in a cell, but once you get a mugshot taken, it exists forever. Take a look at these mugshots that went viral and try your best to keep a straight face.

Powder Boy

If you're trying to guess why this man is covered in powder, just stop. Police never figured it out, and you're not going to either. Just know he was arrested in Florida, trying to assault random patrons at an outdoor market.


When police showed up, he got into a fighting stance and cussed them out. That's crazy and all, but imagine how soft his skin is after using all that powder. That's goals when you think about it.

Got Milk?

When you get arrested for the 50th time, you have to dress for the occasion; It's not every day you reach the half-century mark. That's exactly what Michelle Allen from Ohio did when she dressed like a cow and stopped traffic in the street. She also chased some children around during a drinking binge.

Middletown Police Department

After being arrested for disorderly conduct, Police confirmed that they were all too familiar with Miss Allen already. However, "Even after 50 arrests, this was still a surprise," said Major Mark Hoffman from Middletown Police. I guess she's going to have to mooo-ve over to her cell.

Traps for Days

Jail is the least of this poor guy's worries. If he hiccups too hard, he stands a good chance of swallowing his whole head! Meet Charles McDowell a.k.a Florida Man, a.k.a. Neck Guy. You have to admit it, you can already understand why. Charles may look like he's happy, but believe me, he wasn't too excited about being arrested.


Charles was arrested a few times in 2018, and after his mugshot got out, he gained a strange type of internet fame, even recording a few music videos. I guess you can say he put his neck out there, took a few risks, and it certainly paid off. Get it?

Why So Serious?

Where's Batman when you need him, right? This interesting fella is known as "Florida Man." His mugshot went viral after he was arrested for violating his probation from a charge in 2017. People who saw his picture were fascinated by his facial tattoos and streak of green hair.


Unfortunately, his name is not The Joker, it's Lawrence Sullivan. He's a 30-year-old tattoo model from Miami, and his mugshot took the internet by storm. Marvel fans were quick to notice the word Joker and the Batman symbol lying together on his forehead.

Polly Want Bail?

Now, I'm sure you noticed the giant parrot in the mugshot. The good news is that the birdy is all right; the bad news is he almost got attacked by some crows. This guy showed up to jail, to serve a short sentence with his parrot, and when he was told he couldn't take him with him, he released him just outside the jail onto a tree.

The Comeback

The judge presiding over the case became concerned when a deputy noticed crows circling the parrot outside, and the criminal was allowed to have his parrot accompany him until he was picked up by a friend, leading to this epic mugshot for the dynamic duo.

Does That Hurt?

Believe it or not, the eye on the right is her good eye. We're not too sure why she went viral, it could be because of the yellow eyelashes. It could also be because one eye is bigger than the other, but we do know is that this lady is the last person you want to start an argument with.

The Sun

Especially since she was arrested for throwing hot grease at someone during an argument. We don't know what they were fighting about, but we may have an idea. Moreover, if the hot oil didn't work, she could've also used those lashes as a weapon; they look pretty dangerous.

You Might Have A Problem

How many times would you have to make the same mistake before you learned your lesson? Once? Twice? Maybe three times? This man from India was arrested 48 times for huffing paint, and judging by the looks of his 48th mugshot, he still hasn't learned his lesson.

NY Daily News

What gave it away? The face full of silver paint or the grin that says he can't wait to get out of jail and finish that can off? I wonder what the 49th picture will look like. Watch this space, folks; it looks like we got a regular over here. A moment of silence for all the wasted cans of paint spent on this guy's poor nose.


Halfbeard sounds like a character from Game of Thrones, but the shoe certainly fits. This criminal from Miami earned his name by sporting half of a beard, on purpose, we guess it's because he's a trend-setter? We're not sure why he was arrested, but we can certainly understand why he went viral.

The Sun

However, we do know he loved his crazy hairstyle because he was arrested later that year again, and he still looked like this. He might just be a genius, though, because he only has to spend half the amount of time brushing his hair, half the time shaving and only needs half an appointment at the barber.

Giraffe Boy

A man from Louisville was dubbed the "Hickey King," for obvious reasons when he showed up to jail looking like he'd been strangled by someone with 1,000 fingers. However, this boy is not as dangerous as he looks, so don't let those hickey intimidate you too much.


So what was his crime that landed him in prison? Besides the sin against humanity that is proudly wearing 14,989 hickeys at once? Under-aged drinking in an abandoned building, of course. Something tells us that the crime and those hickeys are related.

Tin Man

If you're hired to play the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz at a party, it's probably a good idea to not commit any crimes until you get the chance to clean that makeup off of your face. This guy didn't bother, though, and went viral after he was arrested. His crime?


The Tin Man showed up to someone's house and asked them to leave the property immediately. Why he would do something this silly is anybody's guess, but his 0.19% blood alcohol level probably had something to do with it. We can only hope the popo was kind enough to give him some remover. 

