Parenting Hacks 101 For Moms and Dads with a Sense of Humor


| LAST UPDATE 10/27/2022

By Felicia Brown

They say that nothing can prepare you for parenthood. Well, they weren't wrong, but we can always learn from each other. Take a look at these hilarious parenting hacks that change the game.

Turning Showers into Baths

Little ones love splashing around and playing with their floating toys in the bath, but what do you do if you've only got a shower? Instead of losing out on valuable bonding time while helping your baby bath and listening to their stories about the rubber duck and soap – why not attempt this?

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
fjordlilie via Reddit

You could totally try this nifty bath hack by finding an inflatable pool that fits into your shower. This is a pretty good buy, because you can also use it in the summer as an outdoor splash pool, making you an absolute hero in your kid's eyes - without breaking the bank.

Sand Pit 2.0

We're pretty sure that almost every young child loves to play in the sand. It's a great part of growing up. It helps a child's fine motor skills, hand, and eye coordination, teaches creativity, and enhances the imagination. Hence, why many parents buy sandpits or boxes filled with sand.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
thegoonberrytales via Reddit

But, while the benefits of playing in a sandpit are endless, no one can deny the annoying upkeep aspects of having one. If it’s not the neighbor’s cat’s newly claimed litter box, the sand is being thrown out and blown away. Here's a genius alternative as it keeps the sand in and the overnight intruders out.

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Colorful Magnet to Distract

As you know, being a parent is tricky. Your kids need 24.7 observation, especially if they're filled with energy. It's so easy to look away for a second and have your little one get up to mischief or find themselves in danger. Therefore, you may want to use this alternative to protect them.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@raleighmomscare via Instagram

Introducing the humble colorful magnet, whose benefits are anything but humble. They keep your little ones occupied and prevent them from running onto the street. You can travel with your kids with peace of mind knowing that they will stand still next to your car when you're packing the trunk.

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Building Streets with Masking Tape

With wild imaginations and a desire to be in a car, many kids can spend hours playing with their small toy cars along imagined streets, so why not make things a bit more fun for them? Use masking tape and create your own roads or racing tracks to keep your child entertained.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@tmccrum_mua via Instagram

Playing with toy cars is an important part of childhood development. It teaches things like understanding new concepts such as 'go and stop,' 'right and left,' 'down and up,' while also improving their language skills – and so much more. Constructing a track will assist your little one through this universal phase.

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“Kindly Switch Off your Cellphone for the Duration of the Show”

You can never get enough time for yourself, which is why these hacks can help you get a break - even if it's just for a washing cycle. You may hate the washing machine and the chores it brings, but for your little one, it's basically a Broadway show.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@smartytots via Instagram

Let them sit back, relax, and enjoy the show of spinning colors, changing patterns, and different sounds. So while you can't leave them in front of it from the washing phase, to rinse to drying, you may be able to steal a few minutes for yourself, while your socks, underwear, and t-shirts entertain.

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The Sorting Tray

During COVID-19, parents have had to get creative on keeping their kids entertained for the longest possible time so that they can work from home without distractions. One parent came up with this brilliantly simple game of sorting things out, according to color, shape, or anything else, really.

Funny Parenting HacksFunny Parenting Hacks
@smartytots via Instagram

All you need is a muffin pan and things that require sorting. This not only teaches your child how to match items that are alike, but it also helps them begin recognizing patterns. However, with time, your young one will become better and better at it, so you'll need to be on top of your game if you want alone time.

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Save Your Ankles

A baby walker is usually right up there on the Baby Shower registry lists. Still, no one ever tells you about the pain your ankles will have to endure with these bad boys lying around the house. Mobility seriously comes at a price, and your ankles are the ones who endure the most.

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
roswellc via Reddit

Your precious toddler may look ever so cute moving around in their walkers. Still, while you're focused on taking the perfect action pic, you may suddenly feel a throbbing pain after they charge into you. Luckily, if you add a pool noodle to the bumper, it won't hurt at all. Better yet, your walls will be saved too.

