Hilarious Advertising Fails That Someone Should Have Caught But Didn't


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Mahlik Campbell

Whether it was a printing mistake or just an unfortunate design, these advertisement fails certainly got a lot of attention. They're hilariously horrible, but we hope that until they're fixed, we can all enjoy a chuckle.


Calling all people who can only start their day with a cup, mug, or pitcher of coffee. After seeing this sliding-door delivery van pull up, would one still get a Starbucks coffee? Even if their advertisement on wheels turned "Starbucks" into "Sucks?"

Starbucks Truck Advertising FailStarbucks Truck Advertising Fail
Reddit via heuristicus

Many coffee lovers worldwide have enjoyed their favorite hot or iced drinks in over 19,900 Starbucks shops in 60 countries. But, when this picture was posted on Reddit, even the most devoted debated if they could continue buying their coffee from a place that says they suck!

Elastigirl Tries Yoga

We can't tell if this gym ad is genius or terrifying. Is Just Fit advertising that members will be able to hold a cobra yoga pose with their heads 180-degrees in the opposite direction? Or, are they showing that their workout program is so good that members will eventually turn into Elastigirl from The Incredibles?

Advertising Fail Just Fit Advertising Fail Just Fit
Reddit via Omega_Hamster

How could everyone from the designer to the production team miss this? All we know is that with an ad like that, we actually might just want to try the gym. Is it just us, or does it feel like the woman in this advertisement is strangely happy to have her head on completely backward?

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The Secret Ingredient

While many of us have accepted that we may never know what is actually inside a McDonald's meal, we didn't expect them to advertise it on a billboard! Whether the broken ice cream machine alters your McD's experience, or your burger only had one pickle, just remember: They invited us to try their crap, not a 5-star meal.

McDonald's Crap Advertising FailMcDonald's Crap Advertising Fail
Reddit via akadrake

Now, this might be the case of a high school prank, but either way, we got a good chuckle out of it. As we're sure, people and drivers passing by did too! Taking bets, how long do we think this advertisement was up in the parking lot before a staff member noticed and or changed it?

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Cheap Anxiety

We aren't entirely sure what we're looking at here. But, who knew mental health crises were such a rave that some people are supposedly getting a discount? At this shop, you can get your very own anxiety disorder on sale now for only $45.00! What a great steal!

Anxiety Sale Advertising FailAnxiety Sale Advertising Fail
Reddit via DjFizz

Although we aren't sure which state this fantastic deal is being offered in, we can thank Reddit user, DjFizz, for snapping this picture through their windshield. We'll be laughing about this advertisement fail all the way to our therapist's office.

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Fish Roll Massage

In case you've ever dreamt of getting a massage that's so good it could turn you into a fish roll, we found the place for you! You can find the service 10 meters to the right of who knows where. But, you'll never know when you get there because the sign doesn't say the name of the shop either!

Massage Advertising Fail Billboard Massage Advertising Fail Billboard
Reddit via Cream77

Could this confusing advertisement failure be fixed with a simple swapping of the bottom two photos? We may never know, but we are confident of one thing. After seeing this, a new fear has been born of somehow turning into human sushi. Anyone else, or just us?

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Teleporting Bus Driver

Nearly every part of this bus stop ad is confusing. It seems to be an advertisement for public transportation, yet the main characters are traveling away from the bus. But, even more puzzling is the floating bus driver who…teleports from stop to stop?

Bus Stop Advertising FailBus Stop Advertising Fail
Reddit via LoveGhostDotEXE

With only the bus door visible in the ad, it's hard to tell exactly what's going on here. Are the dad and son putting on a happy face or running for their lives? From what we can see, this is either a trap for traveling into another dimension or whoever came up with this needs to be fired.

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Dying to Join the Fun

This could very well be one of the most hilarious fails we've seen yet. Not only is a church group running a program beside a cemetery (creepy?), but their advertisement placement for joining a Bible Camp event couldn't possibly be better if they tried.

