30+ Funny College Tweets That Are so Relatable It Hurts


| LAST UPDATE 10/23/2022

By Mahlik Campbell

College days are truly one of a kind. From creating lasting friendships to spending emotional nights at the library trying to catch up, being a college student is a life-changing experience. Take a look at these hilarious tweets from students, and let us know which ones you relate to most!

Kit Kat Bandit

At first glance, this note simply comes off rather creepy. Who wants a stranger, or even a friend, peering into your car's windows looking around for some snacks? Evidently, the Kit Kat Bandit was drawn to this particular vehicle because of the chocolaty goodness inside, and they couldn't resist going in.

Kit Kat Bandit Hilarious College Tweets Kit Kat Bandit Hilarious College Tweets
Twitter via @jabbins

On the plus side, at least the mysterious thief was upfront about this little "break-in," right? The note was rather heartfelt, and luckily, nothing valuable was stolen from the vehicle. Unless, of course, the owner of the car considers candy to be valuable; In that case, we'd have a situation on our hands.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

If you're a current college student or a recent graduate, then you can definitely relate to this one. Remember the days when your parents told you stories about eating ramen noodles in their college dorm because they had no money for real food with a student budget?

Desperate Times Hilarious College tweets Desperate Times Hilarious College tweets
Twitter via @samiwert

You might've said, "No, I won't let that happen." Well, low and behold, a typical night as a college student; Using none other than a clothes hanger as a utensil. Ahh, the art of improvising and learning to budget all at the same time. Truthfully, we're starting to reminisce on simpler times, when the biggest problem was finding a fork.

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College Professors vs. High School Teachers

Remember sitting in your high school math class in a room full of kids who just wanted the day to be over already, with a non-functional air conditioning unit? Oh, and the teacher probably gave a whole back story on how they got to this point. This is great and all, but for some reason, this all changes in college.

College Professors vs. High School Teachers Hilarious College Tweets College Professors vs. High School Teachers Hilarious College Tweets
Vince Bucci / Stringer via Getty Images/ Tweet: Twitter via @JordanRutledge

Suddenly, in college, your professors don't waste any time on why you should call them "such and such," they just want to teach and move on. Oftentimes, they even introduce themselves by their first name and give out their phone number in case you have a last-minute question before an exam. What a different world college is!

Photography Is an Essential Skill

At first glance, you might be thinking, "Who still uses a digital camera these days?" However, when you just don't have it in you to take notes, or maybe your professor changes the slides way too quickly, photography suddenly becomes an essential skill. So, it looks like it's time to whip out that old Kodak.

Twitter via @kingchelsay

Ok, fine, an iPhone is also perfect for snapping some photos of the projector during class; You've just got to be very sneaky. Honestly, many college professors post their class notes online, but then there are those who refuse to do this because it may or may not give students absolutely no incentive to attend class.

Chinchillas Go To Class Too

It's no secret that college campuses are filled with all kinds of characters. Bookworms, jocks, socialites, frat stars, and then, there are some who just can't be away from their small animals for long. Like this guy, who finds comfort in bringing his pet chinchilla to class with him, and apparently, chinchillas have got to eat!

Chinchillas In Class Hilarious College Tweets Chinchillas In Class Hilarious College Tweets
Shutterstock via olgagorovenko/ Twitter via @charlottejorrey

How would you react if your classmate told you his pet chinchilla is sitting in his backpack eating carrots? Well, little Kent does look quite cute, but hearing an animal nibbling on carrots during an economics lecture could get a bit distracting. It might be time to move seats.

Being Ghosted Hurts

For anyone who is unsure what the term "ghosted" means, consider this your lucky day, because you're about to find out. Ghosting someone means suddenly distancing yourself from the person, and most likely no longer answering their messages, after being romantically involved for a period of time.

Ghosting Hilarious College Tweets Ghosting Hilarious College Tweets
Mean Girls (2004) Michael Gibson via Time Magazine/ Twitter via @foxmccloud82

So rude, right?! Come on, Brian, show some manners and at least break up with her face-to-face. Well, advancements in technology might be to blame for this one, since most of us communicate more through a screen than having an in-person conversation. Regardless, ghosting hurts, and we need answers!