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From Bath Bubbles to Playpen

Your child is your shadow, and no matter where you may be, they're likely following you or pulling on your shirt and demanding your undivided attention. Therefore, you need to find a way to keep your bundle of joy entertained in every room – even the bathroom.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@cake_away_cancer via Instagram

So, once you've cleaned the bathtub, throw in the toys and turn it into a playpen. This way, you'll still be able to do the chores like scrubbing the basin. This also gives you some time to take a longer shower as you can watch on, without worrying about what your kid is doing or why they're so silent.

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Buckle Up Indoors

Today, there are so many products to help you carry your child around with you so that your hands are free. Still, sometimes you need to get creative – especially if you're visiting friends or saving up for a classic "kangaroo" baby carrier. Take a look below and be impressed.

Funny Parenting HacksFunny Parenting Hacks
malleeman via Reddit

This dad has created the perfect way to strap his busy baby onto the chair using his shirt. Not only does this offer a flexible carrier, but it is also way cheaper than the ones you’ll find online. Try this out and take back some time for you, while your baby has the time of their life flapping their arms.

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“Out of Order" to Keep Order

As you may well know, kids cannot keep their hands to themselves. They always want to try different things, touch various objects, and play with objects too. Yet, no matter how hard you try to distract them or convince them otherwise, if your kid wants something, they won't back down easily.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@ShootTheSound via Twitter

That's why it is essential to always have an "Out of Order" sign with you when you go out - along with the baby wipes and all those other 'staples.' This sign will prevent your begging child from throwing a tantrum and give you the power to take back control without being the bad guy.

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Pouch for the Pacifiers

Pacifiers are one of the most crucial baby items you'll need, and you can never have too many of them. However, while babies and toddlers need them, they also tend to throw them on the floor or at other things. This means plenty of germ exposure before being popped back into your little one's mouth.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks

Regardless of whether you have pets or other children, you seriously need to keep the pacifiers out of everyone's reach so that you're in control of where its been. Simply place your pacifiers into plastic containers so that you can ensure that they're always clean and sterile and safe to be chewed and sucked.

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Have an Outfit for Every Day

Before your child's school days when they have a uniform, dressing them in daily outfits can prove a time-consuming challenge – especially in the morning before work. There then also comes a time when your child wants to dress themselves, which often means mismatched shoes and color choices.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@kortneybrady via Instagram

Make your life easier by streamlining the whole getting-dressed process with this easy organizational hack. Put different combinations into each drawer for every day of the week. You'll save on precious time, nervousness, and unnecessary tension during the week, and you'll feel like the ultimate organized parent doing it.

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Packing Like a Pro with Plastic

Here's another organizational hack, but this time it's all about packing for that annual family vacation. You have to remember everything for your child, even their small figurines that hurt when you stand on them. A creative way to pack their suitcase is with plastic bags.

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
Kristinmaxwell via Pinterest

When you (finally) arrive at your destination, you can check-in and unpack with peace of mind knowing that everything has a place. So when you hear, "Mommy, where's my Barbie t-shirt," you open the t-shirt bag and voila, it's there. It's basically filing but for your suitcase.

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Hanging the Bibs

Instead of changing your baby after every feed and subsequent throw-up, bibs save you and your washing machine as they keep your bundle of joy from staining their clothes. So while you may have loads of bibs, they're not precisely the most accessible item to find - especially if your older kids throw them around.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Marcy Rosen Kiesche via Pinterest

To make your life easy, we recommend putting all your bibs in a specific place. At first, you may think that drawers are the obvious place, but think again. Appoint or design an official ‘bib hanger’ that will always remind you where you can find these must-have baby accessories.

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Sipping Meds

You'd think that by now, the pharmaceutical companies would create medicine that tasted delicious so that you don't have to fight your kid to take their prescribed meds. So while you’ve tried the art of deception and slipped their pills into their meals, here’s something else to try.

Nifty Parenting Hacks Nifty Parenting Hacks
bsurfn2day via Reddit

This is the ultimate trick. As you can see, this poor guy thinks that he got lucky with a can of Pepsi right before bed. Can you believe it? We wonder if he thinks the taste is a bit off or did this parent just tell him it's because he brushed his teeth, and that's why it tastes strange.

