Microsoft Debuts Xbox Series S For $299 Following Leak

Mahlik Campbell esports /
Via Microsoft

Microsoft is offering gamers a more budget-friendly and compact console option with the just-revealed Xbox Series S, referred to as "the smallest Xbox ever" at less than half the total size of the Series X.

The move – kicked off with a nervous but well-timed meme – happened during the after-hours of Tuesday morning when a leak exposed the piece of tech's miniature design and relatively cheap $299 price tag.

Windows Central then confirmed the price and launch date of not only the Series S but the X as well. Both systems will drop on Tuesday, Nov. 9, with the X running for $499.

(An official Microsoft trailer presented these details and more surrounding the S, which you can find at the bottom of this page.)

Fans of Xbox and others – Oreo included – generally seemed to support what they were seeing, though they couldn't help but poke some fun at the huge dark spot. (That's actually a vent similar to the One S but in black.)

One tempting add-on is the $25 per month All-Access Plan featuring Xbox Live and Game Pass, with "over 100 high-quality games," that comes as part of the deal. Even with the smaller style, 4K streaming and "upscaling for games" will be available. 

Still, this thing is clean!