Graveyard Church Advertising FailGraveyard Church Advertising Fail
Reddit via random-user-42069

We simply can't help this one…It seems that people are just dying to get in on the fun that this group is promoting! Is it possible that whoever hung this sign is a satire genius? Or was this simply a case of off-brand ad placement? We may never know.

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Windows to the Soul

Some people who travel to and from work on public transportation might agree: Second best to people-watching is rating the ads on your commute. In fact, some people get paid a lot of money to wrap company's creative advertisements on buses. But, in this instance, things may have been a little off-scale.

Advertising Fail Bus WindowAdvertising Fail Bus Window
Reddit via Germantoast33

The placement of this woman's face with where the bus windows are is just too good to think it was an accident. "I followed this bus for 4 blocks to wait for it to pull over to share this beautiful work of art," said Reddit member @Germantoast33. And, we agree, what an interesting work of art this is!

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No matter if you read this ad from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top, or zig-zag, absolutely nothing makes sense. We honestly don't know what it's promoting or whose happiness it's concerning. From the looks of it, all we know is that they're not happy until we're not happy.

Restaurant Window Failed Advertising Restaurant Window Failed Advertising
Reddit via Hantook

The window above the advertisement states that the shop is "Open by appointment." So, maybe we can book a time to find out exactly what they're not happy about. We're confused and slightly concerned that the owners of this place might need to hit up that $45 anxiety sale.

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Realistic Mannequin

Finally, a mannequin that shows such unrealistic body ratios that literally no one except the Elastigirl yogi from Just Fit would be able to mimic its style! We can't exactly tell if the plastic model looks that excited about the 40% off sale in-store or her new fit. 

Clothing Store Unrealistic MannequinClothing Store Unrealistic Mannequin
Reddit via Bukkake_Monster

Either way, we wouldn't be surprised if not many people were rushing into this store to buy up all of the clothes behind this mannequin's larger-than-life wingspan. Still, we have to admit, she is certainly pulling it off. Speaking of a new purchase, check out this next funny fail.

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Specsavers £25 Glasses

It would be a different story if this Specsavers glasses advertisement was hung on a solid flat surface. But, because of it being put on the corner of a building, it makes their catchphrase that much better. "Our £25 Glasses don't look like £25 Glasses," it reads. 

Specsavers Glasses Advertising FailSpecsavers Glasses Advertising Fail
Reddit via GallowBoob

However, because the building's corner is warping the woman's face, not even Specsavers ad glasses look £25. We wonder if they've had any new business after launching this campaign. Honestly, we would go, but only to talk to the person who created this awesome fail. 

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This Salon Cuts Kids

Some hair salons specialize in curly hair, others in men's, but this one took the time to call attention to the fact that they "Cut kids." This could have been chalked up to a simple typo or grammatical error, but when coupled with an image of a child sobbing in the chair, it looks like there's something more going on here.

Hair Salon Kids CutsHair Salon Kids Cuts
Reddit via TerrariaExpert

Not to worry, for those who would still be willing to give this place a shot (you brave, brave souls), the sign's bottom reassures health precautions. That's right; this salon leaves it up to their plastic ad as opposed to proper documentation to show that they do, in fact, "Clean hand."

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Mother-Daughter Bonding

Okay, let's review the law: The legal drinking limit throughout the world typically ranges from 18-21 depending on what country you're in. So, when we saw this photo on the packaging of an unbreakable wine glass set, we were understandably confused.

Unbreakable Glasses Advertising FailUnbreakable Glasses Advertising Fail
Reddit via pochama55

Let's break it down. Mom is drinking a glass of red and is looking very happy. Maybe she's telling her daughter about a time she stomped grapes to make wine. Perhaps she's explaining why there's apple juice in her cup instead, seeing as though the toddler seems to be sipping on a glass of white wine?

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Les Shining The Musical

Many musical lovers believe that Les Miserables is an incredible production. We could go back and forth all day about how Anne Hathaway's role caused her career to skyrocket into an advanced stage completely. But, instead, let's take a closer look at what's actually being promoted here.