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Protect Their Ears While You Have Fun

Just because you're a parent, it doesn't mean that you have to give up everything you love. You simply have to do everything you love with the little one you love. This could mean attending concerts or games with your kid as a bonding experience.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
AP Photo via Matt Slocum

You don't have to feel guilty or worry about hurting their ears. Simply invest in some noise-canceling headphones, so that they either miss all the expletives or the loud noise, which could damage their ears. Pack a pair of earmuffs or headphones like these, and you're good to go.

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The Comforting, Bean-Filled Hand

In the beginning, you'll love those tender moments of putting your young child to bed, rocking them gently, and reading them bedtime stories. Still, after a while, your precious baby will get so used to this routine that they'll be most upset if you're unable to give them all that affection.

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
FreddyJackson69 via Reddit

They may even wake up in the middle of the night and feel like you should still be next to them comforting and rocking them to sleep. Fortunately, fellow parents shared this hack online. All you need is a bean-filled glove. Place it gently on your little one’s back so that when you leave the room, they still feel you.

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The Whiteboard of Dreams

If you think back to when you were a kid, you probably were brimming with wild ideas. Yet now, when you look at your little one, they're doing the same – except, these ideas sometimes find their way onto your walls, furniture, or important pieces of paper.

Clever Parenting Hacks Clever Parenting Hacks
agnstdgrain via Reddit

Create the ultimate creative corner with this endless whiteboard. It's a whole lot cheaper than a typical whiteboard, as you can use butcher paper. It also allows you to tear off those pieces of art you'd like to keep or stick up on your fridge. Your kids will also keep themselves entertained for hours – bonus.

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Video Games the Whole Fam Can Play

By now, you should see that parents have had to come up with the most diverse hacks to stay sane, but nothing can top this ultimate video gaming hack. Parents can keep themselves entertained while making the kids feel involved without them ruining a winning streak.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
somecallmemike via Reddit

So how do you still shoot the bad guys without your kids shooting you? After all, they are holding controllers, but that's just smoke and mirrors, as this dad hasn't connected their controllers. They probs won't even realize that they're not playing, but they certainly will feel involved, and that's what counts.

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Giving Unfinished Lollipops a Second Chance

Lollipops help keep your kids quiet, but they often aren't finished – even though the best bit is usually in the center. Many young ones start sucking a lollipop only to discard it when something better comes along. However, they often come back to it later.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@lifehackerin via Instagram

Instead of opening yet another lollipop only for it to meet the same fate as its sibling, here’s a great way to save the original lollipop for later by using a plastic egg like the one in the picture above. Of course, your child may have lost all interest, but if they do come back for more, you’re prepared.

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Stop the Toys From Floating Away

Whether you have a large bathtub or a small one, your small ones arms aren't always long enough to keep all their floating toys around them. Hence, the need for a safe solution to stop them from falling over and keep them from crying.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Screenshot via Amazon

By an inflatable like this, or even a laundry basket to the tub, you're keeping all the toys in one place and giving yourself peace of mind knowing that your baby is protected, and having a blast. Make bath time even more enjoyable for your little one.

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Make Wi-Fi Your Child’s Preferred Currency

We’re all very much aware of the power of Wi-Fi and how your young ones rely on it for all their favorite apps and games. That’s why if you have the password, you’re the one in control. Use access to Wi-Fi as your bartering system to get the kids to do their chores.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Aatrox94 via Imgur

As you can see from the above piece of parenting perfection, this mother clearly knew what to say to get her kids to do what she wanted. Who knew that cleaning the kitchen could result in Wi-Fi access? Just FYI, if you’re planning on doing this, don’t let your kids outsmart you with old pictures.

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Do as I Say, Not as I Do: Binge Eating

Being a parent is tough work. You're having to set the example all the time, always watch what you say and how you say it, and teach your kids not to make the same mistakes as you. However, with this in mind, you also do deserve the occasional treat.

Emily Shur via Men's Health

While you tell your kids not to eat takeout, doughnuts, or cakes, you're still only human, and cravings are a real thing. According to the Parent Society, the best time to consume everything you don't want to share is when your kids aren't home. Make the most of your alone time and have your cake and eat it too.