Iron(y) Man

When you have a suspended license and expired registration, you're really pressing your luck whenever you decide to drive somewhere. You make it even worse when you drive recklessly, just begging for a cop somewhere to notice you. That's precisely what this guy did, and he ended up in jail.


It seems like this guy managed to 'get lucky' for quite some time. So much so, that he even bought the shirt to match. However, the magic powers of the t-shirt obviously ran out, and he finally got caught. The irony of this outfit was just too good not to go viral, so here we are.

Is That You Santa?

It's got to be hard to be Santa. You work your whole year to prepare for one day, and then have to travel across the whole world in a matter of hours with nothing but milk and cookies as a thank you. We can understand if even Santa Clause has his off days.

NY Daily News

It seems as though being Santa doesn't pay too well because this guy, who looks oddly similar to the man crawling down our chimneys, was arrested for selling white powder to an undercover officer. It seems like he should've stuck to toys, after all, we sure hope his deers are okay without him.

Chimney Sweep

Was this guy trying to fill in for Santa and climb down the chimney? Did he sneeze in a bowl of coal? Unfortunately, neither us nor the police know why this guy has black stuff all over his face. Sorry to disappoint, but he never explained himself to the authorities.

NY Daily News

So how did he land himself a spot behind bars? Good ol' public intoxication folks. We're sure that has a connection with the strange choice of makeup here, but it's unconfirmed. What we do know is that, for a man who just got arrested, he looks pretty excited to be there.

You Sure Do

It's not like he didn't warn us folks, and here we are. There probably has never been a more appropriate wardrobe choice than the one this man made when he got arrested. It gives us a good idea as to why his mugshot went viral, but it had nothing to do with his arrest.

NY Daily Mail

David Durham was spotted breaking into multiple cars and breaking several windows, which leads us to believe he was basically begging to be arrested. Well, he got his wish, and thanks to this shirt, David's candle will shine a warm and bright light on the internet.

Did You Plan This?

The short answer is yes. At just 19 years old, Robert Burt was arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence and driving without a license. His friends turned this unfortunate situation into a joke and printed Burt a t-shirt with his mugshot on it.

Somerset County Jail

When he was set to return to jail to serve his two-day sentence, Burt knew he had the perfect shirt for the occasion. The cops got a kick out of the whole thing and even asked him to hold the sign at an angle, so they could see the shirt. Burt may have a criminal record, but he got one heck of a Facebook profile picture.

Here Comes The Bride

You'd hate to get arrested on any day, but your wedding day would have to be the absolute worst. That's precisely what happened to this woman after she illegally used her son's name to sign up for utility service at her home. Poor thing didn't even get the chance to take her veil off.

Not only did she spend 122 days in jail for her crime, but her husband also divorced her shortly after their wedding. Who knows what put him off the whole idea of marriage? We think he probably wasn't too keen on putting a mugshot in their wedding album.

Night At The Museum?

The infamous "Moss Man" went viral for obvious reasons. Gregory Liascos attempted to break into a local museum with this camouflage suit on and failed miserably, getting bit by a dog in the process. As you can tell from the mugshot, he got caught and probably won't get a chance to wear the outfit again.

Oregon Live

So how did the cops find this man so well-suited for hiding? They released the hounds, and they thought one of the dogs was playing in the grass until they heard a man yell after getting bitten. We wonder if he got a refund for his "camouflage?" Because that suit did not get the job done.

Santa's Elves?

We've already seen two Santa's of sorts, but what about Santa's little helpers? Well, apparently they go to jail too, and it's not a pretty sight. Brandon Touchet, a 34-year-old man from Louisiana, chose the most unfortunate outfit to get arrested for drunk driving in.


Maybe he didn't have time to change after work, or after leaving the North Pole, but either way, its a bummer to be arrested in an outfit like this. We can only imagine how much the other inmates gave him a hard time for this one, but you know what they say: Don't to the crime if you can't do the time.

Something is Missing

When Orlando Lopez was pulled over in North Carolina, he had 98 grams of devil's powder and 35 grams of other illegal substances. Obviously, that led to some pretty serious charges, but the internet could not get enough of his mugshot. We don't know what happened to his head, but no, this is not a result of photoshop.


After he was caught with so much to hide, it is no wonder the police took him in. We don't think they knew how viral this mugshot would go. However, don't get too caught up on the dented part of his head, there is still so much more face to look at.

Walter White? Is that You?

Say his name! It's the one and only Todd Barrick. We know you thought we were going to say Walter White, but not this time, folks. However, his charge did have something to do with special substances, which leads us to wonder if Todd watched Breaking Bad and got a little too inspired.


Todd was a wanted man by the Galesburg Police Department, and when his wanted picture went out, it went viral for obvious reasons. So, this poor guy just doesn't stand a chance. The picture was also published just before the El Camino film came out, so fans thought this was some kind of spoiler.

