29+ Hilarious Bumper Stickers Captured On The Road


| LAST UPDATE 08/22/2022

By Tye Anthony

Self-expression can be done in many ways, even out on the road, on a sticker at the back of a car. Luckily, we have the internet to find the best ones. Take a look at some of the most hilarious bumper stickers seen on the road.

What Is Up In Vermont?

Is this sticker just roasting Vermont for being allegedly bland (and mapley) that nothing really happens there, or could there be a much deeper meaning? A failed date in Vermont perhaps? Or are we riding in too deep?

Funny Bumper sticker VermontFunny Bumper sticker Vermont
xcrunner3141 via Reddit

Regardless, let's just stick to the best-case scenario. This driver probably put the sticker up to make fellow-Vermonters laugh, for being recognized as the little state where “nothing really happens.” Surely there must be some inside joke, otherwise, why else would this bumper note be relevant, right?

Existential Driving

This sticker is seeming to have some sort of existential crisis considering the questions that it is asking. Bolstering the biggest debate of all - how can a loving god cause such agony? The colors of this black and yellow note probably help catch attention to it too.

Funny Existential Bumper Sticker
Funny Existential Bumper Sticker
topredditbot via Reddit

If one thinks about it - this sticker is essentially doing a favor to any driver stuck in traffic. Potentially catching the attention of a traffic goer for the better. This gloss note could be the best alternative to keep at least the mind going, whilst being stuck in the same lane for hours.

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No Priussure

Some people apparently don't like Toyota Priuses, but we aren't ones to judge. This sticker is for some reason going off at the car manufacturer and its brand though. This online Reddit community seems to just joke about the four-wheeler as 'cheap.' So, perhaps this is all just a big roast.

Funny Roasting Bumper StickerFunny Roasting Bumper Sticker
crashbandico0t via Reddit

This is all probably just in a nice display of unharmful humor, especially considering that the actual drivers of this car put the sticker on themselves. It does seem to be a Toyota car itself. The drivers of this vehicle are probably aware of the online roasting and wanted to get in on some of the action!

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Effortless Bumper Stickers

Literally, effortless. With three bumper stickers positioned ever-so unaligned, this OCD fever has us exhausting from laughter. This car owner is taking the mick out of all those "pesky bumper stickers" and there is seemingly no better way to do it than this way.

davesoon via Reddit

This Reddit user filmed the car in front while driving home and couldn’t stop laughing. So much so, that they HAD to share it with the online community. Receiving over 10 thousand likes on the subreddit r/funny, thousands got a kick from this. Nice one, Davesoon!

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The Right of Way?

"No baby on board - feel free to drive into me." Is probably the type of dark satire one would need when fuming from traffic. Especially if it is never-ending. Sporting the usual "baby on board" sticker design and concept, reading this bumper art up close could well surprise.

Yellow Funny Baby Sticker
Yellow Funny Baby Sticker
logicalpony via Imgur

This sticker definitely got the better of us - it is such a creative way to make an unsuspecting driver say "what" out loud. It sure has done so to us. Special thanks to this Imgur user for providing a great bumper sticker - the question is, where can we get one too?

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Pleasure V.S... Pleasure?

It's a conscience-caption with this picture as it evokes the ultimate feeling of giving up to pleasure regardless of whether it's good or bad, and we absolutely love it. User drpepperofevil, staying true to his username, shared the sticker with the online community.

Bumper Sticker Quote FunnyBumper Sticker Quote Funny
drpepperofevil via Reddit

"So I got this and it totally describes me" posted the Redditor, as hundreds of people commented about how it is just so relatable. Let's be honest, we have all been there and in the end, snuggling with our demons is the easiest option. This is certainly a great conversation starter being stuck in the middle of traffic.

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Thinking Outside The Logo

This Redditor found a gem driving along the US road scape. Snapping a shot of a near-iconic bumper sticker that reads "there can be only one." The owner of the car positioned it wittingly above the "Highlander" logo of his car model. Thus, giving the world a work of art.

Highlander Bumper Sticker FunnyHighlander Bumper Sticker Funny
fiveyearsyounger via Reddit

fiveyearsyounger Uploaded this shot to the r/funny subreddit that has taken the Redditors by storm. Many of the Reddit users, including us, have been inspired to take on a new approach to bumper stickers. Pimping not only the ride but the ride's name. Genius!

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Dude, Bach off

This big backdoor not-so-bumper sticker was so iconic and well written that we seriously couldn't find a better title to write other than its tagline. It's so relevant considering Bach was allegedly a "my way or the highway" type of guy - it's such a double win for the person behind this.