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The Embarrassing Dad

Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Why is my child doing the exact opposite of what I say?’ Most children tend to be stubborn while growing up, especially when it comes to taking advice from their parents. So, no matter how hard you try to explain something, you will probably end up wasting your time.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
vsBbsKa via Imgur

So, instead of repeating the same lessons over again, you can show your little one how they act or look. After all, children tend to repeat what you do, not listen to what you say. Nothing teaches a lesson like the embarrassing dad.

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The Perfect Camouflage for Snacks

As a parent, you have certainly thought of many options and hiding spots for the snacks. You have probably tried putting snacks in the fridge, in the closet, or on a high shelf in the kitchen. Nonetheless, your little ones have found the sweets. So, you have failed in each of your attempts.

Parenting HacksParenting Hacks
Pinterest via Loud Brain

Fortunately, this parent has come up with the perfect camouflage, or the soybean package for the Snicker snacks. After all, your little one would never try to open the beans, as children do not favor them. Even more, someone must cook the beans for them. So, you are free to go!

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The Fruits Disguise

Many children tend to reject fruits and vegetables from their diet. Because of this, many parents try to sneak these components into their kid’s meals. However, most of them fail, as the little ones are quite suspicious and quickly detect the food. Luckily, some parents came up with a more appealing trend.

Disguising Snacks Parenting Hacks Disguising Snacks Parenting Hacks
Instagram via @pura_vida_growers

Instead of disguising fruits and vegetables for toddlers, it is more effective to let your kid make some art with the food. Even more, you can prepare a meal for them. For example, this parent has shaped apples into French fries. Sliced apples are a more fun-looking meal and easier to consume for the little ones.

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Fun Outdoor Activities

The little ones love the snow as much as they love the sand. Most of them would spend the whole day outside, doing different shapes on the ground, or having a fight with snowballs. However, some children tend to get bored quickly. So, they will probably ask you, as their parent, to entertain them a bit.

Winter Outdoor Activities Winter Outdoor Activities
Instagram via @michelle_carvalho_

The question is, ‘What can you do fast and effectively to keep their attention?’ The most convenient figure for this cause is building a wall or a fortress where your children can role play. Luckily, this parent came up with an exciting way of using the kitchen tools to facilitate the process.

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Keeping the Peace While Driving

Most children tend to require excessive attention, especially in the youngest of age. However, the problem arises when you have twins or triplets and lots of obligations as a parent. A great example of a parenting challenge is keeping the little ones safe and quiet while driving, as you need to keep your eyes on the road.

Funny parenting hacks Funny parenting hacks
Facebook via Jack White

This dad has come up with one of the most outstanding hacks to keep his triplets separated while driving. After all, this is a great way to prevent them from teasing each other. What’s more, each gets to sit in a separate baby car seat, which keeps them in place and maintains their security. Pretty impressive!

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The Clock as a Schedule

As your children grow up, they will probably start organizing their time and arranging their activities. However, the little ones love skipping their duties to have more free time for playing at their youngest of age. The question is, ‘How can you effectively and efficiently set up a schedule your child needs to follow?’

Funny Parenting hacks Funny Parenting hacks
Pinterest via Sanjica Ninkovic

This parent came up with a great, innovative hack for organizing the kid’s activities. More exactly, by coloring the clock, the parent has set up a framework, including obligations and relax-time for the little one. What’s important is that you can easily switch it up and arrange colors for your needs.

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Putting On Shoes

Children face many challenges as they grow up. One of them is learning which shoe goes on the left and which one goes on the right foot. Generally, the little ones learn to distinguish right from left approximately at the age of five or six, or later. However, they start dressing up by themselves earlier.

Parenting Hacks Parenting Hacks
Instagram via onecreativehousewife

So, how can you make things easier for your little one? This parent has come up with an interesting hack of cutting a sticker into two parts so that when the kid places them correctly, they will form a shape. What’s more, you can use your kid’s favorite character and make this process even more enjoyable.

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Covering the Baby Crib

In the last few years, baby play cribs have become a popular tool as a safe way to keep your baby with toys. The baby play cribs are open at the top, making it the perfect tool for indoors. However, if you plan on bringing the crib outside, you should develop a way to protect your baby from any bugs or sun.