How to Handle Failure

Oh, how things change once you're living on your own and don't have to check in with your parents about every homework assignment like you might've done in high school. Who remembers their first D on a college exam? Heartbreaking, right? Let's be honest, we've all shed a few tears after receiving a grade we weren't expecting.

How to Handle Failure Hilarious College Tweets How to Handle Failure Hilarious College Tweets
Roberto Machado Noa via Getty Images/ Twitter via @gabmcmahon

But, like everything in life, things get better with time. And that means that coping with these not-so-ideal grades also gets easier, and you learn how to best handle the situation. Whether you calm yourself down by going for a run, taking a nap, or maybe even treating yourself to some fried goodness, it will all be ok, don't worry.

Formality First

Professionalism is no joke in college. You might not have realized it, but some of your professors are likely established professionals in their field, commanding immense respect. So, it's no surprise that many high school teachers try their very best to prepare their students for the next step.

Formality First Hilarious College Tweets Formality First Hilarious College Tweets
Twitter via @DaveWiltse

This particular student started off the email on a positive note, addressing his professor by "Dr." However, he must've forgotten about the whole formal thing when he started to write the body of the email. While he could've worded it in a more scholarly manner, at least he got the point across clearly, right?

Frat Boy 101

Hello folks, and welcome to Frat Boy 101. There's a lot more that goes into being a frat star than just showing up to parties, wearing sunglasses inside, and throwing back a few Bud Lights. For starters, you've got to get the perfect wardrobe together. And in case you weren't already aware, every type of party has its own attire.

Frat Boy 101 Hilarious College Tweets Frat Boy 101 Hilarious College Tweets
Instagram via @harryjowsey/ Twitter via @springashaw

Today, we're going to help you prepare for happy hour; A favorite after-class activity for college kids. Since it won't be dark out, it's important that you dress to impress and wear something colorful. A Hawaiian shirt is the perfect article of clothing for the occasion, and paired with some confidence, you're in for a great time.

C's Get Degrees

Let this next tweet serve as a reminder that C's get degrees. It sounds like this particular student really did put some effort into his essay, he just started off on the wrong foot. But can you blame him, The Emperor of Time certainly sounds a lot like The Emperor's New Groove? Which movie would you rather watch?

C's Get Degrees Hilarious College Tweets C's Get Degrees Hilarious College Tweets
The Emperor's New Groove/ Twitter via @adam_cook2014

So yeah, Adam did the entirely wrong assignment, but A for effort, right? At least his professor recognized the blood, sweat, and tears he put into his report on The Emperor's New Groove, and apparently, it turned out pretty well. We've got to hand it to him, getting a C on a paper that he wrote on the wrong movie is impressive.

Life at the Library

Here we have the epitome of Millennials and Gen Z in a nutshell. It seems like no matter where we are or what we're doing, we just can't get enough screen time. For example, this hard-working student parked herself in the library to get started on her final paper, whipped out her fancy pens, calculators, and snacks to last for days.

Life at the Library Hilarious College Tweets Life at the Library Hilarious College Tweets
Twitter via @Carpenter3Jeff

Give it ten minutes, and chances are, you'll catch a glimpse of this studious individual texting, tweeting, scrolling through her Instagram feed, or anything else that helps to procrastinate doing school work. However, we can't really blame her. School is hard, and sometimes the silence of the library makes it impossible to focus.

The Sympathy That Comes With Chemistry

Whether you're studying to be a doctor or majoring in communications, hoping to become a hotshot PR agent, chemistry is not easy. Well, maybe it comes easy for some students, or some people are interested enough that they push through the pain, but for many, it's the most challenging class in college.