Bach hilarious Bumper StickerBach hilarious Bumper Sticker
intenselikecamping via Imgur

The masterminds behind this humor were none other than 101.1 FM, the classical music radio station and group. Based in North Texas, they pride themselves on being the “gateway of classical music and arts for the Mid-West." Very fitting!

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Hitting Back On The Classics

The typical bumper stickers are usually the "new learner/driver" and "how's my driving? call me at (phone number)." But other than those, a notable sticker is probably the legendary "baby on board" one. It almost feels like just about everyone had one of those once in their life.

Black Car Bumper StickerBlack Car Bumper Sticker
KBeardo via Reddit

Kbeardo, a Reddit user posted this picture in r/funny as an ode to the struggle of growing up. "Us adults deserve the same attention too," he exclaimed. Understandably, his witty remarks were rewarded with countless upvotes and awards as well, he was just funny.

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The Truth Hurts?

This one bumper sticker has caught the attention of some online lurkers and commenters alike as Redditor lenny_is_sgtc posted this sight. While this picture may be something that might not be agreed on by everyone, the joke itself has managed to make this Reddit thread laugh.

Funny Controversial Bumper StickerFunny Controversial Bumper Sticker
lenny_is_sgtc via Reddit

As controversial as it may be, we hope that fellow drivers saw the humor in it. “Yeah it sounds weird, but in all seriousness- it’s kinda the truth,” A Redditor commented. Having the most upvotes, many seemed to agree that well, the main reason there is a welfare system is because of tax. Who knew that bumper stickers could get so deep?

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Privileges Come With Time

Some people have a habit of honking at someone on the road who is seemingly driving as slow as a turtle. It may be right, or not, but only some have the privilege to justify them driving slow. That is best described in this amazing bumper sticker.

Funny Elderly Bumper StickerFunny Elderly Bumper Sticker
lenny_is_gtc via Reddit

Lenny_is_gtc posted a picture of this hilarious banner on the back of a car's bumper to which he was trailing behind. Uploading the image to the web, many Redditors were inspired to do the same and to create such stickers for their beloved elderlies. Nice, and hilarious.

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(Not-so) Killer Grandma

"Stay alive. Don't knit and Drive." This scene simply screams "Granny's sweet ride." The grandma driving is so savage that she is probably the one that's on her way to see Red Riding Hood. In a hot wheel that is. The best part? The license plate literally reads "KNITTA."

Bumper Sticker Grandma FunnyBumper Sticker Grandma Funny
beyond-giving-a-shit via Reddit

This Redditor explained how his grandma owns a knitting business, and how she is basically the coolest gal on the block. Being savage and usually riding out and about with this sticker on her car. We have no doubt that this grandma is one of the recognizable crocheters in the hood.

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Prius Strikes Again...

Reddit user driedkitten provided a pic in reply to the previously noted roasting of the Toyota Prius. "I was out driving in Portland and here, I found yet another one," he mentioned. Showing how much the Reddit threads support the "Prius roasting" movement.

Prius Roast Bumper StickerPrius Roast Bumper Sticker
driedkitten via Reddit

Unlike the other picture, however, we can clearly see that this bumper sticker is positioned on nothing other than a Toyota Prius. Well, this is a confirmed picture of harmless humor that just goes to show how Prius owners might also want to join the fun. Surely the movement can't be that big though, can it?

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Funny Stickers Have No Boundaries

Redditor lolcop01 posted this picture on a Reddit thread that talks about funny bumper stickers. "Found this playing Assasins Creed, this is actually incredible," he wrote. As you can see - the sticker says, "If you can read this, you're in HD." That IS "incredible!"

Sticker Hilarious Gaming SurpriseSticker Hilarious Gaming Surprise
lolcop01 via Reddit

It's interesting when you think about it, as it goes to show how sometimes the real world spews itself onto the gaming world. Bumper stickers apparently belong there too - it only makes it more real we suppose. Perhaps there are more of these easter eggs to be found in other games, time to go check it out!

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Oh, Canada

Reddit user bostonbruins86 uploaded this beauty to Imgur before posting it on a relevant Reddit thread. "Found in Canada, I'm literally dead," they posted as they gained attention. Being funny for seemingly targetting the "apologetic nature of Canadians," this picture really has us going.

Canadian Bumper Sticker FunnyCanadian Bumper Sticker Funny
bostonbruins86 via Reddit

Canadians, who many of us know and love, have gained internet fame for their polite culture. So much so that while riding in Canada, redditors mentioned that they would "expect to find such a bumper sticker that literally apologizes for driving too close to you." Cause how else would you see it?