Funny Parenting HacksFunny Parenting Hacks

This mom has a great solution to protect her little one from the sun and insects. After all, it is better to take your baby outside with you than leave the little one inside alone. With this hack, you can easily take care of your garden and backyard without having to worry about the baby.

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Decrease the Chance for an Accident

Lately, many organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, have highlighted that trampolines impose a high risk for children. Because of this, they advise against the use of trampolines at home or in the backyard. Even so, most children love jumping on the trampoline, so you might decide to purchase one.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
BobbyDOL via Imgur

However, you can take some additional steps to protect your little ones or prevent them from injuring themselves. Similarly, this parent has secured the area to the trampoline frame to prevent it from breaking down. Even more, proofing this area can prevent your child from falling in it or breaking something.

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Making Bath Time Fun Again

When it comes to bathing, each child has a different reaction. Some of them find it amusing and fun, so you won’t have to worry much. However, some children find it terrifying, especially when the water comes near their faces. The question is, ‘What can you do, as a parent, to make bathing fun again?’

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks

Many parents tend to enroll their children in swimming classes to decrease their fear of water. However, when it comes to babies and toddlers, the only thing you can do is keep the water out of their faces. Fortunately, there is a bathing protecting hat on the market to assist you in the process.

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Cheap Playpen Substitute

Most children love the sand and the beach. However, some of them also fear getting dirty from the sand or are too adventurous and might wander somewhere far away from you. No matter the case, it is always better to limit your little one’s movement and keep them safe, especially in public places.

Clever parenting Hacks Clever parenting Hacks
Team Johnson via Imgur

This parent has come up with an excellent alternative for a playpen, as the ultimate choice for protecting your child from the sand and wandering off. More exactly, these parents have transformed their bedsheets into a playpen. Not only is this option cheap, but also easy and fast to make.

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Transforming the Baby Crib

Having a child is not only a challenging but also a relatively expensive job. More exactly, the furniture for your little one might be pretty expensive, especially if it is your firstborn, and you have nothing to use from their older sibling. That’s why many parents try to find an alternative use for baby appliances.

Clever parenting hacks Clever parenting hacks
Pinterest via Joanne Bosler

A great example is this parent who has decided to transform the baby crib into a useful table. More exactly, he has removed one of the fence’s sides, making an opening for the chairs. He has then transformed the crib’s bottom into a blackboard for the little one to draw or write.

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The Parking Garage Hack

As we are all well-aware, kid’s toys can sometimes cost a fortune, especially for bigger or more complex ones. One great example in this sense is the parking garage. More exactly, most children tend to require such a toy. However, you might not be able to afford it. So, why not make it yourself?

Clever parenting hacks Clever parenting hacks
Pinterest via Sarah

After all, this parent has come up with a cheap and easy-to-make alternative, one that will not take you lots of time. To be more exact, he has used toilet paper rolls for each parking spot. He has then arranged the places into several rows and floors, ultimately making the perfect toy for the little ones.

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Tracking Your Kid’s Progress

It is always admiring when you find an old picture of your little ones, remembering how small they used to be or how much they have changed. But imagine having a standard against which you will compare your kid each year. A fantastic hack is using the same shirt for taking a picture each year.

Funny parenting hacks Funny parenting hacks
Pinterest via Tracy Schlater

More exactly, these parents have printed out a graduation shirt for their little one to track her progress starting from kindergarten. During the first years, the shirt will be huge. However, as your little one grows up, they will start filling up space. In the end, they will probably reach your estimation.

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Using the Special Glue

The little ones love running around the house. However, as a parent, you usually feel guilty or sad if they fall. So, sometimes it is better to prevent such occurrences than witnessing your child getting hurt. A great way to avoid injuries is to buy socks that stick to the ground.

Funny parenting hacksFunny parenting hacks
Pinterest via TCLCOFFEE

But even though there is a vast choice of such socks on the market, they are usually priced higher. So, instead of spending a fortune on these products, you can make them by yourself, just as this parent did. The only things you will need are some socks, special glue, and an inspiration to create.

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The Ultimate Baby Head Protector

If you are one with a baby, or you have been near a parent with a newborn, you have undoubtedly heard, “Be careful with the baby’s head.” After all, babies are extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to their head. So, it’s essential to provide the little one with appropriate support or a substitute tool.