Prison Bae

Sarah Seawright from Arkansas went viral when her flawless and ironically angelic mugshot reached the likes of social media. She got arrested in Pulaski Country after she never showed up for her court date for a different arrest in 2014. Her crime? Reckless driving.

NY Daily News

You can find this mugshot under the hashtag #prisonbae for her beauty and charming smile. However, this smile hides an alleged violent past. Apparently, this hot convict was accused of robbery, kidnapping, and battery during an armed robbery in a parking lot.

Tiger King

We couldn't possibly give you a list of viral mugshots and leave out our beloved Joe Exotic, could we? This former Oklahoma wildlife park owner was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in a 2017 murder-for-hire scheme to kill the infamous Carole Baskin. (Killed her husband, wacked him).

The Hollywood Gossip

Joe might not be stuck in prison for too much longer, folks. Rumor has it, Cardi B is doing her best to try to get him out. There has also been word that Carole allegedly forged her husband's will, so she might just join him in there. Who knows what will be with these crazy cats?

Strike a Pose

This woman's arrest ended up going viral after the face she pulled for her mug shot. It's not every day that you see a criminal doing the duck-face. According to the Wickliffe Police Department, 34-year-old Angela Green was arrested after refusing to leave her hotel room one Saturday afternoon.

93.1 FM

Angela was obviously feeling extra salty when the popo came and put her weekend party to a stop. That must have been one lovely hotel for her to put up such a fight about leaving. But you know what they say? Time flies when you're having fun.

Dreamy Mugshot

Now, now ladies, close your mouths if you're gonna drool like that. We understand, though, this is one beautiful felon. The only problem? He's behind bars. 30-Year-old Jeremy Meeks' mugshot went totally viral on Facebook after the ladies were swooning over his dreamy eyes.

Washington Post

Apparently, he was arrested on five different weapon charges, and one gang charge. Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, posted the picture to Facebook and said it himself, "I have not seen that many likes for a photo before."

Say Cheese

We're sure that federal prison is in desperate need of a smile as warm as hers. After all, they probably don't get too many people that are excited about being arrested. Luckily for this jail, they've got this convict who's here to break all the stereotypes. Say cheese!


The problem here is that the bottom half of the mugshot shows a smile that stretches from ear to ear, but the top half of the photo has nothing but fear. Just look at her eyes, she looks as though she's terrified. We can only hope that she's okay, she seems like a sweetheart.


We don't know who should be arrested here: This guy? Or his dentist? The truth is, we're not sure why he got arrested, but when you have the confidence to growl at a policeman like this, you probably have the capability of doing a lot worse damage.

Dark Horse News

We can only hope that the prison is kind enough to feed this man soft foods only. It would be a real bummer for him to lose his freedom and another tooth all in one day. On a more positive note, we're sure he isn't going to have any problems making friends in jail. We certainly wouldn't want to be on his bad side.

Bad Day?

Gabriel Harris was arrested after cops said he got in a fight with the police at a Taco Bell in Florida. As you can see, he looks pretty devastated, either for being arrested or for not getting his food. Apparently, Gabriel was on his bike in the drive-through and refused to leave when they wouldn't serve him.

When the police arrived, Harris was drunk and still trying to give his order to the speaker box. However, he also had a knife on him. Then, adding to his list of bad decisions that night, police said Harris grabbed the officer's wrist and started to fight. He does look remorseful, though.

Eye Candy

Prison just got a whole lot more appealing now that Mekhi Alante Lucky stepped in the house. Back in 2016, this pretty boy got himself arrested for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle. The mugshot went viral and earned him the nickname Prison Bae. We can understand why.


Lucky was apparently arrested 5 times in one year, so we can only hope he learned his lesson. When he's not behind bars, he has a successful modeling career to manage. With those gorgeous eyes, we're sure he's taken the fashion world by storm. He certainly has the prison world in the bag.

A Business Opportunity

Now, this girl knows how to make lemonade out of lemons. Meet Marshala Perkins, a student who got arrested for parking in a handicapped spot. “One officer asked me for my handicap sticker… I gave it to him, and he brought it back, said everything was clear,” said Marshala.

The Independent

She often drives her mom around, so the sticker was called for. However, her mugshot went totally viral when people saw her impressive face of makeup on. She ended up having to do a makeup tutorial in order to teach her fans how to get her gorgeous just-arrested look!

Mr. Longneck

This prison is going to need two cells for this guy. One for him and another for his neck, because good golly that bad boy is long. However, the real concerning factor here is that he looks shocked as ever to be getting arrested. Do you think he knows what he's done? We sure would love to know.


Whatever he did to land himself in this position, we certainly have learned a valuable lesson today. If you ever do get arrested, you either have to have a long neck or an impressive pose if you want your mugshot to go viral. However, it definitely is a lot easier to just behave yourselves.