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Hidden In The Picture

At first glance, this pic looks like a slick photo of a sports car riding through snow. Well, yes, that is true - but if you look even closer - you will notice something odd. The bumper has a "Prius repellant" sticker on it. Right above the exhaust tank. Here we go again with the prius...

Bumper Sticker Funny PriusBumper Sticker Funny Prius
jackyboy491 via Reddit

Alright. What is the deal that the online community apparently has with the Toyota Prius? Could it be that they are actually making fun of the fact that it is a hybrid? Those that are roasting the poor brand seem to have their reasons, and the Redditors behind it seem to make people laugh, so we shall let this pass.

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Totally Understandable

mythiclemarine Uploaded this masterpiece to Imgur with the title "My grandpa." Having the picture uploaded to Reddit, the online thread took to the post to discuss exactly, why? Only to be answered with "Well, he asked me to." Which is pretty understandable.

Elderly Hilarious Bumper StickerElderly Hilarious Bumper Sticker
mythiclemarine via Imgur

Imagine this, at 70 years old, the last thing one would want to have on their way to pick up the grandkids is for someone to honk at them. Hence, the Redditors online discussing this picture ended up agreeing with this sticker claiming it's justified. What do you think?

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Good Idea

There is a famous saying that goes something along the lines of "Have you tried plugging it and unplugging it?" Almost like a work of magic, the moment you do that, all the technical errors that were burdening you seem to just vanish. Poof! Just like that.

Existential Lol Bumper StickerExistential Lol Bumper Sticker
notlockedthreadsbot via Reddit

Well, this bumper sticker aims to challenge the magical saying by applying it nationally. If you could unplug and replug the country, will things be better? Well, notlockedthreadsbot, if you ever do find a way to do such a thing let us know. Many people would probably want to make their countries better.

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ollytwist, a Reddit user, uploaded this seemingly controversial bumper sticker onto a subreddit where it became the center of an online debate. "Science flies you to the moon, Religion flies you into buildings." A probably controversial saying that internet users might not want to miss out on discussing.

Quote Controversial Bumper StickerQuote Controversial Bumper Sticker
ollytwist via Reddit

While the bumper sticker was intended to raise a debate and questions - it wasn't "meant to diss any religion along the way," as the Redditor stated. It was more of a discussion starter. The subreddit did have a peaceful dialogue, however, what interests us is what conversations go on in people's cars whenever they see this in the middle of traffic.

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Best Candidate Ever

Imgur user phubbbbbs uploaded this hilarious yet outdated masterpiece to the online universe. It is basically a sticker of an Obi-Wan Kenobi for President 2012 campaign. We are almost sure that he would jokingly win if he actually competed for the presidency. What do you think?

Star Wars Bumper StickerStar Wars Bumper Sticker
phubbbbbs via Imgur

While this sticker is hilarious and very entertaining, it is also a remnant of a very big trend that used to happen in the early 2010s. Some of us might remember that time that it seemed like Star Wars was the biggest thing to have ever occurred to this planet. This bumper sticker trend seemed pretty big then.

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Totally Relatable

This bumper sticker was uploaded by the user responsibleturtles before sticking it on to her car. She took to Imgur to upload the picture, however, she uploaded it to Reddit in order to generate a beaming online response. Many people wanting the same sticker. Look, it IS pretty funny, don't you think?

Relationship Hilarious Car StickerRelationship Hilarious Car Sticker
responsibleturtles via Reddit

The post garnered a whopping 1.75 thousand upvotes for being well, relatable. Many of the users commented on the way that cats are more trustworthy in relationships. They also commented on how a relationship lasts a few months to years but a cat, on the other hand, has 9 lives. Hilarious.

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You Still Are!

Internet forager tedizzle uploaded a picture of the back of his dad's car, with this hilarious bumper sticker stuck to the window instead, for the whole world to see. The sticker reads "I used to be cool." Many of the onliners believe that his dad is even cooler driving around with a thing like that!

Funny Dad Car StickerFunny Dad Car Sticker
tedizzle via Imgur

Spurring a variety of comments on Imgur and earning 2 thousand likes on the way, many people quickly noted the legendary status his dad has for having the courage to flaunt the sticker. "Yeah I love my dad," the user replied to one commenter. It's actually pretty sweet, we think.