Amazon-Baby Head Protector Protection

Luckily, many brands on the market came upon with innovative and cute tools to protect your baby’s head from crawling. As we can see from the picture, this parent went for the bee shaped device. This way, you can relax a bit without having to worry if your little one falls on their back.

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A Neat Way for Getting Creative

We are all well-aware of how children want to get creative and color anything that comes to their reach. Everything is an excellent place to get creative, including their coloring pages and books, along with the house walls. So, as a parent, you can either follow them around the home or find a better solution.

A Neat Way for Getting CreativeA Neat Way for Getting Creative
berrysweetbaby via Pinterest

This parent came up with an interesting hack to limit the little one’s reach. More exactly, they have provided an empty box so that the kid has enough space for expression. What’s more, children usually love the untypical toys way better than the regular ones. So, it’s the perfect way to start thinking outside the box.

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Innovative Solution for Your Chores

Like using your little one as an investigator around the house, you can also occupy them in other ways. For instance, this parent came up with an innovative and effective hack for keeping the house in the right order. Not only does it keep the kids occupied, but it also saves you time as a parent.

Danielle Porter via Pinterest

These parents have turned the regular around the house chores into a fun game. What’s more, you can further challenge your little ones by setting up a competition. Instead of setting up one removable square on the floor, you can set two or more and arrange a prize for the fastest one in the game.

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DIY Hammock for Your Kids

In the last couple of years, hammocks have gathered huge media attention as an excellent tool for relaxing, both for kids and adults. More exactly, a hammock can significantly change your daily habits. If you have one, you can place your little one within it while you finish your day-to-day chores around the house.

DIY Hammock for Your KidsDIY Hammock for Your Kids
LeAnn Faidley via Pinterest

However, hammocks can sometimes be a bit overprices. Fortunately, the parent community has come up with a solution. Instead of spending excessive amounts on a hammock, you can make a table hammock using the bedsheets you own. Not only will it keep your kid entertained, but it also looks quite cool.

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The Perfect Photoshoot Solution

Almost everyone loves to keep track of the progress of their little ones. As they grow up, this task may become more manageable. But, it is almost impossible to get the right shot when you have a newborn. Most babies tend to hate the camera, or merely the thought of being left alone for so long.

The Perfect Photoshoot SolutionThe Perfect Photoshoot Solution
DIY Baby Photoshoot via Pinterest

Luckily, these parents came up with a great solution to keep the baby calm and in place for the perfect shot. Instead of using a typical surface, they have used the baby’s dad as a prop. Of course, they have covered the dad with material so that the baby can look like lying on a bed or similar surface.

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The Ultimate Night Monster Protection

Many toddlers or children go through the phase of the night monster. More exactly, they may come up to you every night, extremely scared, screaming that there is a monster under their bed. And usually, there is no rational way to convince them that this is only their imagination. So, what can you do instead?

The Ultimate Night Monster ProtectionThe Ultimate Night Monster Protection
Screenshot via

These parents came up with an excellent solution for battling the night monster. They have transformed a regular spray bottle into a ‘monster repeller.’ Not only will this tool provide you with peaceful nights for sleeping, but it will also teach your little ones control and give them the power they needed.

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Keeping Track with Medicine Prescription

Remembering whether you gave your little ones their prescribed medicine can sometimes be tricky, especially if you had a chaotic day. Even more, having several kids and getting them all ready in the morning might be confusing. So, it’s always good when you have a useful tool to assist you during the day.

Keeping Track with Medicine PrescriptionKeeping Track with Medicine Prescription
Pinterest via Amber Schauer

This parent came up with the simplest of solutions for keeping track of the children’s medicine intake. They have drawn a table with three columns, one which sets out the days in the week, and the other two for the morning and evening medicine intake. Of course, you can modify the table to your needs.

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Inflate the Fictional Fortress

Many children love building a little tent inside, where they can be the king or queen and rule the kingdom. What’s more, this isn’t a new trend. So, you had probably built one when you were a kid by yourself. However, as time went by, parents got more involved in the process, facilitating the little ones’ work.