Advertising Fail Movie PosterAdvertising Fail Movie Poster
Reddit via whathaveyoudone22

Is this ad for Les Miserables? Or The Shining? We're confused because the placement of this advertisement looks as though viewers should expect Johnny to pop out at any moment. This time, he is donning some new blonde locks. Better luck next time, friends. 

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McDonald's came under fire from the social media stratosphere for this unfortunate ad placement. Here, their new dollar menu is being promoted via a slogan that says, "My kinda shoppin' spree." But, taking a closer look, this advertisement began to receive loads of backlash.

McDonald's Obesity Advertising FailMcDonald's Obesity Advertising Fail
Reddit via AccidentalComedy

No, not for dollar menu prices or food options, but because the ad was placed directly underneath an ad spreading awareness about childhood obesity. It features a doctor with a serious expression right above a young girl who looks thrilled to be holding 2 bags of McD's. Oops!

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Hats in the City

When the Sweedish movie Mig Ager Ingen or Nobody Owns Me was promoted publically, one area soon became the talk of the town. The intention was to place the main character's face all around the city to captivate potential viewers and encourage them to watch the film.

Movie Poster Advertising FailMovie Poster Advertising Fail
Twitter via @vemihelvete

But what actually ended up happening was the poster turning into a hilarious advertisement fail. Everywhere it was posted on a stand-alone bulletin, it looked as if the main character was wearing an assortment of different hats! This might have confused people a bit, but for clarification, the film is a drama, not a comedy.

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Shopping For Baby

We're not entirely sure if this is a failed advertisement or the truth of new parents finally coming out? Maybe it was mislabeled "baby needs" instead of "Parent needs?" We aren't sure, but what we do know is that this slip-up has caused quite the comment chain on Reddit.

Baby Needs Store FailBaby Needs Store Fail
Twitter via @Joelwillans

"Because nobody will impulse buy alcohol like a new parent," commented Reddit user YayAnonymity. User 00OO0OO00O0O0O0O0O00 even suggested, "Supermarket layout designed by a parent of a newborn." We think these people are on to something because although whines are for babies, wines certainly are not.

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If it Ain't Broke...

There really aren't a lot of things that are more comical for onlookers than something going in the complete opposite direction of the way it was intended. Here, this Mike's Hard Lemonade advertisement sits at a bus stop and reads, "If it ain't broke, break it." Well, it seems like someone took the advice quite literally.

Mike's Hard Ad FailMike's Hard Ad Fail
Reddit via BruschiOnTap

While we aren't entirely sure what the ad did mean by "break it," we're confident that it did not mean for the reader to shatter the glass of the bus stop. Was this instance a simple case of bad luck, or did the advertisement creators consider that this could happen but hoped it wouldn't?

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"Saturday" Sweatshirt

By no fault of the models at all, a clothing campaign was photographed and launched with it looking as if they were promoting sweatshirts that said "Turd." In reality, the company designed plush sweaters that sported each day of the week. The woman's top on the left actually reads "Saturday," but we'd never know.

Clothing Fail Saturday ModelsClothing Fail Saturday Models
Reddit via virginmary93

What's even more comical is that the model on the right is winking while making a "shhh" motion. Paired with the other model, it looks as if the two women are promoting a quiet kind of defecating attire. It's not too far of a long shot to guess that this was not the brand's intention. 

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We *Almost* Fit

Whether you are an experienced driver or have just received your license, cruising on the highway can be a stressful situation. But, when this Halford's truck became stuck between the road and the bridge overhead, the situation turned from frightening to comical, and here's why.

We Fit Truck FailWe Fit Truck Fail
Reddit via Loyallaughter

At first glance, it is clear to see that the truck is stuck. But, if you look a little closer, you'll also notice that the top of the truck's back says, "We fit." Usually, this statement would make sense, but when it's literally not fitting between the road and the bridge, the slogan seems a bit misleading.

