Odell Beckham Jr. Connects With Xbox For Nike Air Force 1 And Controller Kit

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Via Xbox

PlayStation may have Travis Scott aka the human cheat code on their side for a Nike sneaker, but Xbox has their own special celebrity endorser in Cleveland Browns star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. 

Sidelined for the rest of the NFL season with a torn ACL, OBJ is probably going to be doing a lot of gaming while he recovers. Microsoft is making sure he opts for its new Xbox Series X by partnering for a "Dream Kit" merch bundle as part of its larger "Power Your Dreams" campaign.

Via Xbox
Via Xbox

The package includes a co-branded green on black Nike Air Force 1 model and two custom controllers. Less is more with the AF1s, which feature a couple of Xbox logos on the tongue and near the inner heel, bright green laces and a "Power Your Dreams" lace charm.

As for the controllers, both are splashed with colorful graphics contrasted against a generic black base. A dotted sci-fi design covers one of the remotes while graffiti-inspired outlines of various symbols like dollar signs and OBJ's signature logo adorn the other.

Via Xbox

According to an official blog post, fans will soon be able to participate in sweepstakes through Xbox's Twitter account for a chance to win the Dream Kit. Keep an eye out for the details.