Inflate the Fictional FortressInflate the Fictional Fortress
Pinterest via Autumn Wood

Similarly, these parents came up with a great invention for keeping the bed fort inflated at all times. More exactly, they have placed the fan to blow into up a duvet cover, one that would be the roof of the bed fort. What’s more, this will protect your child, as it cannot hurt them if it falls on them.

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Frozen Marshmallows “Ouchie Pack”

Most kids love playing around, so it’s not rare for them to get hurt in the process. As a parent, you will probably want to ease the pain for your little one. However, things sometimes might get tricky if you cannot find the perfect tool for the cause. Luckily, this parent came up with a well-balanced solution.

Frozen Marshmallows “Ouchie Pack”Frozen Marshmallows “Ouchie Pack”
Pinterest via

Unexpectedly enough, marshmallows provide an excellent ingredient for creating an “ouchie pack”. More exactly, marshmallows are soft, so they cannot cause additional pain to your little ones. What’s more, it’s a type of ingredient that cannot get too cold. So, your children will be able to withstand this short process.

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Inventive DVD Box Coloring Case

As your kids grow up, their needs and wants change just about every day. That’s why parents usually look forward to any hack that can save them a couple of bucks. Similar to transforming the crib into a drawing table, these parents have modified their old DVD box into a coloring case for the children.

Inventive DVD Box Coloring CaseInventive DVD Box Coloring Case
Pinterest via Stacy Vaughn

You can easily create this by yourself, as it only requires two sheets of paper to cover the case and a partition for the crayons. What’s more, you can further personalize the coloring case by incorporating your little ones’ favorite colors or cartoon characters. You can also write their name, or let them do it instead.

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Transforming the Bathtub into Space

Children are quite unpredictable when it comes to their bath time. Your little one may love spending hours in the tub, but they might also hate this time of the day. Nonetheless, you can always improve their experience by incorporating exciting details, toys, or even colorful glow sticks in the water.

Transforming the Bathtub into SpaceTransforming the Bathtub into Space
Pinterest via happyhomefairy

As we can see from the picture, these parents went for the glow sticks to make their children feel like Jedi. It’s a simple hack that doesn’t require excessive investment nor time. So, you can simply throw a couple of glow sticks in the tub, depending on your kid’s preferences, and instantly improve their experience.

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The Helping Step

As our little ones grow up, they start taking on more responsibilities. However, things can sometimes get a bit tricky, especially if they cannot reach what they need for a particular task. For instance, your children may want to brush their teeth independently, but they cannot reach the sink. So, what can you do?

Creating a Child-Friendly VanityCreating a Child-Friendly Vanity
Pinterest via Ana White

These parents came up with a simple yet effective hack. They have converted the toe kick to a step drawer, simultaneously transforming the typical builder grade vanity into a child-friendly one. This way, the little ones can easily reach the sink and brush their teeth in the morning without your assistance.

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Baby-Proofing the Locks

There are many different locks on the market. If you have a door handle that anyone can use, including your children and even pets, you don’t have to do much to protect your little ones. However, the problem arises if you have purchased a lock that imposes a risk that your children will lock themselves in the room.

Baby-Proofing the LocksBaby-Proofing the Locks
Pinterest via Katie Weis

Instead of spending additional money to purchase a new lock or even hire a professional to get the job done, you can apply this simple hack. As you can see from the picture, these parents have fastened the door lock with rubber bands. Their goal was to prevent their little ones from locking themselves in the bathroom.

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If Lost, Please Call

Many children are over the moon when they receive a cool and colorful wrist band. Luckily, you can use this to your advantage. As you can see from the picture, these parents have applied a wrist band with a phone number just incase their little one were to wonder off. Pretty nifty right?

Screenshot via stickerkid.sgScreenshot via
Screenshot via

The wristband can help them find their way back home if they get lost or feel scared in an environment. What’s more, you can easily find these wristbands and have them customized just about anywhere. Or you can make one on your own. You just need to apply a fine point sharpie and to let it dry.

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The Pool Noodle to the Rescue

Many children love running around the house. Not only can they get hurt in the process, but they also make a lot of noise if they slam the doors behind them. Fortunately, there is a way to protect your little one’s toes from getting hit indoors. Also, you can keep your peace with this simple hack.