Sympathy With Chemistry Hilarious College TweetsSympathy With Chemistry Hilarious College Tweets
Movie: ChiPs (2017)/ Twitter via @ashleeepaws

So, when this student got pulled over for speeding and realized he couldn't possibly pay this ticket on his student budget, he had to think fast. Clearly, chemistry was the answer to all of his problems. Even the motorcycle cop could sympathize with someone having to spend all night working on a chemistry packet.

How to Bother Harvard Students

No matter how old you are or where you grew up, chances are, you're familiar with the most elite university there is, Harvard. The school only accepts 4.7% of applicants, so anyone who gets in pretty much has to attend. And you can bet Harvard students have quite a big ego, at least the one in this photo.

Bother Harvard Students Hilarious College Tweets Bother Harvard Students Hilarious College Tweets
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images/ Twitter via @V_sugarbaby

Props to the student who decided to stir the pot; He truly made us laugh. Evidently, pretending you've never heard of Harvard and asking if it's a community college is the biggest insult you can give a Harvard student. He better skate away quickly because this angry Harvard hockey player has a stick, and he's not afraid to use it.

Crying Is Healthy, They Said

To anyone who thinks that crying makes you any less "tough," well, you're about to be proven wrong. Sometimes, it takes more guts to pour out your emotions and shed some tears than to keep your feelings inside. If you haven't yet attended college, then we have some advice for you.

Crying Is Healthy Hilarious College Tweets Crying Is Healthy Hilarious College Tweets
Rick and Morty Crying Scene/ Twitter via @maggieisntcool

Just like junk food is ok in small doses, so is crying. For instance, this guy probably found out he failed his math test after pulling an all-nighter to memorize the equations. When he saw the grade, he did the responsible thing by allotting five minutes to bawling his eyes out, before moving on to the next subject.

Test-Taking Terrors

Please raise your hand if this was your go-to test strategy in college. For some reason, teachers, tutors, and mentors always suggested skipping over the tough questions and coming back to them later. But what happens when you find yourself panicking over the last 15 or so questions in the last half hour of the exam?

Test-Taking Terrors Hilarious College Tweets Test-Taking Terrors Hilarious College Tweets
Bart Simpson from The Simpsons/ Twitter via @Miguel_nunez

Does the teacher think we're going to magically come up with the answers the second time around? I mean, that would be unbelievable, but many of us just break into a sweat and occasionally start hyperventilating. Well, if this happens to you, just know that you're not alone, and we certainly feel your pain.

Multiple Choice Questions... Enough Said

Short answer questions on an exam might seem like a nightmare, but hey, at least you can always receive partial credit for your response. But when it comes to multiple-choice questions, it just seems like the professor is out to get you. In high school, things seemed straight forward, but college is a whole other situation.

Multiple Choice Questions Hilarious College Tweets Multiple Choice Questions Hilarious College Tweets
AFP / Stringer via Getty Images/ Twitter via @ckauffman20

Even if you feel confident going into an exam, this cold, hard, pack of countless multiple-choice questions has the power to destroy you. Don't you love when the options on your history test are: A) American Revolution, B) Civil War, C) All of the Above, D) None of the Above? If anyone has any tricks, please let us know!

Man, Standards Have Changed

In high school, there's so much pressure to prepare for college; Earning the highest GPA, scoring well on the SAT, and getting involved in extra-curricular activities. So, many high school students convince themselves that without a 4.0 GPA, three Varsity letters, and a spot on the Student Council, they'll have no future.

Standards Change Hilarious College Tweets Standards Change Hilarious College Tweets
Ethan Miller via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

But the truth is, unless you're planning to attend grad school, your priorities are likely to shift, and sometimes, just passing a class can seem like the biggest accomplishment in the world. So, as long as you're happy with yourself, then you're probably doing great!

End of Semester Exhaustion

Picture this: It's syllabus week in your first semester of college. After a relaxing summer, you feel refreshed and ready to start working toward your future. You start off the semester strong, taking impeccable notes, going to the professors' office hours, and giving your all. And then, suddenly, you're nearing finals week.

