NBA 2K21 Premieres Stunning Graphics in Next-Gen Gameplay Trailer


| LAST UPDATE 07/01/2021

By Mahlik Campbell
Via NBA 2K

Looking at the first gameplay trailer for the next-gen edition of NBA 2K21, you may need to be reminded that you're watching a video game and not a real-life matchup on TNT or ESPN. 

Like the PS5 teaser trailer starring cover athlete Zion Williamson, players are still sweating bullets. But that's far from the main attraction in the nearly 2-minute clip centered around the final moments of a tight game between the Mavericks and Warriors.

Some of the most detailed updates can be seen via the actions of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson aka the Splash Brothers as they celebrate three-point makes, wink at the camera and tell the crowd to hush.

Other highlights include current-gen cover star Damian Lillard and Zion rising for slam dunks, as well as Luka Doncic running out of the tunnel, reminiscent of Michael Jordan's theatrical NBA 2K11 intro. ("Are you ready?")

But the one scene 2K fans should be paying close attention to, as Polygon points out, is the timeout sequence starting at the 1:11 mark. So much action jammed onto the screen at once – cheerleaders dancing, kids mopping the floor, players returning to their respective benches, etc. – has rarely been seen before.

Via NBA 2K

You'll have to wait for a little over a month until NBA 2K21 is released for next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 on Nov. 12 and the Xbox Series X and Series S on Nov. 10.