The Pool Noodle to the RescueThe Pool Noodle to the Rescue
Pinterest via claudia De Gennaro

As you can see from the picture, these parents have put a pool noodle to prevent the doors from closing, and therefore hitting or hurting their little ones. This useful yet straightforward hack will protect the fingers from smashing and the kids accidentally locking themselves in rooms around the house.

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Barbeque Boundaries

If you’re like this dad and enjoy tongs in hand and the smell of an afternoon barbeque, you may want to invest in a baby playpen fence. Who knew that this baby item could have so many uses? Barbequing with your kid and their curious hands can be a dangerous situation.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@ladbabyofficial via Instagram

This is a highly effective solution to all your worries. You can quickly pop into the kitchen to grab a cold one, and you can barbeque without spending time worrying about your kid burning their hand, instead of worrying about overcooking the chicken. This way, you'll become the barbeque king, all while maintaining a safe home.

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Mo Maths Mo Problems

Once your child starts growing up, it becomes more difficult to keep them stimulated while also guiding them to be the best versions of themselves. Let's be real, we want our kids to be the next brightest stars, and achieve anything they want in life.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
Twinkleresources via Pinterest

This dad had the right idea when he created this fun and interactive staircase to teach his kids math. The set-up may take some time – and a lot of bending down – but who knew that something as simple as this could make math so much fun? Let us know how it works out for you.

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Color-Code the Fam

Attention all large families, this simple hack is for you. While taking the kids out for the day isn't the 'norm' at the moment, when things do open up again, you may want something that makes it easy for you to watch over your kids – especially if you have more than two.

Funny Parenting HacksFunny Parenting Hacks
@brandi.marie.e via Instagram

It's simple. Color-code the whole crew so that you can easily spot the team of blue through the crowd. After all, let's face the facts, kids love to go explore – and we think that after all this quarantining and homeschooling, the need to wander will be greater than ever before. Rather be prepared, just like this fam.

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The Art of Distraction

For most children – and adults – going to the doctor and getting poked with needles is definitely a scary experience that requires a distraction of sorts. Doctors have such negative reps, and many children believe that there must be something wrong because they're there – cue the crying.

Clever Parenting HacksClever Parenting Hacks
anastasiabeverhousen via Reddit

The crying can start even before you meet the doctor, so be sure to find a way to entertain your little one before they realize what's actually about to happen. Crayons are one of the best hacks as kids often become so engrossed in their pieces of art and showing it off that they forget their fears.

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Snacks Need Baby Proofing Too

You really don’t want to deal with a sugar-fuelled kid bouncing around the house, causing chaos, mess, and upsetting their sibling. There's now a way to make sure that the sweet cupboard is locked and inaccessible to those pesky little hands, and it's brilliant.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@hacked_by_a_mommie via Instagram

Yep, you read that right, and your eyes aren't deceiving you. That really is a dog collar, and it's being used as the perfect baby proofing child lock. Once your kid has outgrown the phase and learned self-control you could always donate these collars to your local welfare.

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Painting with Some H2O

As we spoke about earlier, your kid will probably want to follow you everywhere and copy whatever you are doing. So what do you do when you’re painting the garden fence? You perhaps wouldn’t trust your toddler to paint within the lines, so try this instead.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@macshona via Instagram

An excellent – and no-mess – alternative is letting you kid paint with the plentiful H2O (water). The water spots are super convincing as they leave a mark, so maybe ask them to paint the shady bits so that their ‘artwork’ is longer lasting. You obviously can only play this trick while they’re still young – so take advantage.

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Playing Detective

Your kids are talented, but did you know that they can also be great detectives who can help you find your most treasured – temporarily lost – items? Use your little one's curious minds to help trace items that you've misplaced - most probably because you're running on lack of sleep.

Funny Parenting Hacks Funny Parenting Hacks
@ruby1508 via Instagram

Create this fun game for your kids by drawing the object you're looking for and starting an exciting treasure hunt. Not only will this keep your kid entertained (sometimes for a few hours), but it also helps you reunite with the gadgets you need most. Just be sure to incentivize the whole game if your kids are older.

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