End of Semester Exhaustion Hilarious College TweetsEnd of Semester Exhaustion Hilarious College Tweets
Twitter via @_gabbyromero

After pulling countless all-nighters in the library and missing nights out to study, the exhaustion starts to kick in. And if you decided to put off your sociology readings for the last two weeks, you might even ask yourself, "How did I let it get so bad?" The truth is, we've all been there, and things can only get better from there.

The Danger of Driving Through a College Town

Everyone says that New York City has the craziest, most fearless drivers, but have you ever driven through a college town? Evidently, college students on the road can be quite selfish. I mean, if you only have four minutes to get to your econ final or else you fail the class, you've got to do what you've got to do.

Danger of Driving Through College Town Hilarious College Tweets Danger of Driving Through College Town Hilarious College Tweets
Jean-Paul Aussenard via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CassieCothernXO

By no means are we saying hit a person; Maybe just give a honk if you really must do something. Chances are, though, these wild drivers are also the ones taking their time as they J-walk across the street, without a care in the world about incoming traffic. Apparently, college just hits different.

Number 1 Rule of Writing a Paper

Have you ever started off an excruciatingly long essay with a passionate title, potentially something you'd prefer that your professor not see? Sometimes it helps to laugh a little bit while struggling to whip up a final paper. However, if you do so, you must remember one thing: Change the title before turning it in!

Twitter via @morgs216

The content in this criminal Justice paper might be impressive, but, chances are, the professor will have a hard time looking past the title. Maybe this student got lucky and had a professor with a great sense of humor, and even said they did the same thing in college. Well, that's what we're telling ourselves, at least.

Koalifications, Man

Who here finds it irritating when you're trying to crack a joke, and your scholarly friend ruins it by trying to give you a lecture on the art of nature? We all paid attention during the wild animal unit in elementary school and learned the species' of our favorite furry friends, so a reminder will not be needed.

Koalifications Hilarious College Tweets Koalifications Hilarious College Tweets
Don Arnold via Getty Images/ Twiiter via @clairedaniellem

Apparently, the wildlife expert didn't get the memo that his friend was simply trying to make a joke about koalas. So, for anyone who didn't remember, koalas are not bears because they are marsupials. If you would like further explanation, try giving the joke-spoiler a call, he'll be happy to educate you.

Spongebob Can't Solve Everything

Violence and destruction are never the answer, but sometimes, writing a final paper during the last week of the semester sparks some pretty wild thoughts. However, if you happened to see this particular episode of Spongebob and watched the perky sea creature set his house on fire to avoid writing a paper, don't get any ideas.

Spongebob Can't Solve Everything Hilarious College Tweets Spongebob Can't Solve Everything Hilarious College Tweets
Spongebob Squarepants/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

In the moment, destroying everything in sight might seem like it'll help you escape from the situation, but what happens when you calm down and realize you might've overreacted just a bit? Just look on the bright side; In a few short years, college will be in the past, and you'll laugh at these unfortunate times.

Skip Class at Your Own Risk

College is an experience unlike any other, and for a lot of people, it's the first taste of genuine freedom. No more living under your parents' roof and following their rules, time to make your own decisions. Part of this freedom means deciding which classes to attend, and if skipping class comes with a consequence, then that's on you.

Skipping Class Hilarious College TweetsSkipping Class Hilarious College Tweets
Michael Scott from The Office/ Twitter via @NathanZed

Most students avoid early morning classes at all costs, but sometimes there's no way out of them. So here's a piece of advice, do not get into the habit of skipping class. Of course, once in a while, you might need to ditch class, but in general, find a way to get up when your alarm sounds.

Email Etiquette

Ahh, email etiquette, one of the most essential lessons one learns in college. If you attend a large university and most of your classes are lectures with hundreds of other students, it's likely that the professor will never ever learn your name. Unless however, you go to their office hours and make an effort to build a relationship.