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$3 Heart Disease

If there are two things we can learn from this photo, it's that Louisiana has a serious heart disease issue and that Burger King is a must in the mornings. However, this placement is a hilarious fail, seeing as though the billboards speak of two completely different and opposite topics.

Burger King Heart DiseaseBurger King Heart Disease
Reddit via RedStealth

But, when placed beside one another, the situation turned into an advertising nightmare. Should Louisiana residents be thinking about what to get at BK that morning for breakfast, or should they call their doctors to schedule an appointment? Or maybe both?

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Candy Weight Control

Whether it's Halloween time or not, there always seems to be a fully-stocked candy aisle within reach at any given convenience store. But here, placement is truly everything. The store's signage clearly marks that this is the area for weight control and denture care.

Weight Control Advertising FailWeight Control Advertising Fail
Reddit via libbydisney

But, then why is the endcap full to the brim with shelves on shelves of candy? That is certainly no way to help with weight control or denture care. All we can say is that time around, the candy trolls have won because this ad failure is pretty comical.

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Bad Exhaust Placement

It's a given that every bus in the public transportation system has an exhaust pipe to let out the steam from driving. But, someone, please explain to us who the comical genius is behind placing this advertisement for changing your life with La Universitas Chegou exactly where it is.

Exhaust Pipe Advertising FailExhaust Pipe Advertising Fail
Reddit via ErickJail

Is he absolutely thrilled to be going back to University? Or is it just early morning? The smile on the man's face shows that he is clearly enjoying himself. And, we can bet that whoever installed this hilarious fail of an ad was enjoying themselves when it went up as well.

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Pirates Did What?

Are you here to see PiratesKnocked UpShrek, or Pirates Knocked Up Shrek? That's right. This cinema's street-facing headliner not only tripped you and us up for a moment but can you imagine the confusion of people passing by? Just think of the poor Grandmothers who think Shrek is now dating a pirate. 

Advertising Fail Movie SignAdvertising Fail Movie Sign
Instagram via @bushoujohime

Did the movie theater employees think that today was the day to mess with the world, or were the cinemas actually set up this way inside? No matter what the truth behind this funny advertisement fail is, we can guess that it got a chuckle out of you as it did for us.

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Valentine's Gift

Some might believe this is a great Valentine's day gift, while others may think it's the opposite. No matter the outcome of the test, what a way for a store to advertise the sale of pregnancy tests! According to this image, for only $8.99, you can change your life.

Bad Valentine's Gift AdvertisingBad Valentine's Gift Advertising
Reddit via Alastair Jamieson

You can either find out some big news, take your relationship to the next level, or be single just in time for Valentine's! Wherever this fail was located when this picture was snapped, we can guess that it turned into a company-wide campaign fail.

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Grapeless Grapes

This grocery store sells "Great food at low prices," but it seems that they also sell some interesting fruit. This complete advertisement failure features a sign that reads, "Black grapeless grapes," for just $1.48/lb. Let's rewind. Grapeless grapes? Or seedless grapes?

Grocery Store Grape FailGrocery Store Grape Fail
Reddit via xRayFinklex

Clearly, either this store is unsure about the products they sell, or the sign person needs to find a different position. Now the question remains, how long was this mistake up before someone noticed? And, how long did the store know before changing it?

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HomeCare Refueling

Um, we aren't entirely sure what's going on here. But, we do know that whoever designed the car wrap for HomeCare.com could have picked a different place or position for this sweet older woman's face. She looks so happy to have her wind blowing in the air that she didn't even realize the lower half of her left arm is missing!

Home Care Advertising FailHome Care Advertising Fail
Reddit via KalebPhillips

We can guess that whoever drives this car gets a tad uncomfortable each time they refuel their gas tank. It's not every day that you see someone pouring gasoline directly into the mouth of someone's Grandma. All in all, this advertising fail, as with the rest, will go down in hilarious history.

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