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Gotta catch em all they say- including the pun that this bumper sticker has. See, ra-tta-ta refers to both the engine noise, and the pokemon that shares the same name. Even more so, the pokemon also says out loud "ratatata" which is what this car probably sounds like.

Pokemon Car Bumper FunnyPokemon Car Bumper Funny
babyfartsmcgeeza10 via Reddit

This sticker seems to be the perfect bumper art for the pokemon lover as it really is a good pun. Not only that, but it also gives a pretty cute compliment to the car. We are sure any pokemon fan would love such an adorable bumper sticker. Birthday gift ideas? Anyone?

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Beer Nice To Yourself

We think that this bumper sticker is borderline genius. Not only will it make you chuckle at the innocent humor, but it will catch your attention. What could this person be referring to? Looking at the bottom right corner, you will soon realize it's actually a discrete advertisement.

Beer Car Sticker DadBeer Car Sticker Dad
simbakid via Imgur

Hiring out billboards can be a costly business, with some companies having to splash thousands of dollars a day just to keep the advertisement going. simbakid, Uploaded his dad's cost-effective answer to advertising and we certainly love it! 'Great business model.

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Sticking It Out There

tytytiger72, A Reddit user, was walking by on his way back from school when he noticed this absolutely hilarious car sticker on the back of someone's car. "Someone got the concept wrong," he mentioned, talking about the almost infamous stick family bumper sticker trend.

Stick Family Car StickerStick Family Car Sticker
tytytiger72 via Reddit

While the concept of dinosaurs running along and eating innocent stick-figured families may be amusing, finding it randomly could probably make your day. This is exactly what this Redditor experienced as he was passing by this car and he made sure to share it with the online world.

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We Love You, America

Reddit User Anxiousrunner13 uploaded their take at campaign bumper stickers with the caption, "Am I doing this sticker thing right?" Gaining some attention on her post, many people have seemed to agree with her. Referring to the plethora of campaigns the US has during elections.

Campaign Car Sticker FunnyCampaign Car Sticker Funny
Anxiousrunner13 via Reddit

The momentum of this post has caught many Redditors into it. A lot of the online viewers ended up saying that they will adopt the bumper sticker in order to join the fun. We certainly think that this is a funny way to join the political landscape. Nice one, Reddit.

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Best Campaign Ever

Adding to the election campaigns, user Cdsbigsby uploaded his version of a thought-provoking campaign. Doing so, he also made thousands upvote his post as is pretty entertaining. The creative idea was discussed by many as it was crowned by some Redditors as "one of the best bumper stickers ever."

Campaign Bumper Sticker FunnyCampaign Bumper Sticker Funny
Cdsbigsby via Reddit

The sticker basically makes fun of every other campaign by challenging everything that they probably try to do. Such as, convince a person as to why they should get the vote. By putting this banner up, this Reddit user clapped back at all the other banners and we found it hilarious.

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Existential And Hilarious

baldorr Uploaded this hilarious piece of art to Imgur having gained attention on Reddit as well. "Other People Exist" the bumper sticker states as it underlines one of the main points of the human consciousness. That other people, really do in fact exist. Some Redditors found this funny.

Funny Car Bumper Sticker
Funny Car Bumper Sticker
baldorr via Imgur

The internet can be an entertaining place, with many gems like this scattered along the way. This bumper sticker is certainly no exception. baldorr wrote on his image: "Thought I'd try something different," and we and seemingly the whole Reddit thread, support them.

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Important Sticker

barelygiraffe Shared a picture of a car boasting a very, well, relevant sticker at the back of it. "Honk if a kid falls out," written in bold blue writing isn't the thing you'd expect to see out on the streets. Regardless, it is important to mention such a thing when you think about it.

Funny Blue Car StickerFunny Blue Car Sticker
barelygiraffe via Imgur

Of the many comments uploaded on the post, barelygiraffe replied saying that "It was so hilarious." We completely agree with her, and the Reddit community seems to too. This artwork garnered a large number of upvotes, like many of the successful bumper stickers uploaded on the internet.

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Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

workingclassgearoh Shared this delight on the world wide web and without thinking twice, the Reddit community snatched it for everyone to see. What could have made such a hype you might ask? Well, possibly this randomly amazing bumper sticker, and it's uniqueness.

Nicolas Cage Bumper StickerNicolas Cage Bumper Sticker
workingclassgearoh via Imgur

Many of the commenters on Reddit and Imgur sought to find an answer as to "why in the world?" The user who uploaded the picture stated that he just found the sticker at the back of someone's car at a parking lot. He too, like the rest of the online community still wonders of this mystery.

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