Email Etiquette Hilarious College TweetsEmail Etiquette Hilarious College Tweets
Noel Vasquez via Getty Images/ Twitter via @coralbeef_

Many times, email is your only form of communication with a professor. The subject says it all; Be clear and concise so they know what they're about to read. Be polite throughout the body of the email, and you're golden. Just don't be offended when your kind-hearted, lengthy email gets you an informal "thanks" in response.

Did you Say FREE?

In case you didn't get the hint from the college student earlier on who used a clothes hanger as a fork, students are typically ballin' on a budget. With that being said, if anything has the word "free" in front of it, you'll suddenly catch countless students showing immense enthusiasm to get free food or memorabilia.

Free Stuff Hilarious College Tweets Free Stuff Hilarious College Tweets
Jim Bennett via Getty Images/ Twiiter via @itsnotadelyo

I mean, have you ever seen so much excitement in a group of 20-year-olds? There's just something about free pizza and t-shirts that bring college campuses together. Something tells us that if professors bribed students to attend their 8 am class with free breakfast, they would be there, and maybe even arrive early.

Netflix vs. Class

Earlier in this article, we emphasized the importance of attending class, even when it seems like the world's most inconvenient task. However, when it comes to those afternoons you're just too invested in your Netflix series and physically can't get off the couch, you might as well own your absence!

Netflix vs. Class Hilarious College Tweets Netflix vs. Class Hilarious College Tweets
Twitter via @kba11zy

Take it from this chick - skipping class in style. Even when the girl's roommate asked if she should be in class at this very moment, she had absolutely no shame. Just look at that cozy chair she's curled up in; We probably wouldn't be able to get up either! Life's all about choices, and this time, we choose Netflix.

Class Friends Are Everything

Whether your best friends are sitting next to you in class, or you go in completely alone without knowing a soul, chances are, you'll make some "class friends" eventually. Honestly, "class friends" sometimes turn out to be the most loyal, and help you in ways your "real-life friends" couldn't.

Class Friends Hilarious College Tweets Class Friends Hilarious College Tweets
Twitter via @mcelizabeth97

Sharing notes, collaborating on homework assignments, and sometimes giving you that much-needed entertainment mid-lecture; "Class friends" are everything. So, next time you go to class, walk in with an open mind and get ready to mingle, because you never know who you might really hit it off with, and who could keep you entertained.

Laziness Conquers All

It's no secret that we've all adjusted our lifestyles and daily routines to fit the latest social-distancing guidelines. Being out and about on campus for seven hours straight used to be the norm. But somehow, today, rolling out of bed to attend an afternoon class via Zoom seems like an impossible task.

Laziness Conquers All Hilarious College Tweets Laziness Conquers All Hilarious College Tweets
Boston Globe / Contributor via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

Who here can relate?! You might've thought that waking up three hours later than usual and not having to put on real clothes would improve the quality of your work, but apparently, it's just encouraged laziness. Anyone else find themself more tired from sitting on the couch all day than going to and from school?

The Meaning of Required

Has anyone ever been able to understand why textbooks are so ridiculously expensive? Renting them for the semester is an excellent alternative to buying these massive books, but it still seems like a hassle in some cases. Don't you love it when all five of your professors say that the textbook is required for class?

Meaning of Required Hilarious College Tweets Meaning of Required Hilarious College Tweets
Kevin Mazur / Contributor via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

The responsible thing to do, of course, is to acquire all of the necessary books, but then there are the students who know they will absolutely never open up any of these books. With the internet and test banks from upperclassmen, sometimes, required can be interpreted as suggested.

Crunch Time

There's a reason that professors hand out the syllabus on the first day of class and assign small readings each week. Their goal is to help you manage your time and understand the material one bit at a time. However, it's no secret that so many students blow these readings off until the end of the semester.

Crunch Time Hilarious College Tweets Crunch Time Hilarious College Tweets
David Livingston via Getty Images/ Twitter via @CollegeStudent

At this point, we've watched this situation play out; A very stressed out college student comes to the realization that they have exactly 24 hours to learn months' worth of material. Trust us, this usually isn't pretty. Some say they work best under pressure, but often, 24 hours is just not enough.