'Detective Pikachu' Memes Appeal To The Professional In Us All

Manny Ray Funny /
Warner Bros. Pictures

Turning Pikachu into a detective may not seem like a huge deal, but for those of us who grew up knowing him as Ash’s sidekick for decades throughout the chronology of Pokemon, it’s huge. He’s grown up with us, and now that we’re adulting we can identify with

Gains Szn

Pikachu’s lifting now? Oh, same here. It says fitness enthusiast in our Instagram bio, duh.

Deli Papi

He’s at the deli to remind you to go easy on the carbs. Right next to the veggies because you can never have too much avocado, right?

Pika Runs On Dunkin

We need caffeine, or at least we think we do. Those long hours solving crime or fighting other Pokemon can tire you out. Thankfully, we’ve got coffee.

I Just Wanted Something For My Desk…

We like to make our work space feel like home, whether with pictures or quirky items. For this guy, a doll, bottle, and straw were the items of choice.

Safety first

No more are the days of not wearing seatbelts. And adults care for others safety too .Even baby Detective Pikachus.

“We’Ve Got Food At Home”

It’s a tough conversation to have with yourself when McDonald’s is right there, but it’s all about budgeting. We may hate it when we’re young, but we get it growing up

Self-Awareness Is Important

It’s key to know your moods. When you need a coffee break, and when you’ve got to dish out a corkscrew punch in self defense. Knowing the difference makes all the difference.

A Fight Scene Narrated By Samuel L. Jackson

We’ve all wanted to be in an action scene, and having it narrated by one of the most iconic voices of all-time in Samuel L. Jackson would be legendary, Any adult would say yes

Accuracy Please!

We get excited about our childhood heroes being reinvented as we get older, but we also value them being properly depicted. For this guy, just doing it isn’t enough. Do it right.


Memes are a language at this point. Expressing ourselves using this cute ball of yellow will just enhance our repertoire and maintain Pika’s relevance in our lives

Life Is All About Balance

Growing up doesn’t mean we have to let go of the kid within. Buy a car and a stuffed animal, why not!

Stylish Straws

Maybe you don’t want to be too extra, so carrying Detective Pikachu around on a straw while enjoying a refreshing icy beverage is meore than suitable. Keep it subtle, yet effective

Dream Boy 4 Lyfe

Ryan Reynolds being in Detective Pikachu gives it a whole different feeling for the women. We envision it being a bit more dreamy and romantic. Something like this perhaps?

Prior Proper Planning

No more are the days of last minute impulse buys, we young adults plan ahead for the things we want to do. Especially knowing this moving will likely sell out fast.

Memeology Pt. 2

Because one meme is never enough. Mood, even in the mid 20’s.

Top 5 Things You Never Say

Men learn and grow slower than women, but it happens. We quickly learn one phrase that should most certainly never be used. Unless we want to unlock a different level of fury.

The Evolution of Surprised Pika

Seeing memes evolve is beautiful. Surprised Pikachu has been a tool for many over the last few years, and Detective Pikachu has given us our latest iteration.

What if they made it a video game?

Look no further! If Detective Pikachu was around for the Gameboy Color days, he would’ve fit right in. Look at those pixels.


We adults love Target. It’s usually conveniently located and equipped with most things we need at reasonable pricing. $29.99 may be a bit lofty for Detective Pikachu, but bringing the plush toy right to where many of us shop is clever.

“You just don’t get it!!!!”

Parents (and older adults just don’t understand.) Even when we age and start to understand our elders, we’re still protective of our culture. This tweet is the alternative to getting into a screaming match, kudos

22. “Yeah... Right”

It’s a Kids Meal but technically we all have a kid within. Sorry to the sons and daughters, but this one is for us. Pika, pika, not for you.


It’s more than a playing card, it can be used in many different ways. We read books now, and what better way to mark where we left off than Detective Pika?

The Think Piece

With age, comes less enjoyment and more analysis. We see all the schemes and tactics used to appeal to us, and we just have to break them down. Like Peter here.

Hot Takes

We love getting spicy, and what better one to cause controversy than comparing this movie to Avengers: Endgame? They’ve got an aggressive hive, but adulthood has taught us to stand firm in our beliefs.